JEDI ELSA vs SITH ELSA – Spider-Man Frozen Star Wars PARODY

JEDI ELSA vs SITH ELSA – Spider-Man Frozen Star Wars PARODY

*Romantic music with rhythmic snapping* *Elsa and Spider-Man both sigh with relief* Spider-Man: Do you wanna watch a movie? Elsa: You can’t watch a movie without snacks! Spider-Man: Good point! *music changes* *bright, sneaky music* Spider-Man: Here you go! Elsa: Did you feel a breeze or somethin’? Spider-Man (mumbling): iunno *music continues* Elsa: You brought everything! Spider-Man: I did! *Elsa laughs*
Spider-Man: Here you go! Elsa (laughing): Thank you! *music continues, darker* *music continues, darker* *explosion * *Kylo Ren laughing* *music turns bright and bouncy again* *tone changes* *music continues* *tone changes* Spider-Man: What is this? Kylo Ren: After recent events, I thought we could use a new princess (laughs). Kylo Ren: Too soon? *light sabre noises* *light sabre hum, music becomes more dramatic* *light sabres clashing* *light sabres clashing* *light sabres clashing* *light sabres clashing* *dramatic music, light sabre hum* Kylo Ren: I’m gonna crush your head! *thwip of webbing* *Kylo Ren yells* Sith Elsa: Ah! Hey! I’m stuck! *Sith Elsa struggling to get free, dramatic music* *dramatic music* Kylo Ren: Something’s falling out of the sky, run for your life! *Spider-Man coughing* Spider-Man: Oh no! *dramatic music* *music ends* *thwip of webbing* Both Elsa’s: Ahhh!
*foot steps on ground* *panting* Sith Elsa: That’s it! Elsa: What? Sith Elsa: Spider-Man’s act of heroism has melted my frozen heart! Sith Elsa: Can I hang out with you guys? Elsa (overlapping): Of Course
Spider-Man (overlapping): Sure Sith Elsa: Do you wanna build a snow man? Elsa: YES!! *clapping* *jazzy dance music plays* Kylo Ren: Hey guys, can I hang out too? Sith Elsa, Spider-Man, Elsa: NO! *Kylo Ren stuttering* *jazzy dance music continues* Sean: If you liked this video, what should they do? Sith Elsa: Subscribe! Whether or not you have a Frozen heart! Spider-Man: Comment! Elsa: Make sure you ‘like’ the video! Sean: And share it with your friiiiends!

100 thoughts on “JEDI ELSA vs SITH ELSA – Spider-Man Frozen Star Wars PARODY

  1. What's the deal with Spiderman and Elsa? Why are these videos being made with them? They're not even in the same universe, I don't understand

  2. I wanted to go in the comments to help me understand what was happening, but all the comments are lak oish hau aodh

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  4. It looks miserable as it can be watched. Our little generation just digrades from this and there is nothing to be done about it.

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