Kamarkat / kalkona | கமர்க்கட்டு | Kamarkattu Recipe | Coconut jaggery ball

Greetings!!This is Amma Samayal Meenakshi Let’s See how to make Kamarkat Everybody will like Kamarkat, both kids and adult Now a days you’ll get it in a pack , neatly packed In olden Days, They sell in the cycle. They used to sell puffed rice balls and this kamarkat Coconut candy Kamarkat is my favorite candy Where ever i go, I’ll keep with me aside During long journeys , i take it along with me and have I’ll show you how to make this now Ingredients required for Kamarkat Jaggery- 400 Grms Coconut- 1 small ( Grated ) I have grated in Mixer jar Without adding water Cardamom Powder- 1/2 Spoon Heat the pan and add 1/2 glass water Many of us will add water and melt the jaggery They don’t filter it I have added more water to filter the jaggery If not water is not required much Keep the flame high and add jaggery Let it mix in water and melt i have taken a spoon of oil and greasing the plate We are going to transfer it to this plate once its made If we add more water, it takes time to make That’s fine, we have to filter it without the dust particles The smell of the kamarkat takes us to the childhood days I like this kamarkat a lot I’ll take a packet if i’m travelling in bus/train I’m making this for you people, many of you likes this kamarkat Do it with patience You’ll get the perfect one Jaggery is melted We’ll take kadai now Dry roast the grated coconut The moisture should be removed, roast until thaat Coconut and jaggery combines together and gives a perfect taste Keep it in lower flame Filter the jaggery If we add the jaggery without filtering , we can make it very fast, but we are filtering Filtering the jaggery for hygienic purpose It takes time only if we are making it in a hygienic way Use a matured coconut for this If it’s a new coconut then you will not get the perfect taste We’ll keep it in high flame and mix together Mix it well Change it to low, high flames inbetween and mix well If it is cooking too much and the bubbles comes out, keep the flame in low Mix it continuously without taking out the hand We’ll keep it in lower flame and mix Add the cardamom powder You can also add dry ginger powder I have added only cardamom powder Well matured coconut will give you the taste It’ll be easy to make kamarkats We can make balls when its warm The Jaggery syrup should be thick It separates from the pan when it’s cooked well It comes like a thread This is the indication that it’s cooked well Keep it in a lower flame and mix together Make your hands wet It shouldn’t stick in your hand IT should be thick not sticky It separates completely from the pan Not only non stick, even in normal vessels it comes like this It comes like a ball This is the perfect sign that its cooked There is no perfect time for this It depends on the jaggery If it is a syrup jaggery, it’ll cook in 10 -15 mins Other types might take 20 mins Bubbles should come Thread like structure should be there It’ll be easy to make balls We have greased with oil, transfer it to that plate Don’t let it cool much Let it cool a little, then we’ll make balls I have kept a polythene sheet Grease it with little oil Transfer it to the sheet from the plate It should be warm while transferring roll it like this Take a spoon and make into pieces let it cool for sometime We’ll make balls It shouldn’t stick together, keep it with little gap Kamarkat is now ready It will be harder now Rest it for sometime Try this at your home Like share and subscribe to our channel Share in facebook Thank you

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