Kayak Scuba Diving : Scuba Kayak Modifications

No matter how good a kayak you find for your
diving, there’s going to be a few modifications you want to make to that at some point. Even
this one is pretty good but I added a few things to this, like this anchor line here.
First of all I attached this clip to that so I can thread this thing through, and this
goes to my anchor line. So as this is threaded through up these cleat right here, it goes
along the entire side of the boat through the eyelets and all the way back along the
side down to this hatch where I keep all the anchor line, about a hundred feet. So even
when I’m sitting right here in the cockpit I can always feed the rope through, and let
the anchor line out or let it in, and it’s very simple, very easy to do, and easy to
store it. Also the horn cleat back here, along with this one as well, so that I can also
just secure line if I need to, just wrap it around and then make sure it’s always locked
into place. And these are pretty simple to get, you just go to West Marine or whatever,
online, some stores have it, I think kayak diving supplies or kayak fishing supplies,
whatever it is, but yeah, they’re just a couple of bucks, you just put them in with some screws
and you get some sealant to hold them in place. Also, if your boat doesn’t have this stuff,
you can just go buy some elastic cord and do something similar. Just get some screws
or some eyelets and just drill it into the sides here and make sure that you can have
enough to hold down your BC and your tank all together and make sure it’s secure. A
few other things, the basic rule is always just keep everything secured, everything should
be clipped on at all times during the use of the kayak when you’re diving. For example,
for this dive flag here , I’ve installed this locking clip, and I actually can use this
and loop it around the elastic line if you want, so you can just loop that in, throw
it overboard, and it’ll float there out next to your board without going anywhere. If this
thing goes, it could cause some serious problems, people might not know you’re in the water.
So you can do that, a lot of other little things for your kayak to make it easier to
dive upon.

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