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Today i’m gonna show you how to make kali Ingredients for kali Raw rice 1/2 kg Ragi flour – 1/2 kg Salt as Required I’m gonna make moong dal sambar as side dish Adding Tomato, Onion Moong dal 100 grms Onion – 200 grm Tomato -200 grm Green chillies-2 nos Garlic – 1 Red chilly powder- 1 spoon Salt as required Oil as required for tempering I have already washed the rice Adding water 2 1/2 times the rice Only then the rice will cook We’ll add salt and let it cook for sometimes I’m adding crystal salt Once the rice is cooked, we’ll add ragi flour and mix it Meanwhile, we’ll start preparing sambar Wash the dal well I have added 1 1/2 glass water Add chopped tomatoes and onion Add Turmeric powder Chop the onion now Chop it into 2 pieces and slice it Take a wooden piece to mix kali, it’ll be easy to mix We’ll mix it well and check whether the rice is cooked or not You can also use ladle It’s 3/4th cooked now Add ragi flour to it and mix it well Let the wooden piece be inside, add ragi flour little by little Let it be in lower flame Keep it in lower flame while mixing Add water little by little and mix You have to mix it well Add water little by little if it is too thick Ragi kali is now ready I’ll show you how to make balls Mean while, we’ll cook sambar We have added moong dal, tomatoes,onion,green chilly Add salt Let it cook If you are travelling, cook with what is available with you at that time Let it cook for 10 mins Let’s see how to make balls Take a wide bowl Add kali to it Ragi ball is now ready Make your hand’s wet and rotate it Make this as a ball Size is up to you Adding 1 spoon chilli powder Dal is now cooked well We’ll transfer this to a pan We are going to blend it using the wooden blender We’ll temper it with the same pot I have taken 1 spoon of oil Added mustard seeds for tempering Remove the flame Add garlic to temper Remove Excess water in the dal Add the excess water to the garlic We’ll blend this now Add this again and cook Ragi balls and Dal is now ready This ragi ball is very healthy, it regulates BP , Sugar You can make this for breakfast also dinner It’ll digest You can eat this even if you are in diet Sugar BP tablets intake is high at 30 yrs itself We havn’t taken any tablets so far in our family We have taken tablets only for head ache, cold Many of you are taking tablets before and after meals Try eating this kinda foods Like share and subscribe to our channel Thank you

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