Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret

Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret

– [Both] So. – We’re even now. – Oh, no, no, we’re not even. (whooshing and creaking)
– No. (upbeat string music) – I was a little person at the time – and (laughs) it was just to have fun. – She’ll be a little angry with me and I hope this doesn’t prevent her from being generous in the future. – It surrounds what I
really did on my prom night. – I think that she’ll
probably be like, “Oh!” (upbeat string music) – [Jen] A few years ago
for a birthday present my mom, you got my these
really nice pearl earrings. I went to an after party
wearing these pearl earings and I drank a little too much. The earrings disappeared that night. – So, all this time
you’ve been lying to me? – I wouldn’t call it a lie. I’d said I’ve bent the truth. – [Gayle] Oh, I’m not too thrilled. (Jen laughs) Unreal. – When I was really little at home, when you were not at home, I used to dress Russel up, Russel’s my brother, I
used to dress Russel up and paint his nails and do his make up. We’d take all the make up
off of Russel and everything before you came home so you wouldn’t know. – When you say we, your mother is a conspirator in this,
– Yes. (laughs) Yes. – in this plot. – And Russel liked it.
He had fun. (laughs) – Great. – Well, when i was in high school, – Mm-hm. – I snuck out of the house all the time. All the time. – Are you serious? – Yeah. – Where did you go? – Out to, like, the beach and– – What? (Becca laughs) How is that possible? Who’d you go with? – My boyfriend and his friends. – I don’t even know
how I didn’t know that. – I don’t know either. – That is, god I suck. – I actually did not go to prom. – The prom that we go the tuxedo for – Uh-huh. – and paid all the money for? – Yeah, I went, I went (laughs) I took a trip with my friends (laughs) to Mexico.
– You. What? – Yeah. – What about– – Just a lake. – What about the girl you
were supposed to take? – She came with. – No. – Yeah. (laughs) – I don’t believe you. – I, (laughs) I don’t
know what to tell you. That’s what happened.
– That, you went to Mexico? – Yeah, there was a concert that weekend. We went to go see it. – So, basically, I paid for you to go to Mexico when I thought
– Yeah. – I was paying for. – Did you wear the tuxedo to the conert? (Alex laughs) (Donna laughs) I don’t understand.
– No. – And you, that’s terrible. I think you should pay me back. (Alex laughs) I’m not paying for Mexico. (Donna laughs) – What did you think I was gonna say? – I don’t know. Your romantic encounters or–
(Alex snorts) Mom’s don’t wanna hear that. – Oh god.
– Okay. (laughs) (upbeat string music) – I still love her but I’m not happy. – Well, now I know he looks so good in a pair of black pumps. It gives me a little
ammunition to bring up (Andrea laughs) once in a while if the
stuation presents itself. – I probably would’ve been a lot angrier if I found out about it
right after it happened. Especially since he put
on this whole masquerade. – So, thankfully you
weren’t, like, on the streets doing crack or something. – That’s true because (mumbling)
– Well, mom. – Well.
(Lisa and Becca laughing) I did sniff smarties once. Just once though. – What does that do? – Nothing. (whooshing and creaking)
It just fills (whooshing and creaking)
your nose with sugar (Lisa and Becca laughing)

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  1. How about I got raped by a family member at the age of 7 and I didn't talk ever.
    pS: my mom died last year and I didn't tell her ever (。•́︿•̀。).ever…

  2. Am an indian and my biggest secret is that I kissed a guy 😕😕😕 and if someone knows this am basically dead

  3. Everyone let's get real time to confess:
    I have a crush on dipper pines from gravity falls for a awhile

  4. If I was there my parents would disown me. The first “I am g—“ and straight up disapproval.

  5. They're lucky. My mom just found out i secretly stayed up at night playing my phone in the dark and she already cried and screamed that she's been lied to :/

  6. I don't think I'll put up the courage to tell them I have a crush on a girl that's been my best friend sense first grade and I'm a girl to and before you tell me I know the word for it but I feel weird saying it knowing that this might get sent to my dad if I say it 😓😓😓😓😓

  7. Hey eyeryone! I’m writing a book on familes on wattpad. It’s called ‘All The Memories That We Made’. My user name is ‘iamverda367’, do please check it out. It would mean a lot. 🙂

  8. When I saw the title I said to myself..
    “Oh wow… Someone is going to come out as LGBTQ+”..

  9. My secret is that i talked with a stranger at a video call but she talks in a difrent language (in english but i know english but i have akcent) (sorry i don't know how to spell some words) so we talked fast she is my age but if MY GRANDMA knows it i am in a HUGE trable (i am sorry idk how to spell that)

  10. My friend got nipple piercings her mom didn’t find out until they did an x ray on her rib cage she was in a lot of trouble

  11. Imagine he is coming home with an sombrero “Ehm what’s that on your head?” “Oh Mexico, the theme of the prom”

  12. When i was like 15-16 my dad would go out and he would leave the car keys at home not knowin that his hoodlums that he calls son and daughter would go joy riding and buy food and drive around some more. He never found out til we were in our mid 20s cause we were drunk and reminesing..also we would put gas back in the car so he wouldnt notice that we took it… Lol best days of my life! Im now 27 btw

  13. My secret is impossible for anyone to guess I just said it in some of these ALL comments GOOD LUCK FINDING MY SECERT!

  14. Anyone else realise? 0:06 Kids tell their parents a long-kept SECERT
    Are you sure that it’s secert and not secret?

  15. The secret I haven’t told my parents? I self harm and I’ve tried to kill myself once. As long as I can hide it they’ll never find out. Unless I cut too deep or something and have to go to hospital, but I’m careful. That shouldn’t happen.

  16. jen looks like clay off of 13rw not being mean about idk.. it’s like the rat looking like tom holland thing

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