LOL Big Pearl Surprise Blind Bag Ball with Fizz Shell In Water – Toy Video

LOL Big Pearl Surprise Blind Bag Ball with Fizz Shell In Water – Toy Video

Cookie swirl c hello cookie fans, quess what we are checking out today this is the new lol surprise pearl surprise Big ball this ball has really really cool lol dolls inside, and I’m so excited This is the second one that they’ve come out with and the dolls company’s gorgeous gorgeous big giant pink ball So here we go let’s go ahead and pull here and start unboxing Alright here is the first layer get the paper off there. We go now we can see just how big beautiful this pink glittery pearl is so let’s Alright, now. We can open up at the pearl ball, and what is inside Look at how cool that is oh that is amazing oh and listen well, there’s a surprise inside of the pearl this one open and inside we have all look you know beaut it’s a Little top looks like a little bathing suit top take this pink pearl out and in this one look we have Oh Yep, see it was a swimming suit see here are the bottoms for the swimming suit this one Oh, we’ve got some shoes in here. We’ve got some black little sandals this one What can be in here? Oh? Oh here? We go? Here’s another piece? Oh, wait a minute this one might be a better fit for this swimming suit You know you can mix and match the pieces These two look like they would go together perfectly so there must be a bottom piece that fits with this top perfectly too Let’s see will it be in the pink or the black pearl And we’ll do the pink one and in the pink pearl we have oh, no we got another pair of shoes now We have pearly pink sandals one more pearl left Open this one and yep here We go so here’s this swimsuit bottom for that one, but again of course you can mix them and match them But this one fits perfectly is that little zigzag design, okay? Now we get to go to the next layer of the pink pearl. What do we have yes here? We actually have the see show Dunk me so all we have to do is dunk this the shell in water, and there is a surprise inside Oh, it looks like we have a surprise right here, too Oh look at the colors of this giant seashell, can you imagine finding something like this at the beach? It’s just so so so big and colorful Oh, I’m so excited to open up this seashell because if you listen very very closely you can hear the LOL inside listen Take off of the plastic wrap it almost looks like it has three colors to the shell we have this gorgeous baby blue color And then we have a baby pink and then it kind of looks like it gets coral here on the back Do you see that that the colors are a little? Bit different than the front just looks so much brighter on the front of the shell, but whoa oh, it’s so pretty Yeah, there’s new friends in there, huh? All right, let’s have the lol gather around so have them stand on this chair alright Just like that and now we’re gonna use the rest of our shell piece We’ll take this out so now they can see into this big giant pearl and now we’re just gonna fill it with some water Hey there. We go. Okay, so now we actually have water inside of the Pearl Bowl all right little lol Are you ready to see who’s inside of this seashell yeah? It should start to busy one two three This one is super duper bubbly look at all that the fizzy bubbles all on around it whoa? I cannot wait to see who’s inside of here some kind of dunk it a little bit loo dunk it, ooh The colors on it or split like perfectly there’s blue And then the peak on this side if he’s where the colors you can get poeple. Oh. Yeah, we probably couldn’t get purple Huh let’s see maybe kind of give it a little spin Created a swirl in the water. Oh yeah, it’s turning purple Swirly I can’t believe how pretty that color is it’s so so beautiful give it a swirl again Swirl me dunk it in we want to make sure it gets all fizzy in the water looking good looking good The water’s getting even darker in color Let’s spin it again Whoo I like spinning it It’s purple whoa Whoa look at how purpley the water is it kind of looks like grape juice We’ll just dunk in the shell make sure it really fizzy fizzy fizzy Zlin Turn it around back to the other side. Oh this one has a long ways to go on this side Hmm. Oh, it. Looks like this top piece of fizzy is about ready to crack right off of the shell So let’s see we can take that piece off. Okay. Yep comes off in a big giant chunk We still have lots of fizzy on the other half of the shell this one’s almost all off But this one still is going woo. Dunk it on in well You know what we could actually Open the shell up if we off if we wanted to or we can just crack it off like that there We go all right. Let’s just dunk the shell in the water, so it’s nice and clean. Let’s crack it open This is such a pretty seashell So let’s see which babies are inside of the blind bags, so we’ve got one two Three oh and this one’s the big one I love her hairstyle. It’s so beautiful. Who which parallel thing should she wear first Oh, I think she should wear this cute little swimsuit. All she looks too sweet for words now, which shoes is she gonna wear All right, let’s put your pink little sandals on there you go you got your shoes on out wait a minute there We go yeah, you have your shoes on oh Look at the freckles on her nose you guys. She’s so so precious No really, that’s her name her name is precious. So let’s meet her little sister precious is her Alright well we have to dress her in this mermaid outfit. Oh so cute Oh, but first we have to open up her little sister Her hair is even more metallic than her big sister But they both have those beautiful swirl hairstyles big big ocean blue eyes, and they are just so precious In the grape juice okay bonbon stepping it first. Thank you. Oh there goes treasure Yeah, we’re gonna splash it Hmm, but there’s one thing we still have to check out and that’s to see the color change so here We’ll dip in blue precious into the warm water and now into icy cold water She actually gets her old little diving wetsuit that is really cute And then of course we can just have it go back to her normal skin color just like that all right precious Are you ready all right? Let’s dip her into the warm water Okay, make sure she’s all the same color Okay, she must’ve accidentally drank some grape juice and now we will dunk her in woof – this water. Do we notice the change? Her back you can actually see she actually has like a little detail on her back, okay? Oh, you’ve gotta see it on the front of her here like right next to her neck – Oh Her hair went into this gorgeous ocean blue color now it matches her eyes And of course we can dunk her whoop right back to warm. Oh look at that that is cool. That is really cool. I Love about her hair actually color changes that is just so Amazing hmm and color change it right back. Maybe just the half of it Look at that color change hair Wow That’s right, she can be just as beautiful as a pearl in a show and we can actually fill the shell with pearls, too We can’t forget about the surprise that was at the bottom of the packaging so we’ll open up this last surprise Of course we have this adorable little sticker of book precious and her little sister What is in the last surprise blind bag, and that is going to be? Oh yes her little sippy bottle we can’t forget about that Alright cookie fans. I hope you guys enjoyed this video checking out the new pink pearl surprise lol – – too cute That’s what I have to say. I love all of the different little outfits that she came with and she’s really really Adorable she may even be a new fave Whoa make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss my newest newest video, and I’ll see you cookie fans Cookie fans there were something else that was in this lol surprise video But what was it woo was it a little fish a little crab or a roblox mermaid bye cookie fans

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