Lonzo Ball | The Rich Life | FORBES Net Worth 2019 ( Big Baller Brand Vs. NIKE )

Lonzo Ball | The Rich Life | FORBES Net Worth 2019 ( Big Baller Brand Vs. NIKE )

For Lonzo Ball it doesn’t matter if he’s rocking
Nike or Big Baler Brand. Making it to the NBA has been a dream come true for the eldest
Ball brother and with all this success comes more perks than any 21 year old could dream
of. Him and his father went dutch on a $5.2 Million Dollars mansion in Chino Hills. On
top of this he also gifted his mom and dad a Rolls Royce estimated to be worth $400K.
Lonzo scooped himself up a fresh new condo in the Los Angeles Ritz Carlton for $1.625
Million, he’s also been seen riding around LA in some pretty decent whips including a
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon ($85K) and a Mercedez G63 Wagon ($150K). Lonzo’s been a pretty generous family man
taking care of mom, dad, his two brothers and his super hot girlfriend… she’s also
his baby mama… and he’s bought cars for each and every one of them. When he signed
his 4 year rookie contract with the LA Lakers the entire family got a taste of his success.
Making an estimated $8 Million dollars a year Lonzo could have been making millions more
on a contract with one of the major sneaker companies, I’m talking Nike or Adidas, but
he is instead serving as the primary endorser of his own family’s operation, Big Baller
Brand. That is, until now… At the time of this recording it appears that
Lonzo Ball’s net worth, it’s taken a hit of $1.5 Million dollars. This is after the
Ball family had a massive falling out with the company’s co-founder Alan Foster… you
know, he helped put together the Big Baller Brand in the first place. Lonzo alleges that
Foster, a long-time friend of father LaVar “used his access to my business and personal
finances to enrich himself.” Lonzo cut ties with Foster as a result. Since then, Lonzo posted an Instagram picture
where the caption reads: “Moving on to bigger and better #MyOwnMan” The picture he posted
shows his jersey in the rafters at Staples Center and reads: “It’s only a crazy dream
until you do it.” Lonzo’s Instagram and Twitter profile pictures were also changed
to a childhood photo of himself wearing a Nike t-shirt. Lonzo appears to have deleted
all social media posts involving Big Baller Brand and his father. LaMelo Ball, the youngest
of the three brothers, also commented on Lonzo’s Instagram post, saying, “love u brotha thanks
for getting us out my G.” All three of the brothers have unfollowed the brand on Instagram. Trust has been broken, money has gone missing
and Lonzo Ball is moving on from the family brand but it looks like he’s ready to sign
a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike. So good for him. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael
McCrudden documenting the financial come up of Lonzo Ball and what he spends his fortune
on, here for you on The Rich Life. We’ve been hitting you guys with more Rich Life videos
in 2019 with a recent drop on Mr. Beast and Ariana Grande. Ariana? Ariana. With all this
Big Baller vs Nike talk we decided to take a look at Lonzo’s financial situation. Also
in these videos we’ll be asking you a question – how many Rottweiler’s do the Ball Family
own? Place your guesses in the comments down below. The answer will be at the end of this
video. Now let’s get into this episode of The Rich Life. For Lonzo Ball’s come up story we’ve already
put in the work on his Before They Were Famous video, let’s take a look. I mean a million
other people have watched it. So if you want the full come up story we will
leave a link to that video at the end of this one. Lonzo has had plenty of accolades…
thats a hard word for me to say. Accolades. In 2016 Lonzo was awarded California’s Mr.
Basketball award, USA Today‘s Boys Basketball Player of the Year, the Morgan Wootten National
Player of the Year, McDonald’s All-American, Naismith Prep Player of the Year, and Mr.
Basketball USA. In 2017, he was awarded the Pac-12 Freshman of the Year, the Wayman Tisdale
Award, NCAA season assists leader, All-Pac 12 first team, and All-American consensus
first team. It was during his 2016 NCAA Tournament aka ‘March Madness’ that Lonzo announced
his intention to declare for the 2017 NBA draft and hired an agent. His dad screamed
it on top of a mountain that his boy would play for the Lakers and low and behold. The NBA draft reminds me somehow of the sorting
hat in Harry Potter. Is that just me? Lonzo signed a four-year $33 million deal with The
Lakers. The deal will pay him an average of $8 million per year. According to Hoops Hype
he is the 5th best paid paid player on the Los Angeles Lakers and the 169th best player
in the NBA. Lonzo Ball’s hard work and incredible natural talent had paid off, winning him the
coveted dream of NBA star and with this comes all the money a young athlete could hope for.
First things first, he had to move mom and dad out of their old crib. During his college
days and all the hype generated by his father, people kept showing up at their house, including
Lil Dicky. In an doc filmed by ESPN Lil Dicky went on to explain that he’s the fourth ball
brother, in fact he’s the eldest. Named, well, Dicky Ball. Lonzo and his brothers grew up in what his
dad called The Big Baller House: This included a modest basketball net out
back, and a small pool. Of course, there’s a room full of their trophies and accolades
as well as a case of LaVar’s ‘Big Baller’ brand sports merchandise which was LaVar’s
ticket to making million for himself. As soon as Lonzo was cut a cheque from the Lakers,
well it was time to move his family, well, into something a little nicer. The Big Baller Brand business was split a
number of ways. Lonzo owned 51% and his mom, dad and Alan Foster each has 16.3%. This mean
that when his dad bought a new crib, Lonzo was the one who likely secured the mortgage on
his NBA scholarship and off his shares of the business. Together the family picked up
a 13,800-square-foot home with a 1,200-square-foot guest house, and this place is located in
Chino Hills The value? $5.2 million. The house, which was built in 2005, had fallen into some
despair and just needed a little Tender Lover and Care. Big Baller Brand paid list price
for the home purchased on Aug. 31 / 2017. His dad credited it as the “best house in
an 80-mile radius.” Like with all crazy sports dads Lonzo needed
to get some space and wanted to move out of the Big Baller Mansion. It’s said that he
was living in a condo in Marina del Rey, not far from the UCLA Health Training Center,
where the Lakers practice before he opted for his own condo at the Ritz-Carlton. The
1,700-square-foot unit has two bedrooms and three baths with access to a rooftop pool
and city views and is worth $1.625 Million. His neighbours include Lakers co-owner Jim
Buss. He owns an $8.8 Million dollar penthouse and Floyd Mayweather bought his own crib for
when he’s in town. He can afford it. The high-rise tower is located just blocks from the Staples
Center which leaves Lonzo with a short distance to walk to work. Although I couldn’t find photos of
his exact unit there is a video of a woman taking a tour. It’s like the one next door or one similar, so here you go. Looks like this is where all the magic happens
cause Lonzo Ball wasted no time in becoming a daddy. Him and girlfriend Denise Garcia
pulled a Stephen Curry and they pumped out some kids super quick- I don’t blame him,
his girls an A+. The two attended Chino Hills High School together.
Denise is a seriously gifted athlete herself tearing it up on her school soccer team at
both Seattle University and later UC Riverside, and she also studied to become a registered nurse. Together the two have welcomed a baby girl named Zoey. While Lonzo is likely putting away some cash for an engagement ring that don’t mean he’s driving around in a mini van, it’s more like
his girlfriend is. On an Episode of Ball In The Family he swapped out her old Dodge Durango
with a brand new one. He also gifted his parents a $400K Rolls Royce
Dawn Convertable for Christmas. As for a car for himself well Lonzo’s been
seen in a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Some dude at a car park pulled up on this
ride and posted it to his YouTube channel, this car has 840 horsepower that can go from
zero to 60 in 2.3 seconds, if your interested it’ll cost you around $85K. Over on Instagram
Lonzo has also shown off a Jeep and his said to have also bought a brand new Mercedes G63
worth which would of set him back about 150K. He’s also been spotted in a Cadillac Escalade,
a Porsche Panamera, a Rolls Royce Dawn and a few other whips. He’s also likely the one
who bought his brother LiAngelo a Ferrari and LaMelo a Lamborghini. Damn! Of those two
cars which one would you want for yourself? Let me know! Another luxury in Lonzo’s life is his families
pack of rottweilers. With the three boys all grown up I’m not sure if LaVar’s plan is to
get these three going next. I mean they’re already tearing it up on the basketball court.
Take a look. I tried to find out the name of the dogs,
I know one of them is named Deuce. Other people are referring to it as the dog from GTA 5. Aright guys, this concludes today’s episode
of The Rich Life. Be sure to let us know who you want me to document next in the comments
down below. We have a playlist for The Rich Life and recent uploads include Mr Beast,
Ariana Grande, Cardi B and way more. We need you to tell us who is next so please do in the comments down below and I’ll see you guys
in another video. BOOM!

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