Martin Prokop MP-Sports DAKAR 2020 – Stage 2

It can be seen that the order of the top positions changes a lot and constantly, the names are jumping from front to back. It was no different in our case. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these variables and we haven’t had a clean stage yet. The first two were in such a similar vein. It was in the spirit of punctures and a little stray. Three punctures, that’s something I’ve never experienced and it happened to me the next day in a row. Unfortunately, we got a little more back and it won’t be good for tomorrow’s starting position when we’re going from the back positions and it will be hard to break through among faster cars. I will be happy to get out of it in a few days, but it always takes more than one stage to get out of such an unpleasant starting order and get among the fast cars.

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