Meanwhile… More Show! Tony The Tiger Supports School Sports Programs With “Mission Tiger”

60 thoughts on “Meanwhile… More Show! Tony The Tiger Supports School Sports Programs With “Mission Tiger”

  1. More Show
    Product Placement
    Yeah, I'll take Tony the Tiger talking about a worthy cause. Have some Frosted Flakes folks. It's for the kids!

  2. I’m not saying that exercise isn’t important but the main reason for the obesity problem in America is sugar. I’m disgusted that the late show supports a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  3. Support children getting diabetes in order to have a pittance of your money go to school sports (and the late show)… Sounds like a winner Stephen.

  4. I feel like the big story is getting buried here? You're telling me that American schools are so under funded they can't even afford sports, but the big story here is a cereal company? American schools can't afford sports. SPORTS. It used to be a pain in the ass to raise money for MICROSCOPES and TRIPS TO OTHER COUNTRIES and now you're telling me we can't afford SHOES and GATORADE???

  5. There is a huge problem with the message — Kids, if you don’t exercise, you can turn out like Stephen Colbert!

  6. I almost never find reason to be disappointed with Stephen's content.
    Extremely disappointed that to help children have access to sporting facilities (meant to enhance mental & physical health)
    they chose to resort to promoting a brand that thrives on marketing unhealthy products to our children.
    Does he not see the irony!?

  7. Yeah I'm not buying Frosted Flakes!
    I don't support that shit!
    And I don't mean the children's sports charity.

    I'm talking about that gross AF cereal with very little nutritional value and a shit ton of sugar!
    They've marketed that pancreas abuse in a box as a something "good" for child athletes that want to perform at their best!
    And that a load of horse shit!

  8. I'm waiting for the next one of these where Stephen exchanges bon mots with Joe Camel. Food like this is as deadly as tobacco.

  9. I hadn't actually realised that Frosties (as they're called in the UK) weren't called Frosties over there. Frosted Flakes is what all the knock-offs have to call themselves here.

  10. it's probably just me, but the segway to Meanwhile is really tired now. I mean it's done well and funny, but I just want to skip it right to the actual meanwhiles…

  11. I'm a huge fan of the show, but I humbly ask that you don't promote the exploitation of large cats. Please support The Wildcat Sanctuary.

  12. 70% of the kids cannot do what I can do as a 53 year old male. Uncoordinated fat bodies. Especially girls. Sad state of affairs. Eating frosted flakes wont help.

  13. How ironic that SUGAR Frosted Flakes (as they were called before sugar was found to be unhealthy) are sponsoring sports. “Please support sports in school so that kids can exercise off the 1000 unhealthy calories they ate for breakfast.” And where were Kellogg’s 30 years ago when the practical/aesthetic subjects like music and arts & handicrafts were cut? Our tax dollars should be used for these important subjects for our children and not building unnecessary walls on the southern border.

  14. How ironic. The company that helps to make kids unhealthy in diet is trying to keep them healthy by supporting sports in schools.

  15. That was terrifying… i saw Stephin interviewing a giant orange monster with something red arround his neck. i thought trump had show up to ramble for 3 hours about toilets…

  16. Corporate promo woven into the content? Well, the last success Tony The Tiger achieved was being chased off Twitter by a horde of horny furries, so…

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