Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Review and Unboxing

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Review and Unboxing

Hey what’s going on guys its Shivam here. And in this video we will be taking a look at the Xiaomi sports bluetooth wireless earphones basic. So let’s get into it! So Xiaomi just launched their new
mi sports Bluetooth earphones basic. Although this is not new in other
countries as this was already launched as Mi youth edition wireless earphones
something like that. But this is relatively new in the Indian market. So getting that out of the way. Let’s quickly unbox these earphones and see
what are the contents of the box. And then we will talk about these earphones. So here is the package in which the mi sports earphones came. This packet isn’t so exciting to watch so let’s don’t waste any time and quickly open this up. So here we have the retail packaging of the earphones itself. And we can see that it
says mi sports Bluetooth earphones basic. And below that we can see some of the
features of these earphones, which is 9 hours of battery life, dynamic bass, IPX
splash and waterproof and secure fit design. Now below this we can see how
these earphones are supposed to look. I have this in black color, and you can also check out them in white
color from the links down below in description. But anyways as we move further, we can also see that it says Mi
sports Bluetooth earphones basic. And getting to the back of the box, we have some more details like MRP
of the device which is 1799 rupees, and all the contents of the box. Which includes one earphones, one user manual, eight ear tips and one charging
cable. And that’s it that’s all the readings
of the box and now let’s open this up. Wait a second guys let me grab my knife. Now it’s good. So here we have the my sports earphones itself. looks very premium and tiny I would say then what it seems on the camera. But let’s put this aside for a moment as
we have the whole video to admire this. So other than that we get some extra ear tips for a precise fit, a very short micro USB cable and use the manuals. So that was the unboxing of the Mi sports earphones. And now let’s talk about how they perform in
the real world. And starting with the design, the Mi sports
earphones are well-designed earphones. And they are a bluetooth earphone so you
have two earbuds connected with a single 58 centimeter long cable. And between the wire we have
this little compartment suspended which houses all the components such as battery, inline mic and buttons. Overall the earphones are designed well,
except there is one flaw which is the battery compartment is located on one side. So the earphones feels a little heavier on one side. And you will have to get used to this. But other than that the Mi sports are also very comfortable to wear and I can easily wear them
all day long without any pain. The earphones also come with
this four pair of extra ear tips. So that you can make precise fit. I also use these earphones for both casual
listening as well as workout and running. And I would say they performed well in both scenarios. Because of these hooks they stay where they are 90% of the time. And even if you don’t want them, then you
can also remove them. One more thing is that the earphones are not magnetic. And you get this little bead with the extra ear tips which you can use to reduce the cable length or to manage them when you are not using them. I would also say that the mi sports are
somewhat durable looking earphones. But one thing that
seems skeptical is the cable. The cable feels a little bit delicate and looks like it’s going to fray if you didn’t take good care of it. Other than that the
earphones are looking solid. And the great thing is that it’s also IPX4
rated which is sweat and waterproof. So you can do your workout without worrying
about water seeping into them. Now talking about the battery, all the juice is provided by this little 120 milliamp
hour battery to the earphones. But this small power packing battery can provide a battery life of 9 hours what Xiaomi is saying. But as far as my test goes they last
for a good time of seven hours. And also the charging time on
these earphones is 1.5 hours. Now other than the battery in this compartment we also have buttons for answering calls, using Google assistant or Siri, skipping
tracks and adjusting the volume I really like that Xiaomi provided buttons to adjust the volume as well, because I don’t want to take out my phone just to adjust the volume. Apart from that we also get a decent inline
mic which you can use to answer calls, So those were the
things here and there and now let’s talk about the sound
quality of these earphones which will decide if you should buy this or not. Although it’s your money and you have
to decide if you should buy it. But from my side of review, this is the point for any order device makes or breaks. So for the sound quality the
earphones are great sounding earphones. And that’s it for
today’s video, hope you guys enjoy this. Just kidding. So the earphones are great and they
produce excellent frequency response. The earphones have a very balanced
lows and subtle high frequencies. Overall the earphone sounds
more towards the lower side of frequency range. Which means you will find the
sound to be much more soothing and less on the high frequency side. And these earphones would be perfect for
pop, R&B, acoustic and these types of genres. But you won’t find them good in songs which have high frequencies a lot because the earphones are missing a little bit on that. Just a little bit of sparkle. And this also makes them lack some clarity. So I would say they’re good sounding
earphones for those who like to listen to soft sounding earphones and not very much heavy on the high frequencies. And I would also like to rate them 7 out of 10
star rating in sound quality. So moving on to the last thing in this review which is the pricing. So Mi sports Bluetooth earphones basic is priced at 1499 rupees on mi.com and $30 on amazon.com. Although it is out of stock
right now. And might be available by the time you’re watching this video. So make sure you check out the links down below in description. And if it’s still unavailable you can also check out the Amazon link down below in description. And you might be able to get them
for a little bit higher price. So that was today’s video and I also ordered the Boat rockerz 255. So please let me know if you want to see a comparison between them in the comments down below. And hope you guys enjoy this and if you did just click the like button below. Share this video with your friends and
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet. And I’ll catch you guys in in the next one!

57 thoughts on “Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Review and Unboxing

  1. Been waiting for this video ever since you posted that story. I was thinking of buying these if i could ever get them in stock.

  2. Hey i saw boat 400 over the ear headphones which claim to be botg wired and wireless. Please do consider reviewing them if you ever do another audio equipment review, they're kinda popular.

  3. Any suggestions for new videos? Please let me know here.
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    Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2I9zstW Amazon IN: https://amzn.to/2YLdT8W
    Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2HTvs1e Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2YLe8Ro
    ➡️From Mi Store: https://store.mi.com/in/item/3190400003

  4. Just bought this today! I was frequently checking the stock. And man your content is top notch, why didn't I find it earlier! You deserve more subs ❤️

  5. bro…u need to make videos in Hindi….nd u subs will increase….nd u will grow fast….ur setup nd everything else is on point …but hindi videos will bring more viewers for u….all the best

  6. Much better than boat 255 in terms of sound quality, comfort and aesthetics. Returned boat 255 and got these 🙂

  7. Battery compartment is not located on the one side. 120mah battery is divided into two 60mah batteries on each ear set. Please refer Teardown video of the same product.

  8. Pls do help! I bought dese earphones and these are wonderful. But help me in changing the language from Chinese to English! Pls!

  9. Update: I bought these and I'm writing this after the 3rd day of using them. They are really good in music and battery, but the range is rather short ( or maybe my unit is screwed), and the ear hooks provided don't really help that much, instead they hurt my ears. But your ears could be different, so you can try.

    And yes, Thanks Shivam.

  10. Hey man
    Thanks for the review
    I wanted to buy wireless headphone and i wanted to ask wich one is better between this xiaomi and jbl e110bt
    Thanks again bro

  11. do not use LUTS. This is not a Cinematic Video its an informational content. Color of the earphones are way off from the original. and skin tones are too pale. The video is great

    (Suggestion From a Editor/Colorist)

  12. Package damaged on delivery. Bluetooth connectivity is the worst. Move just 3 feet away from the phone audio distorts and 2 feet more audio stops playing. If Human passes between the connection it losses it's connectivity. Cable looks super fragile. I REGRET this purchase. I a Mi user since mi3, 2nd purchase mi4 ,1s , 2prime, piston earphones, mi A2, note 5 pro etc. I request Mi to take back the product and provide me a refund.

  13. There is a battery of 60 mah in each earpiece which makes it 120 mah. It is not in the controller bro.

  14. You even don't know where's the battery is situated?? Then how you can give reviews of product. Atleast go through basic user manual of product before reviewing.

  15. Subscribed. I like your style, your writing is really good. You've spoken everything that one should know about a piece of tech. Keep it up

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