Mikasa Volleyball MVA 200 Ball-Review

Hello and welcome to another review of weplayvolleyball.de! Today I show you the official match ball of Mikasa, the MVA 200. We will take a closer look at the ball from the outside as well as from the inside. The MVA 200 consists of 8 flame-shaped panels. On the one hand, these ensure that the ball is better seen by the human eye. On the other hand, the ball has fewer seams. The bigger a panel is and the less seams a volleyball has, the better the ball can be hit by the player. The microfibre skin is overlooked by over 32,000 tiny depressions. This improves the grip of the volleyball. On the other hand, the surface is increased and the speed in the trajectory is reduced. The ball can be played more controlled. In addition, the surface construction reduces the rebound effect. The rebound force is lower, which increases the contact time of the ball. The MVA 200 has the “FIVB-Official Game Ball”, “FIVB-Approved” and the “DVV-Official” test mark. This makes the MVA 200 the official game ball for all international, all national competitions and for the olypmic games. So, now you’ve seen what the characteristics are from the outside. Now we show you how the ball looks from the inside. As you have heard and as you can see, the rubber bladder and the outer material are not separated. The panels are glued directly onto the rubber bladder. The cover consists of 4 layers: 1.) Outside is a microfiber synthetic leather, which absorbs sweat and makes the ball very soft. 2.) Underneath there is a natural rubber layer that protects the ball from water and keeps it elastic. 3.) This is followed by a nylon layer, which is the carrier of the 8 panels. 4.) Inside there is a double-coated bootyl rubber bladder, which is 100% gas- and waterproof. As we have just seen, behind the MVA 200 is a whole range of technology. You can buy the ball from us at weplayvolleyball.de. We are looking forward to your comments here on our YouTube channel or on Facebook. If you want to have a closer look at the cut ball, visit us here in our showroom in Munich. Greetings and see you next time!

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