Misty May-Treanor on Feeling a “Sense of Loss” After Retirement | Where Are They Now | OWN

[MUSIC PLAYING] You know, it is
definitely different sitting at home
knowing that Olympics is right around the corner. Is it weird to watch Kerri? No, because she’s
always had that in her. But it is weird
for me not suiting up in the red, white, and blue. These are my suits from
Sydney, Athens, and Beijing. I had them framed. See where my journey started
and not quite where it ended. I think, you know, it’s
always a tipping point when you decide to retire. Because that’s the only career
I’ve known is volleyball. So definitely there
is that sense of loss, like what am I going to do now? I got my master’s
degree in coaching and athletic administration. I’ve always had a
plan B. And my plan B has always been coaching. Try to make adjustments. We’re going to be watching. But reach up quick, don’t
let that ball drift on you. I want to hit under it and lift
it, but I need to be closer. You cannot have your
elbow down here. It’s faster up here. Everything up here. Everything above your head. OK, that’s it. Here we go. I knew that I wouldn’t be
out of the game completely.

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