Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand

Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand

(football announcers cheering) – Which one of these guys
do you think is the hottest? (techno music) – So you know tonight’s
fantasy night, right? – Yeah, I’m so ready. – You want to do it?
– Yeah. – Let’s do it.
– Ok. – Ok, I will trade you CJ
Anderson for Julius Thomas. – What? No! – Name me one player on the
Saints other than Drew Brees. – Jimmy Graham, tight end,
695 yards, 68 receptions, went to the University of Miami, played basketball before that,
ruled the court then too. – Oh shoot. You guys, I’ve gotta go soon. – What? The Bachelorette is just starting. – I know, but Monday night football. It’s going to be a great game. – Monday Night Football?
– Yeah. – Are you trying to impress
a new guy or something? – Hey baby, we playing or what? This ain’t the lingerie football league. – Whoa! (techno music)

100 thoughts on “Moments Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand

  1. As a girl who loves basketball some of my guy friends take me seriously with the game but this one guy in my class is like can I play for you bc you’re just standing there doing nothing and I’m just like bruh really

  2. Me I do gymnastics
    Rondom person that's boring and stupid why would you want your time like that
    Me do you play football
    Random person yes
    Me I'll explain mine and you explain yours
    Random person …

  3. Gym teacher: today we are going to say what sports we do
    Me: I do gymnastics
    Boy: that's not a sport
    Me: oh ya what sport do you play
    Boy: soccer
    Me: how many hours do you practice with you team a week
    Boy: 5
    Me: I practice 16 hours a week and that's just with my team. Not counting open gym and my yard.

  4. I’m 12 yrs old and I love sports like I watch one YouTube video then i go and take a break like backyard cricket or basketball

  5. When you have boys clothes because there are 0 girls clothes with sports teams logos that look half decent.

  6. I’m softball I have to shop in the men’s section for my softball pants because they think itty bitty girls play

  7. Me: Sorry I’m busy on Sunday, I have a rugby tournament.
    Boy: Well it’s not like you can get hurt, obviously play touch.
    Me: Actually I play full contact… goes to tournament and tackles a girl so hard she starts crying and has an ankle brace (true story)

  8. Was I the only person who thought she was putting a mango in her mouth rather than a mouth guard?😂

  9. I don't really have a problem with sports i like them its just i get anxious playing some of them in p.e…

  10. This is actually so true it’s funny. When all my girl – friends started fighting I would go play football with the guys. Everyone thought I was weird lol 😂

  11. One time I was talking to this guy and I told him I played volleyball and he was like i love volleyball and I was like what is your favorite thing about volleyball and he said oh seeing the girls butt and those spandex

  12. Guy Friend or Boyfriend: *says in a sexy voice* Hey. It’s fantasy night. You ready?
    Girl: *also says in a sexy voice* “Yeah.”
    *Both take out their laptops*
    Guy Friend or Boyfriend: “I’ll trade you this player for that player.”

    Lmao! I died! 🤣🤣🤣

  13. I think that there should be a nfl for women because it would be cool to see women rush, throw, tackle, and maybe a falcon kick.

  14. I won my neighborhood fantasy team when I was 11 (I’m a girl) I was also the only girl who played and it was against 13+ year old boys who said I didn’t stand a chance I lost one game 💪💪

  15. Random person : you play basketball???
    Me :yeah
    Random person :Oh I get it! For the guys huuuh!?
    Me:if I see you again no one else will be able to help you bud!

  16. Is it sad that when I read the title I thought it said “ moments girls who like wii sports will understand”

  17. This is so accurate! I love sports so much and all the guys think is that I watch it to impress them. Literally I will talk to my guy friends about sports and the conversation will just die because they think I know nothing.

  18. I play basketball and I'd say I'm pretty good, but all the boys who play are really good so it makes me look like I'm horrible. Plus I can only really focus and play my best when I'm in a real game not just some pickup game. I don't know if that makes me bad at basketball then but… Also, when I'm trying to get new shoes for basketball, I always have to go to the boys section. They're always just way better. Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

  19. The first bit is my family’s biggest question for me while they’re watching football. And peeps who are sexist like this, just screw them.

  20. Girl: I play a sport
    Guy: Oh really what sport
    Girl: Volleyball
    Guy: That’s like the easiest sport ever all you do is sit in the same spot and hit a ball
    ( a conversation I have actually had)

  21. My friends aren't like this but I think its because I can beat them up I do wrestling softball soccer basketball track shotput and football

  22. Ok but this reminds me of music too. I can be in a record shop or buying cassettes and people will be like do you even listen to that? And I’m like yes I listen to the music I buy, we’re not all aesthetic assholes. That and people don’t think I listen to the Misfits when I wear the T-shirt.

  23. I thought the thumbnail was gonna say when your running and your pants get stuck in your butt. Yes it’s true and we all know it

  24. I love it when boys make fun of me for doing something cause im a girl

    One time we were having a water balloon fight with all of my cousins and one boy said "HA you cant hit anyone, youre a *girl*"

    He didnt know i had the strongest arm of anyone in the family

    I hit him 7 times and hit him straight between his chest 2 times WHILE hitting everyone else

    the sweet taste of revenge

  25. New friend:so you two play lacrosse right?
    Brother1: yah
    New friend: and what about you, ballet?
    Me: no I play lacrosse too🙄
    New friend OH

  26. anyone: do you play any sports?
    me: yeah, ultimate.
    anyone: isnt that just throwing a frisbee around?
    me: no.
    anyone: it shouldn't be a thing no matter what.
    me: bro, it takes a lot of skill to play, and you are constantly moving around, running, blocking, guarding, throwing, catching. stfu

  27. I still don’t understand why Americans call this football. Foot-ball. You play it with your hands? Football is what you call soccer. Actually kicking a ball with your foot.

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