[MUKBANG] Moon Viewing Satsuma (fish ball) Set 38 Pieces With Udon Noodles – Yuka[OoGui]

[MUKBANG] Moon Viewing Satsuma (fish ball) Set 38 Pieces With Udon Noodles – Yuka[OoGui]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka
(english subtitles brought to you by ~~Aphexx~~) Guys, Tsukimi is almost here (moon viewing/Harvest moon)
well yes, yes its still a little while away yet but some of the tsukimi items have been popping up at stores
so thats why ~Today~ I’m wearing this Yukata (her clothing) and pretending to have gone and seen the tsukimi
and yes, yes I’m eating and not watching (just go with it) and so, so
so Today we’ll, eat these Tsukimi fish balls
This is from ‘Shiro-yama’ hotel and its their 15 piece tsukimi set I saw this online and had to buy it.
wow look at how ~Kawaii~ it all is its got all these rabbits and fried fish balls
there’s even one shaped like a ‘susuki’ (Miscanthus sinensis) as for the Udon I made them using a recipe I used on
an earlier video the noodles were made from frozen ITADAKIMASU
lets start off by eating this little white bunny good hmm maybe I’ll put this behind me
the fish surimi (minced fish) has just the right salty flavor to it…. tastes so good
and these satsuma-age (fried fish balls) go so nicely with udon and you can buy udon with Kamaboko (fried fish balls)
on them well the broth tastes alright
all I had to do to make it today was mix it together tadaa next up is this
can you see this? inside a moon there is a bunny
jumping around in it the yellow part tastes like squash
and its way more tender than the rabbit portion in the middle the mild squash flavor can be tasted next is this its purple in color it tastes like potato! they used purple potato in here
it totally gives off that fall feeling oh wow look, it looks like Keshigomukun'(Mr. Clean magiceraser)
made with aomori (green laver/seaweed) its got that wonderful aonori taste this one filled with bainiku (plum)
and I’m thinking the green specks are aojiso its so tasty its got cheese inside!!!
“Cheese is Bae” fish paste foods (fish balls) pair quite nicely with cheese
the salty fish goes matches so nicely with cheese’s rich flavor oh hey this is a renkon (lotus root) I love the mouthfeel of renkon I believe this is some onion…. I think? its a satsumaimo (sweet potato)
and its really packed with that potato this is the first time encountering something like this
and omg it tastes so good, I feel like I’m chowing down on a snack or something, a sweet potato snack its some susuki they took burdock root and mixed it with sesame
this isn’t a food that was made from a paste though
(the theme of the dish was food that was mashed up then
formed into shapes) this bunny is flavored with some carrot but since
the carrot was mashed up and mixed with some fish paste to make this way softer… Usually when fish paste
is mixed with some veg it makes it way more tender oh there was a potato in here
” a wild potato appears ” final one, I’ll eat this little bunny
itadakimasu all done!
I was able to eat so many varieties of satsuma-age (fish balls) it was all so tasty. and this udon really went well with them
so yummy. these udon are so yummy guys when you think of tsukimi you think of eating dango
(sweet mochi balls) but eating something different like these makes for a nice change as well.
aww… I so want to be able to put on a Yukata and go out and take in the harvest moon out on a patio or
something…. I don’t even have a patio/veranda and on top of it all I don’t have someone special
to go watch the tsukimi with either… everyone please go out and enjoy the tsukimi
and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI

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  1. さつま揚げは冷たくても温かくても美味しいね😽💕

  2. I know slurping ramen is a tradition, showing that you like the ramen
    but my mother will slap my to another planet if I do that in front of her

  3. たぶん、あのお皿にぎっしり入ってないし楽しそうだから、少なさそう!食べれそう!とか思うんだろうけど、、、

  4. i ADORE your yukata, and the look you have with it! it has a wonderful pattern! also, this looked so tasty do you have any tips btw for making mochi delicious when you can only find mochiko and not the actual rice?

  5. 한국에도 먹방영상이 많지만 자꾸 보고 싶은 건 키노시타상 영상ㅋㅋ 일단 영상이 짧고 잘드셔서 좋아 귀여우시고

  6. 城山観光ホテル、泊まったこと


  7. 韓国から見ています。他国の食文化を知ることができるので、木下さんの動画をよく拝見させて頂いています。やっぱり他の国に興味が湧いて来るとその国の食生活が第一に気になる😊ありがとうございます

  8. ゆうかちゃん!城山観光ホテルは、ジャムも美味しいよ!うちの家、毎月そこのホテルのジャム買ってる!抹茶がれおすすめ!他にも、キュウイ味とかあった!ぜひ食べてみて!(☆∀☆)

  9. あなたが旅行する必要がある場合は、ベトナムブンボーフエは、両方の麺のスープで彼女のベストを尽くすNHE覚えています。

  10. انا لو اكل زيها في ثلاثه ايام مارح اخش من الباب ماشاءلله عليها ↔

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