My daughter in elementary school is a soccer fanatic! [Hello Counselor / 2017.07.03]

100 thoughts on “My daughter in elementary school is a soccer fanatic! [Hello Counselor / 2017.07.03]

  1. i am like to when i like a thing i go crazy and think about it and talk about it but there are things that i am addicted with do you know what is that SHINee i like shinee because of shinee i like k pop because of kpop i like korea and i only think about them i do not thing i can stop liking them

  2. How is this a concern? I'm a girl and I've been playin football for my whole live! I'm a perfectly normal girl who just happens to love football!

  3. This is just called having a kid. First of all, be grateful for her and her personality. Second, say no to weekly game outings and deal with the fallout, you’re the parent.

  4. gee just say you're poor and can't afford to take your daughters to the game all the time. she has an interest. she'll outgrow it eventually or maybe become a manager for the team who knows.

  5. I think that the only problem here is that they spoiled her to become like this. To go see the game money are needed and an adult has to take her….the money are the parents working result they should simply tell her "i already use money to give you food, for dresses, for the house and school. I will take you to a game once in a while as a reward when you do something particolary good or for your bday. the rest of the money are mine and i choose how to use that" and for the football songs….just put music you like you don't need to listen only to what your daughter want to listen to. If she likes football…go to play with your friend and watch in on tv. Don't bother your family and act egoistic wthell….? Just put some rules. I remember the daughter that her mother used at her heirdresser saloon using her as a slave that i see this….reach some balance.

  6. Nobody has mentioned that she said that he is 12 year older than her and hes 36 so that would make her 24????? But shes in 6th grade im?? So?? Confused??

  7. She's a normal perfect cute little girl. What is the mum worried about loool let the child live pls

  8. I give that bonita 2 thumbs up for her interest in soccer 👍🏼👍🏼I'd be a proud mama sitting next to her joining in the cheering 💖
    She had a dream that should be supported

  9. What the hell. How is this a problem . Keep on being a true hardcore football fan kidgirl . Nothing wrong being a football fan . Cheers for football. Best game in the world 😉😘😃

  10. Wait, lemme analyze this bish. So Dejan is 36 yrs old and he's 12 yrs older than u so you mean youre 24 yrs old the fact that youre just in the 6th grade???😕

  11. This mother is literally my mother when I told her that I wanted to play soccer at a team because I am a soccer fanatic too

  12. I guess the parents consent is not about her liking soccer, but her OBSESSED with soccer so much it gives her bad temper and became careless about anything elses…

  13. Whoever said "shes a girl though" I am gonna find that person and put them in front of jin and see jin roast him like the way Rose from blackpink burnt her bread

  14. I suddenly remember Lee Donggook The return of Superman lol he plays soccer also he's KBS ahahhaha

  15. If i were her… i will kiss dad on his cheek saying i love you… and plz forgive me for my action….

  16. A lot of people are missing the point. Her mom is not upset because she's a girl that likes soccer, but because she spents too much money and time on her hobby

  17. Damn… I can't with those comments like "She is a girl" so what if she is? Being a woman means that we don't have the right to like what men likes?

  18. She can like soccer. It's not a problem but she is TOO MUCH INTO IT WHICH IS A BIG PROBLEM. She even hesitated to choose her parents. But 99% comments are against the parents. Why? Can't you guys see that she is too much addicted to it???

  19. The girl’s name has three syllables; I’ve never met a Korean who has a name over two syllables (not American name), so that’s pretty interesting

  20. How the fuck is this even a concern? Her parents need to fuck off and be glad she's not into drugs or some shit.

  21. I'm from Montenegro and it's my first time ty see a picture of Dejan.
    I heard his name Dejan Savicevic and only I know about him is that he is football player.

  22. So what if she's a girl! Does that means that she can't play what boys play?! I don't know what's wrong with parents these days

  23. So?

    And can’t the Mum set a limit? A common thread through all the family issues. Absolutely no limitations are placed on the kids. Cut the game down to once a month. Problem solved

  24. i think that her parents are good they just want their daughter to not be obssesed with soccer that's all.they never said that she should quit it completelly.i don't like when people are saying that they are not good parents.they are good enough to bring their daughter to stadium twice a week and love her that's what i have seen from the video.

  25. What does liking soccer have to do with being a girl . That was the dumbest comment I’ve heard and I never feel like that on this show

  26. Bruh if the girl likes soccer then the can play soccer, I don't know what's wrong with a girl liking soccer, I'm a girl myself and love what boys like, is that a problem?

  27. Her: *loves soccer

    Her mom: She is not an ordinary child

    Me: *Likes to wear pants, sits with my knees apart, sits on the floor with one leg bended, acts tough, kinda deep voice


    LMAO I don't even know why I post this 😂

  28. I mean like I don't like this girl very much because my mom doesn't even want to talk about what I like and this girl expects her mom to talk about something that her mom doesn't even want to talk about. Of course I don't like the stereotypes however I think that this is a CONCERN.

  29. she's here talking about her passion for soccer n they ask her if she likes any other "handsome players"
    like???? do u think she can only like soccer for a handsome guy????


  31. when they said that she will start crying because they are late and the game is already starting, i can see that the little girl is kinda spoiled. but i will choose that daughter over her friend. because her friend has no interest at anything at all. that is more weird

  32. i just love her friend he isn't interested in anything and they are still asking him stupid questions is it a must to like celebrities the boy just want to focus on himself alone

  33. Uhm excuse me buttt im a GIRL that loves soccer and baseball…. andddd i LIKE basketball…. it aint a problem

  34. What's wrong with a girl like football?, I like it when I'm junior high school until now I'm still love it, I'm a mom with 3 kids, I don't understand why people always said it for boy it for girl, 😓

  35. as a Brazilian, this girl likes soccer as much as literally anyone else in a country where the team is actually good. im sure german kids also fucking love soccer, it just happens that korea isnt that great so its weird to like it. any person thats into soccer behaves as she does in a stadium. they’re definitely blowing this out of proportion

  36. Giiiiirl I'm from Portugal, the country that breathes and lives for soccer and I HATE IT with all my soul so if you want to trade spots I am all for it 😂😂

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