My Scariest Moment Scuba Diving! – Sailing SV Delos Ep. 164

We start to cruise in slowly. There’s no surge. It was fine. And then wam. A set came through, and
it just ripped us around, and we got sucked in,
sucked into the cave. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] One dock [INAUDIBLE]
originally from my homeland. Like my old man said,
there’s nothing impossible, so [INAUDIBLE]. Straight from the crew, out
to the blue [INAUDIBLE].. Previously on Delos, Lisa and
Liz took their first breaths underwater, and we
continue to be blown away by the beauty of
Ascension Island. It was the day of saying
goodbye to Ascension, so we landed Maggie
for the last time on the pier to do our
last provisioning, and everything else
that needed to be done before heading southwest. The boys also offered Craig
and Ellen a helping hand to get their boat
out of the water, because they are leaving
Ascension on the next day as well. [LAUGHTER] Back on the Argonaut. And unfortunately,
Craig and Ellen are leaving the island
because of all the business that’s dropped off from
the airport not being open and there not being tourists. So we have to take their
boat out of the water today. The game plan is to kind of
bring it up closer to the dock that we normally get off at. A crane is going to drop down. Craig has already
got the straps on. And yeah, we just hook
it onto the crane, and the driver’s supposed
to watch the swells. And in between
swells, he’s going to take the pressure
up on the crane and lift it out of the water. The swells come down, but
there’s still a swell running. Look down here. So it’s still kind of gnarly. I guess there’s the potential
of the boat bashing up against the wall, but I’m pretty
sure the crane driver will hopefully get arm
out long enough to get it away from the
wall when we’re down there. So it’s that crane over there
is the one, the big one. Yeah. So that’s going to pull
the boat out and then put it on a flatbed
truck with a cradle. So how do you feel, you guys? It’s always
nerve-wracking, especially for the crane driver. It’s the same guy who almost
got pulled in the last time. The same guy that
dropped the boat. Still going to be tricky
here with the wind. Yeah. Craig’s just going to go
down and check the lines one last time. All is going smoothly, except
the crane operator didn’t extend the arm far enough out. So when we hooked
up to the sling, it pulled us right
into the wall. We yelled up from the bottom,
but it took a while for him to realize what was going on. So I used a fishing float
as a makeshift fender. It was a real battle to
keep her from getting smashed on the rocks. [MUSIC – KEVIN MACLEOD, “GOLD
RUSH”] [FAST-FORWARD SPEAKING] OK, [INAUDIBLE]. OK. Let’s just watch this. [INAUDIBLE] It was pretty intense
getting a boat out of the water in
swells like that. How are we feeling, guys? Ready for a drink. [LAUGHTER] Ready for a drink. Did that go as smoothly
as you’d hoped? Could have been worse, huh? Could have been worse. With the sea
conditions as they are and as you can see on the
pier, very little guys to help. Yeah. It wasn’t for you guys, it would
have been impossible today. But could have been worse. Yeah. A little bit of
scratches on the bow. Couple of scratches there. [INAUDIBLE] Nobody got hurt. No one got hurt. [INAUDIBLE] picked it up. I’ve got plenty [INAUDIBLE] work
to do when I get back anyway. Glad that’s over? Glad this is over, but very
sad, because then every time we will come out with clients,
we have to do it again twice. Lesson learned [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] So they can assist you. They work for real cheap too. That’s amazing. For fish, that’s pretty good. Fish and drink. Yeah. We’re jogging on. Jogging on. We’re jogging on. Goodbye, internets. Goodbye, internet. Everything is scheduled
as much as it can be. We’ve sent our last messages. Send, send, send, goodbye. I don’t even think
our iridium’s working, so we’re not going to be in
contact with anybody for weeks. Jolly, jolly, jolly. And to do some
lost provisioning. One store on Ascension
Island, and it’s actually pretty well stocked. It’s the only store. The only store. Let’s go check it out. We anticipated the passage to
be about three weeks with no pit stops along the way. Delos was still stocked up
pretty well from Cape Town, but six hungry, salty sailors
can eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. We were at the shop. Everyone’s really
excited to be leaving, so I feel like everyone’s
just frantically going around the shop, trying to
get everything they can to go. Oh, god, it just feels so good. I can’t wait. Are you excited, Brady? I’m really excited. This is the worst idea to
shop when you’re hungry, because I’m thinking about
getting stuff for snacks now. Oh, is the bean salad
making you hungry? Yeah, I just want to
open up a can right now. Do you want to do a guess on
how much it’s going to be? 130 pounds. 130 pounds. Mm-hmm. 141. 141. 300. 300! 235. 235. How about you guys? Do you want to make a guess? I can see. [LAUGHTER] OK, I’m going to
go 250 then, 250. Drum roll. The total was– 180.28. Oh, awesome. So what did you say? 235. So I said 141. Yeah, you were closer. Oh! Good job, Alex Blue. I’m excited. It’s going to be one of the
best sails Delos has ever had. We’re going to have 20 knots
right on the beam for, like, two weeks, mate. Mm. Magnum. [LAUGH] Magnum. Closing thoughts on
Ascension Island as we spend our last few minutes here. The ice cream is pretty good. [LAUGHTER] The light here is epic. Yeah, all in all, I mean,
this island is very exclusive, I think. Yeah, I don’t know if
I’ll ever come back. I think I will, actually. Yeah? For some weird reason, I think
I will come back here one day. Closing thoughts on Ascension? Wow. [LAUGH] It’s been awesome. And we really spent
three, four weeks, and we saw some crazy shit, and
I’m very happy we came here. Ascension is like a big
magnet, and I’m definitely drawn back to it. Ooh! It’s a crazy volcanic
island full of beauty. Beauty and the ocean. I like it. The island that we’re
touching down on in Brazil has 600 waterfalls on it. I don’t even know
how that’s possible. And you know what that means. That means I’m really good
at waterfall bikini shots. [LAUGH] Whoo! Chapter of Ascension draws to a
conclusion for the Delos crew. Their adventure
stretches out before them like a ray of sunshine. We don’t know where
we’re going– well, we do, because we’re
going to Brazil. And there’s something
strange about leaving. You get, like, a sense
of crazy freedom. It’s like skipping out of school
and hoping not to get caught. But yeah. This is awesome. Really excited. So see you on the upside. Whoo! Oh, I don’t want to go. Yeah, you do. No, I don’t. We’re going to Brazil, mate. I know, but I like it here too. You don’t want to go? You want to stay another month? Yeah. OK, then I’ll pick you up. OK. Bye. Bye. Bye. See you later. I’m staying. OK, bye. Bye. I’ll miss you. See you laters. I think today we’re going
to head over to Bird Rock and do some more diving. And if we can manage it and
conditions are favorable, we’re going to stay the night. And today is Thursday,
so if we stay tonight, we can’t start the
passage on a Friday. So we’re going to actually
stay two nights, which is cool, because I definitely want
to spend some more time in the water here before we go. Kind of bummed to be
leaving this place, because it’s so
epic, and it’s going to be really hard to get to
for the next several years, at least. But I’m happy for
it, because I think it needs to do some healing. And people basically have to
stay away for that to happen, so I think it’s good the
airport’s broken right now, actually. The compass just did
something really weird, Alex. I don’t know what it
is about this island, but there’s some
weird, magnetic zone. So we were just on
autopilot back there, and the boat was crew along. But all of the sudden,
it did a full left turn, and then did a full
right turn, and then another full left
turn, and then the GPS stopped working
at the same time. So I don’t know. All these space antennas
or something are– and our iridium
doesn’t work here, and neither does
the other boat’s. So it was some weird
electrical activity, I think. [GROANING] All the way to the left now. [LAUGH] All the way to the right now. Ah! [LAUGH] Has it ever done this before? No, I’ve never seen it. The only time it did this is
after I fixed it and put it back in, and I had
the wires backwards. Hand steering from now on. Great. With a dysfunctional autopilot,
we are going to Bird Rock to spend two more
days diving before we are heading towards Brazil. We have been to
Bird Rock before, but we definitely
felt that we can’t leave this place
without seeing more of this amazing
underwater world. And Liz and myself,
we were pretty excited to get back in the
water as well for more beginner dives. So we tied Delos to a
buoy, and underwater we go. You always feel a
little bit nervous getting in the
water with sharks. Doesn’t matter what
kind of sharks they are. You’re going into
their territory, the same as if you’d go into,
like, an area with lions or tigers or something. Be calm, and make
sure the sharks know that you’re not
there to harm them, and you’re definitely not
something they want to eat. It didn’t take long for us
to make friends with one of the many bold trevallies. This one in particular
was super keen to stick with us for the entire dive. And dive after dive, he would
always join back up with us to show us the way,
chase after Mr. Brady, and keep us safe
from all the sharks. I get really nervous when
they go below the water. I know it’s irrational,
because I’ve heard what you should do with
the sharks, and blah blah. I know all that. I know that they’re experienced
and that they’re not stupid, but it’s a whole different
world down there. But I still worry. It’s always important
to be aware of sharks and to know that you
are in their territory, and not vice versa. The whole crew has learned
a lot about their behavior lately so we more and more enjoy
diving and swimming with them. They are amazing creatures,
and mostly misunderstood by us human beings. The crew did one dive after
another, but not all of them were chill and smooth. Well, we just went on our
fifth dive here at Bird Island, and they’ve been really
mellow and chill, and this one was a
little bit more hectic. We cruised around a
different side of the island than we’ve been diving the last
few times where there’s a– just the edge of the
island underwater is just a sheer dropoff ledge. And so it’s really gorgeous. So we get over just
on the other side, and we find this narrow
cave tunnel thing, sort of. We start to cruise in slowly. There was no surge. It was fine. And it kind of just was
cuts like this going in. So we cruise in, and then, wam. A set came through, and
it just ripped us around, and we got sucked in. Sucked into the cave. So that was actually
the most scared I’ve ever been underwater. But luckily, Brian
was close enough to me to come back into
the cave a bit, and he was able to grab me
and get his feet on the wall, and kind of push
me back out again. And then I managed to kind of
get around one of the corners, but I just was holding
the camera in one hand, and the other hand just holding
onto the side of the wall, wherever I could grab. And just holding on and
getting pulled back. So gnarly. But good lesson, you
know, to just remember to always dive safe
and not push it, because things can
happen so fast. You know, diving’s so peaceful
and chill most of the time. And then just like
that, it’s not anymore. And you know, you whack your
head, or something like that. In the end, luckily everybody
was safe and not badly injured. How was it, Bri? So bad. There’s a cave over there that’s
a real bad idea to go into. Did you go in it? [BLEEP] We got sucked into it. [BLEEP] That was scary, man. I was, like, swimming
in behind Alex, and then I looked back, and
she just, like, turns around and gets sucked backwards. I was like, oh, shit. That was the
scariest thing that’s ever happened to me underwater. Seriously. [BLEEP] And I had the camera, so I was
just holding on with one hand. Like, ah! Getting, like, sucked in. What would have happened
if you had just got sucked completely
in and got trapped. Probably would get
bashed against the wall. Yeah, you just would have
gotten bashed around in there. Until you– And then we’re sitting
there, and my– because they weren’t
bleeding at first. They were, like, green. Yeah. Your blood’s green
underwater, yeah. –for our safety
stop, and I was like– [BLEEP] –I’m, like, bleeding and
there’s sharks around. This is [INAUDIBLE]. Well, let’s not do that again. Good lesson learned today. I got some battle
wounds from it. Little gashy. It’s all good. It could definitely
be way worse, so I’m just really happy to
be back on Delos right now. So Lisa and Elizabeth
is going down again for their second
beginner’s dive. And they’re going to go down
and look at some fishes. Are you excited, Liz? I am. I’m a little bit– She’s a little nervous. Yeah. Just remember, Liz. Relax and breathe. That’s it. Not through the nose,
through the mouth. You can’t breathe
through the nose, because you have a mask on. I’m looking forward
to going down there. [LAUGHTER] I will do a good spit, Liz. Not like a– I can’t spit. Yeah, you can. I can’t spit. Why can’t you? I’ve just never spat before. [INAUDIBLE] Excuse me? What did you just say? I’ve never spat before. These [INAUDIBLE]. One, two, three. [LAUGHTER] Awesome. Perfect! Delos dive school. Glad we’re on top of our shit. Regulators on, start breathing. There you go. Easy. Liz, Lisa. [LAUGH] She’s gone. Shoom! She’s gone. Down straight to the bottom. Take me, Brian. Take me down, please. Hold me. I honestly can’t
express my feelings. Being able to dive just for a
second time in my entire life in such a remote place
was purely overwhelming. Got to the rocks, and then
Brian just held my hand, and he didn’t let go
throughout the entire duration. He just held my hand. And we just saw a shark, and
then Lisa was next to me, and I just grabbed Lisa’s hand. I was like– [GROAN] We were holding hands– She grabbed it
so, so hard like– and I was like– Sharky, sharky. There are no words to express
my gratitude to the whole crew for giving Liz me
the opportunity to learn and to experience
the underwater life. Divers! [LAUGHTER] Honestly– [LAUGH] Is that– are you being honest? [LAUGH] OK. Be cool. I want to go again. [SIGH] I nearly cried several
times underwater. I’m like, damn it. Lisa’s hooked. Yeah. You got me. You got me right where I belong. You got the addiction. The diving bug. Yep. [MUSIC – DEVALOOP, “ROOFTOP
TERRACE”] [GRUNT] Good morning. Good morning, princess. Hello. Hey, good morning. Are you excited to be
underwater again today? Dive buddy. Good morning. Good morning, everyone. Oh. Time to go breathe
underwater, huh? Let’s do it. Morning. How are we today? Good. Ooh, crazy rainstorm last night. Yo, it was coming down. I had a good night’s sleep,
although the slams back there were intense. I know. Like, it slammed so much
that our whole bed shakes. Yeah. I was thinking that. Yeah. What is that, Bri? [GROAN] Loss of water flow. What? Oh, no. Either the impeller
went or the thing could be full of bird feathers. Ooh. What does this mean, Bri? I don’t know. I just want a cup of tea. Instead of going
diving straight away, there was solid
MacGyver mission needed. Started up the
generator this going. Bleh! Yachting. Failed. And the alarm it gave
was raw water alarm, which means it’s
probably the impeller. And that sucks, because it’s
the second one that’s happened. Wait a minute. It’s the second
time this happened? Hmm. This sounds familiar to me, but
let’s watch a little bit more. And the thing only
has 117 hours on it, and they’re supposed to
last, like, way, way, way longer than that. And I’m just going
to change it again. We only have one left. So I’m motivated to fix it. Yeah. That’s just scrambled
up in there. It’s fucked, man. I don’t know why
it would do that. It just disintegrated. Yeah. Usually the little pieces
of the ends will break off. It’s got to be a problem
with salt water getting put into there, right? Now we’ve got to
count all the pieces. Count all the pieces? Didn’t we do this before? No? Can you remember now? Because if any of these
pieces are left in the engine, then they block up
the cooling circuit. Like the heat exchanger. The same thing happened after
20 hours of generator running. It doesn’t make any sense. But remember, didn’t
we count them all? Lisa, last time we
did it in Namibia. I feel like we– We counted them, and we
found all the pieces, right? And we laid them out,
and we counted them. Yeah. I’m pretty sure that
I remember doing that. Yeah. And I’m pretty sure– And then I went down,
and I was like, OK. There’s one more. Yeah, there was more more. And then I think
it was me or you. Hmm. After 20 hours of running,
for some reason, look at this. That’s the impeller. I don’t know if you can see it,
but there’s one, two, three, four, five blades missing. Try and clean those out. There’s one. [DING] There’s two. [DING] There’s three. [SING] There’s four. [DING] I hope that’s all of them. I don’t see any others. And that was the little
hint we gave you guys only a few weeks ago, that
the finding the blades game wasn’t over yet. Welcome to the
finale in Ascension. Brady saw another piece. I don’t know if you can
see it, but it’s hidden– Like, in there. –way in there. In there. Yeah. See that black piece? And maybe, maybe I missed
that one the first time this happened. Can you see it in there? [INAUDIBLE] Which would cause
this to happen. Wow. Can you get that out of there? So I think we’ll just put
our last impeller in and hope that it makes us to Brazil. And for all the
people out there who might have thought that Brian
installed the impeller wrong the last time because
some blades were bent in the wrong direction,
here is how it works. (DRAWN OUT) Oh. (DRAWN OUT) Oh. And then if you
go the other way, it just sort of changes, right? (DRAWN OUT) Whoa. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE], I tell you what. [LAUGHTER] How’s it going, Brian? I think that’s about it. Yeah? It’s all back together. It’s a little hot down here. It’s really hot. I like when you’re sweaty
in the engine room. Ew. Look at that belly. Oh, look at that sexy belly. Ew. It’s a beautiful day today. Lot of birds. [LAUGH] I like birds. They’re pretty nice. I can’t believe we had that
one inside the boat yesterday. Oh my gosh. What has happened? Oh, there’s a bird in the boat. Oh, it’s a little bird. Oh, I think he’s hurt himself. We’ve got to cover
him with a towel. Yeah. OK, get a towel, Brian. You’re a handly man. Brian’s a bird man. Or a bucket. No, a towel. Get a towel [INAUDIBLE]. Ah! Just grab him, Brian. Grab him with a towel. Brady’s a bird person. Gently. Gently. Oh! Aw! You’ve got to be really– He’s not dead. Is he dead? No. He’s playing dead. I got him. I got him. I got him. Get him free. Let him free. Let him free! I got him. Mad respect. Fly away, birdie! Oh, he’s a bit [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, let’s just let him rest. Yeah, yeah. Let’s just let him sit there. Don’t blast him, Brian. (HEAVY ACCENT) Don’t
blast him, Brian. [LAUGHTER] He’ll be fine. Thank you. I was very gentle. Thank you– Good job, Brian. –for rescuing the bird. You’re welcome. I hope he’s OK. I’m sure he is. He was pretty [INAUDIBLE]. I think he hit his
head pretty bad. I think they pretend to
be dead at that point. Oh, yeah. That could have been as well. What’s going on? So accidentally got boiling
hot water in my hand. I went to fill up
my water bottle at the same time Alex was
pouring hot water in the sink. And we’ve shared the
sink many times, but then a wave hit the back of the
boat, and just went, poo! And the water went all over
my hand, and it really fucking hurts right now. Yeah. It’s like I’ve got
fire all in here, and it just hurts to do
that, just to touch my skin. Now both of our
hands are injured. Yeah. Sisters. Don’t touch me with that thing. [LAUGHTER] Don’t touch me. This is for–
antibacterial cream for the short-term treatment
of wounds and minor burns. Hmm. Does it feel better? No. It hasn’t done anything. I feel nothing. It still fucking canes. Canes. After such a hectic morning, it
was finally time to calm down and to breathe underwater. [MUSIC – KAI ENGEL, “BROOKS”] And then at the end
of our last dive, we saw something pretty unique. This determined
little turtle was swimming in the strong current
with just three flippers. We had heard we might
see him around here, and it was a pretty sweet way
to end our time in the water. Whoo! [LAUGH] That was amazing. Yeah, it was. That was so good. One of the best dives
I ever had, probably. So chill. Oh. After the one you showed me,
I saw a shrimp cleaning out an eel’s mouth. What? The eel would go like
this, open his mouth, and a shrimp crawled
on his head and started cleaning his teeth for him. We found a turtle! Yay! Oh, it’s so cute! A three-legged turtle, Lisa. Three-legged one. Three-legged turtle. So cute. Three-flippered turtle. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] nothing was moving. [INAUDIBLE] From down below, we headed
straight into the sky to explore Bird Rock one
last time from the air. (HIGH-PITCHED
VOICE) Holy bananas. I just wanted to talk about this
spot and how incredibly unique it is. It just feels so wow
in a way, you know? You have this massive
rock with thousands of birds that are just,
like, going crazy above us. Unspoiled part of
the world for sure. Little gem. It’s a really unique
spot, and I feel super lucky that we’ve been
able to spend as much time here as we have. I would definitely say that this
is one of the most amazing dive spots I’ve ever been to. We can dive from the boat,
which is a huge thing as well. We don’t have to pack
everything in Maggie. And it’s just amazing. And then when you
drop in the water, it’s actually really
good visibility, and there’s just so many
trevallies and sharks cruising around in the distance. And turtles and small
fish and macro stuff. And it’s just been really
sunny today and beautiful, and I’m really happy. [LAUGH] So that was wonderful, I think. Two mind-blowing days at Bird
Rock, and a pretty decent way to finish off the Ascension
experience, I’d say. But now it’s finally time
to get ready to set sail. Nice! Next up on Delos, we
set sail from Ascension on our 2,300-nautical
mile passage to Brazil, and some issues with the auto
pilot lead us to fall in love with hand-steering to
the Southern Cross. It’s really cool to just
steer directly by the stars. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC – LIMES, “OLD FRIENDS”] Like it? I like it a lot. [POPPING] Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Do we need any tuna noodles? I don’t like the number five. OK. What? [INAUDIBLE] like number five. This is quite heavy, Lisa. Oh, should I carry it? No. Not like this. Not like this. Don’t fall off, Brady! Sharks in the water! Some powerful thighs you’ve
got on you, [INAUDIBLE].. I know. I’ve been working out. I felt safe. Safe between a woman’s legs. Real safe. And the most important part to
remember here on Bird Island is when you’re looking
up, close your mouth. Otherwise, the
chances are pretty high that you’re getting
bird poop in your mouth. And nobody has
got time for that. Uh-uh. Close your mouth. I got a bird poop. I felt it right there. Oh, I see. It’s a big piece of shit. Let me see again. Oh. That’s a big piece of poop. Look at that bird
shit on her back. Splash. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] What are you doing? I’m trying to find
the hole in my nip to see if I were
to ever lactate, where it would come from. I don’t think men have those. They don’t. Yeah, they have to. What are you grooming, Blue? This is barber shop. A walrus. Make my mask leak. [INAUDIBLE] I like it.

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