New Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

New Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Land Rover Discovery sport se
2020 the brand brand new model it’s right here he come this month in the
shop and I want to present it for you I want to review it the exterior interior
and I hope you will enjoy the review guys like always I will start with the
exterior of the car and something interesting it’s that the choice to make
all black they go all the back you can see here also tinted windows on the back
the rims are black it’s interesting that you will see when we go in the interior
because this car have a seven-seater it’s a seven seater and you will see the
space in the interior also around the rims around the windows here the choice
to go with the black rubber and on the upper side also black now going down
here to see the those lines are similar with the normal version of the car one
of my favorite part in this car it’s this beautiful LED lights in the back
they look fantastic and you can see the shapes there are very beautiful this
part is one of my favorite on this new discovery sport and you can see from
from behind the way they look are pretty awesome also something cool that I see
here anyway we have keyless entrance in the car here you can see you can open
unlock the car only with a key in your pocket I want to open the blinkers
because I I just want to show you also the blinkers in the front in the back of
course they are LED light the blinker as well so we have following blinkers
that’s the thing that I want to show you and they look super awesome
you will see now in a moment they are super
in my opinion the last technology on the market I don’t think it’s something much
better than those following blinkers so really curious what do you think about
that also on the mirrors here we have blinkers LED light as expected and they
did look pretty nice and in the front also following blinkers not all the cars
have this but it’s quite interesting the way they chose to go with yeah
following a tidy light for the blinkers in the front as well actually when the
blinkers are not working there in the front we have the day LED light and I
will show in the moment now let’s close the blinkers and then let’s show it
let’s see it let’s see the LED light because I just
want to show you also the daylight so here it is so you can see in the same
play in the same place our toes day LED light that they look super nice in my
opinion and also the front of the car it’s it’s it’s great give you a feeling
of power and this grille in the front here looks super awesome with this gray
in my opinion it’s super beautiful and also we have the new technology on the
high beam adaptive LED lights some design here and air intakes we have here
on the side that helped I already know we can also make the car look much more
sport here we have parking sensors in the front five five parking sensors in
the front interesting usually those big car have six parking sensors this car
has only five parking sensors you can see here three on the grille also here
in the middle is the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all
that in your technology and then the air intakes
that go directly there in the middle some air intakes here in the middle
quite interesting and also the hood have some nice shapes here on it and I find
it quite quite interesting I really like it I like the front of the car then
something very very clever I find on this car those protection here for the
wheels for the brakes or here we have the fog lamp also fog light it’s also
LED light then on the upper side here we have this plastic to protect the edges
of the car this is very useful I have to tell you 20 inch rims black they fit
perfectly with the car also the brake discs are super big they’re for big car
and heavy you need a big brake disc and then you see guys even the most
expensive cars on the market they have this plastic to protect the edges of the
car you can see here the discovery logo and then those beautiful design with
line that go all through the back of the car the mirrors are also simple and nice
we have an LED light to illuminate the floor in the night when you go in the
car blind spot technology on the mirror the mirrors are also very beautiful
design and the handle as well you can see the black clothes black plastic go
all over around the car the edges of the card protect the paint in time it will
last much longer so in the back only four parking sensors
and we don’t have any exhaust pipe there they are but they are under the car we
don’t have I’m quite impressed that the sport car doesn’t have exhaust pipe
design or something like that so they do they go minimalistic s’ sport logo there
on the Left Land Rover also on the right and then discovery in the middle writing
then we have lady lights on the number plate and yeah
as you can see the camera for the reverse driving in Reverse it’s brighter
on the side quite interesting you can see it right here the reverse camera so
as expected also I like the spoiler up here the way they designed the spoiler
on the upper side doses it’s quite different from the other cars and it’s
quite interesting also we have to break light here in the middle LED also a nice
design and it looked pretty nice other than that the design of the car IRA
dynamic it’s very nice in my opinion very beautiful has always Land Rover
make some beautiful cars with nice design there in the middle we have the
cameras for the total Lane Assist and reading the traffic speed limit here’s
some information about the cárcel Discovery sport two-liter engine all
wheel drive is he to litter so as I told you 300
I think 183 horsepower there are the option the price it’s 74 thousand francs
around 70 thousand euro and then here you have some option the lastest engine
over 6 D and then the consumption and all that stuff you can pause the video
and you can read it yourself so yeah I guess there you have all the information
other than that I think we will go inside the car to see the space
automatic lift gate in the back as expected
here you have the button and also the handle very very useful two LED lights
up there on the door big entrance in the car also another LED up here on the roof
as you can see it from this on this side we can see the light on the roof there
and then the entrance it’s also flat down there that’s very interesting and I
like the shape I like I like the big and rich it’s quite big here it’s everything
flat so you can load your stuff directly there very easy we have some hooks here
on the left side also the buttons for the hook and for the trailer also a 12
volt port right there in the left side quite interesting I want to show you
this just press the button and then it will come out this hook from from there
it’s quite a little bit noisy when it come out it makes some noise and then
when you push it up it will go inside also quite noisy this engine this motor
I have to say there at work with it also on the right side we have some space
storage space here where you can put you some stuff and then up here we have the
buttons for the folding seat so the folding seats are also electric and you
can adjust it from those buttons I will show you in the moment here we have this
protection for the trunk as well you can use it if you want you can also take it
out and use the o7 seat I will show you in the moment those seven seats in the
space in the interior but first time let me show you under the floor here you
have them repair kit triangle and all that stuff right here under not so much
space but it’s very useful you have to pull that for the 7 seater to go up here
those buttons are for the seat so if you push those buttons the seats will fall
down and you will see how much space you have in the car with all seven actually
all five seats from the back holding down but the front seats are way way in
the back so I have to adjust it I just want to adjust it from here we
have electric seats for the driver and for the passengers as well let me put it
in the normal position my driving position right now it’s mine in my
driving position maybe a little bit in the front just like that the other one
it’s it’s in a good position the same as here so I just want to show you
something realistic but the space in the car really realistic like I I just tried
like a traffic car so you can make an idea how much space it is in this car
and this you know discovery sport so you can fold it like that it’s almost flat
you still have a lot of space down there oh by the way guys I love this glass
roof the glass roof it’s it’s make all the money it’s amazing it’s great
visibility out there in the back also a lot of space on the legs there you can
even carry some stuff on the leg side while you have all the seat folding down
you can drink in the back great job I like that and also you can see from here
the space in the back it’s kind of huge guys it’s a lot of space there you can
carry plenty of stuff even the mobile I think I don’t think yeah someone can
worry about the space in this car I want to I want to take this out and
then I want to show you the whole 7 seat but it’s kind of complicated to do that
only with one hand so I just have to post a bit of a little bit so I take it
out right here you can take it out very easily you cannot put it under the floor
that’s the problem it’s kind of big so you have to carry separately in the
trunk if you take it out or somehow here in the back folding the 7 seater it’s
pretty easy this is the headrest look how interesting it is it’s simple to
fold it back just with your hand and then you can see the space there in the
back it’s not left too much space in the back there when you have 7 passengers in
the car also you have plenty of adjustable
position for the seats for example this is one of the position then you can pull
this from upper from up here you have to pull it and then push the seat and the
seat will go all the way in the front so it’s kind of complicated that it just
took one hand so yeah I think you get the point
it’s nothing complicated also you have a handle here in the front but you have to
pull it and then you can adjust the seat and front in the back the way you want
it so you can that that’s really cool you have plenty of adjustment for to sit
the way you want it this is very very good that you can customize sit the way
you want and it’s much more easy to use as in other cars it’s much more faster
to do it in the manual mode then in the electric mode for example in the
materials that last my chilis I was quite complicated to use it without
those thousand buttons there in the back electric you have to wait for the seat
so manually it’s much more easier there to adjust it and much more faster than
yes it’s fancy to have it electric but Oh manually I think it’s much more
faster much more easy and in time it lasts longer because you don’t have to
change all that motors that help you to fall down the seats and stuff like that
so anyway manually it’s it’s much more faster and electrically so I kind of
recommend it to have it manually in the car it’s much much better anyway so
let’s go inside guys to show you how much space you have so actually I will
close this trunk as well so there will be a realistic tester with me in the
back so you can see how my space I have there so let’s fold back
to sit and then right now here is the here is the place where you can adjust
the way you want it to sit so I will put this it a little bit in the front so for
example like I think now you have enough space there on the legs I will go inside
so you can see enough space and then we will go in the back to see how much real
space we have in the back for example if I have to carry seven people like me
around 173 centimeter one metre 73 so that you can make an idea how tall I am
so see the space so going in the back here in the right side the positions we
have and also an LED up here the position in the back here it’s not so
bad until now and not the best position but not so bad you can see I still have
plenty of space in the right side and also in the left side I have kind of
four fingers there I think yeah just like that and then my head space also
two fingers I have two fingers up here so the space is pretty okay
not for long trips but it’s pretty good maybe for kids it’s much more better but
you still have a window there where you can watch on the window and you still
have cup holder and it’s not so bad it’s better than not in other cars but yeah
it’s not so comfortable position I have to tell you but you can drive you can be
here without any problem you can you can stay here in the back for short trips no
but the tricky thing is to go out of the car it’s kind of complicated it’s not so
easy to go out from the car but yeah it’s normal for a 7 seater car not all
the car that have 7 seed are almost similar so
changes here and there I think it’s about what do you like also I like the
fact that we can customise the seat all the way back and see now once it sits
all the way back and the other seats are kind of straight so let’s put it all the
way back now and you can see the difference and let’s
fold this seat all the way back so right now they’re all the way back and I guess
you are like in the sofa home a little bit on the back in the relaxing position
so just like that if you see if you understand what I mean I like this
position I like these cars that you have able to do it like that
plenty of leg space there down there here in the middle you have two
cupholders and also a space for your phone and for your things there in the
middle very useful I like that very much as well and then very good quality on
the seat you can see we have here in the middle letter combination and then in
the middle kind of not sure I don’t think it’s Alcantara with something like
Alcantara in the middle but not sure I’m really not sure and the seats are really
really soft not not really super soft but they’re a little bit softer than in
the sport car so the comfort should be better for long trips and I think it’s
better I choice those seats I don’t like the hard seeds because you
will have pain in your ass after you try maybe 1000 kilometer here you have been
12 volt port and a space there in the middle I like the fact that you have a
little stamp there in the middle so you can stay without problem big window here
nice view kind of big I see bigger than that and then also on the doors we have
very good quality here on the tour not sure what’s this material but it
feels like leather kind of leather here on the upper side of the door they
we have leather hundred percent down here with stitches and then we have some
wood insertion I like this quote I like the way it looks here the finishing on
the doors are really awesome the quality on the doors it’s super nice also a lot
of space here in the floor and in the storage we have Meridian speakers they
look also nice with that chrome design around there so the doors quality it’s
awesome and the design it’s also very nice in my opinion a seat you already
see it we will go inside now to see the space here in the back so the space on
my legs it’s quite big a big huge space I can stretch my legs without any
problem there so under the front seats so I like the space I give it a tent for
the space on my legs and for the space on my head another 10 they do a great
job I have to tell you I like it I like it very much great job with the space in
the back here we have an LED light also handle hooks great quality on the roof
visibility it’s gorgeous on the roof there you can see on this glass it’s
awesome really really awesome and then yeah of course of course I have a very
very nice position here and I feel really comfortable on those seats
actually in the middle a lot of space as well on my legs even I can stay with my
legs together you can see three people can fit here without any problem in the
back even for long trips I’m 100% sure three people here in the back it’s much
better than in the other course I have to tell you a lot of space
great job Land Rover I love this discovery support I love the space here
in the back I like very much the glass roof and also the
quality of the interior it’s gorgeous like all the Land Rover the interior
it’s fantastic I have to tell you that this is my opinion so anyway we’ll go in
the front now to show the rest of the car yeah so let’s go in the front guys to show you the front door so actually
the door in the front I like it much more you have a bigger window here so we
have great visibility the same great quality on the doors on the upper side
as in the back not sure what is this material but it’s look like a letter I’m
not sure but it’s it’s feel really good and it also look nice the buttons here
for the windows electric windows also for the mirror and we have leather we
have the same wood insertion there speaker 2 speakers on the poor Mary the
end speakers a lot of storage space in the door we have the save in position
for electric seats so the door have soft material almost everywhere so it’s
really good quality at the entrance we have discovery logo there on the plastic
and then we have electric seats you see it before can adjust it away in one and
so it’s kind of cool also for the passengers as well then the pedals are
normal here you can open the trunk you can use the contrast on the display we
have the electric handbrake button and then the same great quality also here
that we have on the upper side of the doors I think it’s leather maybe yeah
kind of different also the seats the same as in the back the same design also
here in the front we have more like a side support
when in 12:40 but the material is also something nice and you touch it it’s
very good for long trips that’s for sure then what I want to show
you is the dashboard here guys we have some vents pretty interesting little
vents here in the middle on the upper side we have rubber all over the
dashboard in Robert soft material we have the head of this pattern in the
front speaker I will show you in the moment also I like the simple design of
the dashboard under the visibility from the driver point of view it’s amazing
also good visibility in the windows in the mirrors as well and even the car
have reversed camera so you don’t have to worry where when when you park the
car you have plenty of space you can see also from the from the driver point of
view also big mirror here great visibility in the back as well and then
up here we have some LED lights then we have two buttons for SOS and service and
all that stuff even the buttons for the roof we have a glass support I like that
very useful good quality on the roof as well and then also here we have a mirror
a bulb light interesting I didn’t expect to have normal bulb light I expect to
have LED lights there I don’t know why they chose to add it we have some wood
insertion on the dashboard and the same great quality and then under here we
have the glow box it’s that’s not so big but it’s quite
okay because you have plenty of space here in the middle also good quality on
the armrest and then down here we have two USB port the SIM card port and it’s
kind of awesome here that you have those USB port or sort
more than a lot of space here also up here you have two cupholders and the
interesting fact is when you don’t use these cup holders like I don’t use I
never use maybe one time in life I used the cupholders you can take it out and
you have plenty of space here in the middle where you can put your stuff so
that’s very very nice that can customize that center center console here great
quality on the side the same quality as on the dashboard same material like on
the dash there I’ll show you also glossy plastic here nice stick I
like this stick is the same like on the BMW the hall this one it’s look nice
it’s real nice also yeah plenty of space there for your
phone another USB port if you want to charge your phone or you wanna use it in
the front then I like all the glossy part here everything it’s on the screen
on the display I will show you a little bit later all that buttons and all the
way it showed is chromatic system here we have the navigation system in the
multimedia system I like the screen it’s a no great
position the start/stop button there in the middle also I think you already see
it in my other videos guys if you didn’t see it just check out my other videos
with a Landrover I have all the models all the new models
on my channel so you can check it out if you’re interested and seeing other
models as well and other cars as well just if you’re new here you can
subscribe to my channel and then yeah don’t forget to check out my other
videos so this is one of the best a multimedia system on the market it’s
very simple to use you have all the shortcuts down there so you can use it
as a touchscreen you have great resolution great colors it’s very
responsive the hardware behind it the software they did a great job with them
also the navigation it’s super awesome you can see here
it’s almost instantaneous when you when you put your fingers there it worked
perfectly so no complaining at all one of the best on the market so also the
map are updated and it’s kind of awesome you have plenty of customizable option
here you have two cameras you have also the music telephone navigation the
sensors parking sensors and all that stuff I don’t want to go into detail too
much right now the steering wheel it’s awesome
and also in the front there you have digital display out you’re also a little
bit later but the steering wheel it’s fantastic great quality the leather and
also you have this touchscreen buttons there in the left in the right
I like the way they do it this this kind of signature Landrover signature with
those are staying those are amazing I like those seats I stay in those seats
so for a few minutes and I feel really good sitting on them they are fantastic
I have to tell you guys the quality of the seats are awesome also the position
of driving it’s super great have great position from driver point of view and
as expected they do a great job also look at the quality of the materials on
the stick right here quality it’s awesome we have like Chrome there great
job they did a great great job now I want to show you the cockpit and the
multimedia system as well and then we will end up this video in my opinion
this is one of the most beautiful SUV in 2019 great design a lot of new
technology beautiful lines and yeah I think you get the point
this is my opinion about the car if I recommend this car yes why not if you
have the morning just go and buy it you will not regret
it for sure also here is the key guys you can open
the trunk just pressing the button but yeah behind the trunk it was a something
there and the trunk doesn’t wanna open but anyway you can open it automatic
from there you can also open the lights from here from the key how cool is that
it’s just press the key and the light it will open look how cool is that and we
have those new technology following LED lights high beam automatic super cool
one of the best technology on on the market today and also you can lock the
car we have folding mirrors and all that stuff as expected and then anyway yeah
here I try a little bit I don’t understand why it is why this trunk tour
doesn’t wanna work so I just try to close it to show you that it’s really
working to close it and open it but anyway I don’t want to go too much into
detail with this tour but thank you so on and try it one more time just see
what’s wrong with it anyway this doesn’t wanna work yeah not sure wise doesn’t
want to work if you know guys just send me your comment and tell me let’s go in
the front let’s show you the digital display also you just have to have the
key right there in the middle if you want to drive this car
it only don’t have to put it nowhere just have to have it in the car then
look at the news digital display it’s awesome one of the best from here you
can adjust the contrast there on the screen just as a tip and then you can
see it you can see the colors you can see the customizable things you can see
the red Ellucian it’s awesome one of the best on
the market and I like it I like the way it looks you can see there on the left
down the speed limit the car can read the speed limit on the street from here
you can control different function on the car on the display right there in
the steering wheel you have this kind of touchscreen buttons right here they are
super awesome they look great they look super fancy
so you just customize the way you want and have the navigation there in the
middle and you have so much customizable things this screen guys it’s very
similar with what I see on the walls wagon the balls lock and have a similar
I’m not sure if they take it one from another or if it’s the same company that
makes those digital screen the cockpit also there is the head-up display you
can see it all the info like navigation like speed like all that stuff I’m not
sure if it’s the same manufacturer that make those active digital cockpits but
they look very similar here in the middle we have post-traumatic system
like I tell you before we have those touch screen buttons and the way it’s
show it’s very fancy if you want to impress someone this is a great car to
do that look how cool its look from the driver point of view and yeah with this
SUV you can impress many people so anyway yeah let’s go back to that is it
all copied and then we will see here all the information and all the customizable
things as I told you it’s very similar with what we see on the walls button so
all that all that information in the left in the right speed barometer and
then we have the navigation in the middle you can customize the way you
want you have to temperature and all that information the
head-up display right here in the front pretty awesome I like it
the colored the resolution the way it moved the hardware behind it and
software it’s super awesome you can also choice what you want to see
in the middle there so yeah I guess those are customizable things here you
have the safety features like adaptive cruise control and all that stuff
and yeah I guess that was all so guys I guess that was all the review with the
new Land Rover Discovery sport 2019 brand-new model I hope you enjoyed I
hope it was helpful the video I know it’s not perfect it’s not easy to speak
like 37 minute without stopping and it’s not easy at all so I hope you enjoy it
anyway I hope it was helpful if you liked it please subscribe to my channel
like it share it thank you very much to all my subscribers I mean a lot for me
also thank you for watching my video guys if you have question please feel
free to send me all your question and your feedbacks I really read all the
message so thank you very much and I guess I see you in the next video guys
don’t forget to check out my other videos and don’t forget to subscribe so
see you soon guys stay safe drive safe and bye you

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  1. I was waiting for reviews of this new Land Rover, a great car. If you can do a test drive please.

    PS. you're good at talking for 30 minutes

  2. "I don't like the hard seats, you will have pain in your ass…" 😅 He's direct, I like that

    Great, comprehensive review. If I could afford it, I would definitely buy it based on this review.

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