New Toyota COROLLA Touring GR Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

New Toyota COROLLA Touring GR Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I’m right here at Toyota and I have a very interesting car it’s a
brand new car that come today right here and it’s the new Toyota Corolla Touring
GR Sport and today I will make a full review for you guys I try to go in the
interior exterior I try to show you as many detail as possible and for short I
want to tell you a few words that the car it’s really beautiful I love the
exterior design I like the technology and also its it has a lot of space in
the trunk much bigger space than the small brother hatchback the Corolla
hatchback and let’s do it we have the new rims and a few new things on the car
let’s do it let’s let’s make this this review guys and I hope you enjoy it if
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channel also we have on the key this button so when you press this button
usually the the car have this automatic lift gate on the trunk and also when you
push it back it should close so just press it up and then the car will close
the trunk guys so anyway first time let me start with the exterior of the car
and I will I will try to go a little bit around the car guys to show you every
single detail as I told you before the car come with these new rims right here
so we have 18 inch rims and they look super super beautiful also ventilated
brake discs right there we have black with this chrome design combination in
my opinion they look very nice and they fit super nice with the car they fit
perfectly they did a great job with a design that’s for sure
I really like the design and I like this combination of
white with black on the roof so the car it’s white it’s a beautiful white it’s
kind of I will told you I will tell you a little bit later the color inside it’s
not kind of white it’s kind of white grey like that but it’s very very
beautiful by the way guys if you are from Switzerland you can come at Emil
Frei right here in Bern they have amazing cars and you can test drive it
here you can see it and also you can see the cars right here anyway we have two
liter engine hybrid right here on the car and I will show you a little bit
later the information of the car but first time let me go around the car to
show you a little bit the car the way it looks the front design the full LED
light to come come the car come with the full LED lights the newest tech
technology from Toyota also six parking sensors in the front as well as in the
back beautiful design here we have also LED light on the fog lamps and pretty
nice I like that the grille is really really big
you can see also on the number plate Corolla gear sport behind this logo here
we have the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake and all that
cool future safety future these days also what can I say I like very much the
design there in the middle of the windscreen we have the camera for
reading the traffic signs the traffic speed limit and also help for the lane
assist so pretty good I think I show you everything around here you can see also
the shape in the front it’s very similar with the the hatchback version I like a
lot this this down here this part down here they had
this plastic right here with some glossy glossy black there it looks also very
nice the mirrors look also great as you can
see here I will show you a little bit later we have right here the blind spot
technology right here on the mirror they are big and you have a great great
visibility also keyless entrance in the car you just have to press here put your
finger there in the car its luck when you want to unlock it you just open the
door and then the car it’s on lock so pretty awesome also the quality on the
doors is great you can hear when when the door is closed it’s a nice nice
sound also here on the left side we have this tank but I think you have to open
it from the interior of the car if I’m not wrong around here let me see where
you were where you are it’s not here I don’t know where is this button to open
the front here or the light usually it should be here the trunk and the gas
yeah pretty strange I don’t know where is the button to open that why I don’t
know that anyway anyway guys let me go in the back I like
the windows this time they are so big and you have such a great visibility we
will go inside and I will show you also around the windows we have some black
mat rubber here around the windows it looks also nice also on the roof guys
you can add some extra luggage there an extra trunk up there on the roof all
black and also the spoiler here in the back it’s all black and it’s looking
very nice on the car we have the brake lights LED lights there as well
pretty nice design here in the back as well we have six parking sensors on the
car as well as in the front right here you can see the parking sensors and also
I like very much this design of the bumper in the back those sharp edges
sharp lines also some light reflector right here for the cars that come from
the back it is very useful in the night those light reflectors I like the
exhaust pipes right here in the right side and also this glossy glossy plastic
down there the air diffuser looks beautiful really really nice the car
looks fantastic on the exterior I like it very much the exterior design also
you can see the gr hybrid logo here on the side have the Corolla on the other
side and also a lot of sharp edges sharp lines here and there that they look
fantastic even up here I like it very much the way they design the car the
Toyota logo we have the camera here in the back and also LED lights on the
number plate so pretty awesome I don’t know about you guys but I like the car
very much I like the lines if you look from here from the side design the lines
of the car are phenomenal they look super super nice
really nice design yeah you can see it also from the side here and from the
front again guys you can see the the bumper down there it’s quite interesting
it’s like a big mouth the grille it’s looking like a big mouth
and also I like the glossy plastic down there it looks super super nice let me
open up a little bit the lights for you the blinker skies and also the light
from here I wanna I just want to show you the LED lights in the back they look
super nice guys look at this so they look very very good I like the
way the design come there also the blinkers you can see there in the images
to make an idea about this yeah not bad let me go here also here we have just a
little bit LED lights on the mirror right there the mirrors are in black
they look very nice as well then here in the front we have this daylight LED I
think you can see it flickering and then the blinkers right there in the middle
they also look very nice I like the way they look
yeah anyway let me go let me close this also the handle on the doors look how
cool is the handle how cool is to open it and let me close that guys and I want
to give you a few information about the car the price and all that stuff so we
have here the Toyota Corolla touring sports and then you see this is the
basis the basis model but this right here with me is not this one
but the starting price for the engine with 1.2 liter turbo with four-cylinder
160 horsepower it’s at around 27,000 2 francs and this model right here that is
with me the Corolla gr s sport tourer it’s 2-liter engine hybrid 184
horsepower 4-cylinder and also all this option that you see right here are on
the car and the price of this car it is with the discount because you have some
discounts here if you come at a mid Frey you have the price thirty-nine thousand
francs thirty-nine thousand friends for this car also here you can see the
information the car it’s a hybrid milled so it
doesn’t have an extra engine here I will show you in the moment also it’s in the
a-class that’s something that I like so let me open the the Franck and let me
show you the engine I’m sure most of you are interested and seeing the engine let
me see I don’t remember where was that I think here not not here where I where
are you man where is this I really don’t remember
where where is this dick right here to open office I think I’d do the point
actually many more words this one it’s right here in the middle yes I find it I
find it so actually this one right here it is manually so you have to to put
something there but anyway let me show the engine guys here so here is the
engine yeah for most of you nothing interesting just this big
battery here that you can see it right here in the middle also there is the
fuse box we have the air filter here and there in the left side you have the
coolant for the brakes and all that stuff but anyway for most of you not so
important but I just show you maybe you’re curious how those engines look
like so right now guys let me go in the back as you see we have automatic lift
gate in the trunk right here the quality feel very well and it’s
looking very nice here are the buttons up here
other than that we have this plastic way our handle to close it manually we have
this part here protection for the trunk that stay fixed up there and we have a
huge trunk a very very long trunk guys here a lot of space in the trunk I have
to tell you I’m really impressed it’s much more space in this Corolla tour
than in the normal corrala also we have some aluminium here good quality also
plenty of space right here in the left side in the right side we have a 12 volt
port here guys we have the handles to fold down the seats I think you already
see it before I will show you later also this protection for the trunk yeah
you can pull it like that I pulled it off of course you can take it out if you
want to carry bigger items and also I like the fact it’s all flat here so we
have a flat floor here at the entrance in the car so pretty pretty cool here
under the floor here guys it is another huge huge space where you
can put a spare tire or wherever you want to put it it is a very deep space
and huge I don’t know how can I show you that
can see my hand it’s almost half of my hand down there it’s quite interesting
and the cool fact is that you can put this also under there so if you want to
put it under let’s let me put this camera a little bit up there so you can
take this out and you can put it on there so you still have you can win much
more space here in the trunk and you can see you have like 10 centimeter here
pretty awesome that you can adjust this this part down here at this floor you
can adjust it the way I want it and also down there you still have a space where
you can put your stuff it’s really hard because this is very long it is a very
long trunk we have hooks they’re aluminum hooks great quality great job
Toyota I think if you did a great job with this with this car in my opinion
it’s really awesome let me show you how easy is to fold down the seats you just
have to pull this up bomb the seats are down just like that guys look at this
really really awesome and look look at these guys everything it’s flat there
you have a flat floor a huge huge space here we can carry mobile parts fridges
and stuff like that really nice and like that
great job Berta I’m really impressed with it and now now guys you have a
beautiful car exterior car it’s really beautiful and it’s very practical as
well so it looks super sporty and I like it very much also with the tinted
windows in the back it looks phenomenal you have a big entrance here in the car
I like the entrance very much also you can see there inside the car here I wish
it was LED light they are only applied maybe she was already but other than
that look at this huge space flat floor amazing space here in the interior guys
and also you still have plenty of space on the legs down there you have a little
little step not like in other cars for Budi we have a bigger step there in this
one we have a almost flat one and it’s it’s cool to have so much space there
even on the legs so really impressive I like that here we have some plastic
here on the side but if we fold back the seats guys you can see that you have
this side support leather here so you don’t have to worry too much about that
now let me close the trunk guys press the button and then we will go inside to
show you the space in the interior so let me go here guys let me fold back to
sit it’s very simple to fold it back just put it in and ready here in the
middle we have a center armrest two cupholders leather very good quality I
like that very much to be honest also you cannot open up only the middle
part so like for example carries keys and stuff like that you have to you have
to pull it all the way down the seats but that’s not a big problem so let me
go on the other side to close the door so I just like that
and I want to show you also the doors are made the windows here in the back
are made from two parts because in this way you can fold down the window all the
way down this window will stay fixed but this one you can fold it all the way
down here in the back the quality it’s it’s good so it’s soft material all over
here is soft material so not like in the in the gr hatchback in the Corolla
hatchback here you have soft material in the back as well you can see also the
stitches right here the red stitches look fantastic the handle nice soft
material down here on the on the armrest also you can see the stitches here the
button look nice a little bit of chrome there the head
some storage space here not so big storage space kind of small but you have
the speaker down there as well so first time before I go inside the
back I want to go in the front and I want to adjust this seat what you did a
little bit cold outside it’s a nice day but cold I just let me adjust it in my
position yes just like that this is kind of my driving position but I put it a
little bit in the back for the toll people so that the toll people know how
much space you have in the back as well so now let me go inside guys right here
and behind the front seat it’s leather all over it’s leather storage here here
we have two vents they feel nice but I wish you were some USB ports down there
it’s not unfortunately but yeah I guess I can live without that I like this here
this step it’s almost invisible so you can go in the middle very easily oh let
me close the door and you can immediately see that here is a lot of
traffic a lot of cars driving around here trucks and stuff and you can see
how silent it is inside the car so the insulation is pretty good not bad here
you have a handle a hook the roof quality is not the best I can say medium
stuff like that but look at the space guys look how much space I have on my
legs huge space on my legs you can see in the front the position of the seats
this is my driving position this is kind of much more in the back I don’t know
who stay like that but anyway huge space on my legs I can stretch my legs a
little bit in the front there also on my head
plenty of space on my head great job Toyota I like that
the visibility I don’t even need to tell you guys fantastic visibility also
because of this window here in the back you have a great visibility Headroom
plenty Headroom pretty good job also they are very comfortable those seats
let me go in the middle I go very easy because of the invisible step
there kind of four fingers here stretch my arms almost stretch my arms almost
there three people here no problem even for long trips so Wow good job good job
also on the head you see it on my knees you can see here this is my driving
position and this is the other one that it’s way way too much in the back so you
can stay with my legs together just like that
something that you cannot do in other cars in this class to be honest leather
here great quality armrests then you can see the center console it’s kind of
simple they can make it a little bit more complicated but you have everything
you need right there anyway the dashboard it’s nice a lot of great
quality there it’s leather it stitches nice design I like the design I like the
steering wheel and you can see for yourself also the speakers on the dash
the multimedia system everything it’s gorgeous
let me go in the front actually as a passengers in the back I never liked
those sports seats because you don’t have such a good visibility there in the
front anyway you look on the window so this is my crazy ideas let me go in the
front to show you the rest of the car I like also the doors the way they closed
they sound so nice look at this door look at this door how big it is look at
the windows how big it is so huge windows that way they have to make two
parts because it’s a really big window and you have a good visibility I have to
tell you because I know also here soft material all over the upper part you can
see the stitches then you have also here soft material
the same as in the back and then have the handle chrome you have those buttons
electric windows electric adjustable mirrors right here pretty cool
much more space here as in the back and also we have this glossy plastic right
here with some chrome design that looks pretty nice the G air logo G R right
here with some aluminum look very nice had the entrance in the car immediately
you feel like you are in a special car right here in a sport one Manuel
adjustable seat guys you can see it from here you see it before I just adjusted
but the seats they look gorgeous gorgeous look at them look at them we
have this gr special seat we will get the stitches look at this insertion
aluminum or its plastic here what it look like like a chrome design then we
have leather with red stitches nice white fabric material also here all the
middle part is fabric material but you know what guys I find out something I
have a lot of experience with the car cars and I find out that’s these public
materials are very comfortable to be honest I find some of them very
comfortable even for long trips anyway here we have all that buttons for the
lights for example for the fog lamps this is for opening the trunk
traction control heated steering wheel and the parking sensors I want to go
inside because it’s kind of cold outside all right and much more the noise is not
so big inside the car I like also dead speaker there look how nice they did it
nice in terrace and design of glossy plastics and another speaker around
there then we have the van the head-up display right there guys the car come
with the head-up display another speakers on the other side and all this
dashboard it’s soft whatever soft very good quality here and you can see you
have this which is also here soft material
everywhere it’s soft material I like that even down here it’s soft material
stitches everywhere on the – very good quality – down here to the star stop
engine button down here we have plenty of space a lot of space in the glovebox
really to be honest it’s quite big then going down a little bit here we have
heated seat guys you can hit your seats with these buttons and also here come
charging for your for your phone wireless charging that’s another cool
stuff I like the way they combine the doors with the dashboard pretty awesome
also the vents not bad they feel they feel quite good as you touch it not bad
at all big windows great visibility around the windows you can see for
yourself right now that you have a lot of good visibility around the car what I
told you in the back there they make that window but I find out that those
are the best car the cars in this class look Wow how big is this mirror whoa oh
my god it’s really big this mirror impressive you can see your kids in the
back as well not only the the window it’s quite big window big mirror here
and I like it I like that also here you can see the mirror and also a normal
bulb light I wish it was only LED lights inside the car why they put those boat
rides too bad about that but I don’t care too much
here it’s SOS button guys yeah what you know I told you this is the armrest you
can adjust it back front open up you have there an USB port and
12 volt port very useful I like that and big space here where you can put your
stuff glossy plastic I like the glossy plastic two cupholders
electric handbrake auto hold perfect all I need in a car and also here is the
stick for changing the gear automatically here
we have the driving mode Evvie you can change the driving mode from
this stick here you can go an AV mode and stuff like that here’s the button
for AV mode here you go in sport comfort echo stuff like that
anyway very nice other than that here is plastic around here if you want drink
what is that let me go a little bit in the back here guys going up a little bit
here we have the climatic system that means press the button here we have the
climatic system I will show you in the moment we have some vents here
integrated between the multimedia system and automatic system the blinkers button
and I don’t need music right now please not now
all right then I like the glossy plastic insertion with the chrome design a
little bit on the dash there the steering wheel it’s gorgeous I like this
thing with very much you can see the stitches here you can see how good it’s
made with red stitches the buttons right here to adjust different function on the
cockpit for example and also here on the other side we have the cruise control
Lane Assist adaptive Christmas is this out of my emergency brake and all that
stuff changed different modes from here I’ll show in the moment but the steering
wheel it’s it’s quite nice it’s really good good quality all right guys the
seats are also comfortable and I like the fact that they have this side
support their sporty seat and they feel good being inside here let me go a
little bit to this multimedia system already make a review with it if you
want to see the full review with this multimedia system check out on my
channel this is the home screen here you have the navigation and you can
customize the way you want it for the multimedia system telephone come of
connection here you go to menu menu is the most important because in the menu
you find everything every application and everything you need you find it here
so if you go to application here you can connect your car to the the phone and
you can connect here you have this in car a store you can connect to the
internet to take all that stuff you can activate this part device link and then
you can connect your phone to the car to the multimedia system and then you have
the Google map and all that stuff right here on the screen but I don’t want to
go into detail then you have here you have the navigation you can choice
different stuff then you have the audio telephone I’m not going to go in detail
as well then you have here the settings those are the most important here you
can change even the language if you want right now it’s in English you can
customize the home screen from here you can change the voice recognized
preference service Toyota online beep anyway then while and stuff like that
using you need to make sure you can change this how you want to see it
bah-bah-bah anyway then you go to bluetooth and connect to bluetooth or
with your phone voice then you have navigation Wi-Fi smart device Lync
online and stuff like that I don’t want to go too much into detail I just want
to show you briefly like that and then going forward here you have all the
information about the car trip information energy flow history
blah blah blah anyway go back to menu and I guess display information right
here the camera for example in the back and customizing colors and stuff like
this and then yeah then you have the audio you have shortcut button also here
for example you go directly to the map you just press this button and here on
the side setup and phone also from here it’s very simple to use we have the GPL
sound system inside this car and it’s gorgeous
it’s it’s gorgeous sound the navigation guys you can see it has no lag at all
to be honest it’s work just fine it’s just perfect it’s not my Terrace or
Aldi but it is perfect you have the tank gas station all that stuff wrong there
so pretty nice I like that I like that very much
now let me show you this pneumatic system right here you can see you have a
screen kind of digital screen where you can adjust the different section fast
eco you have all that stuff dual chromatic system blah blah blah turn it
off good now one of the cool stuff on this
car is the new digital display right there on the screen something that I
like it very very much to be honest guys now here you can customize all that
stuff and on the screen you can see all the information out there those on the
side here are standard classic where you see the 200 meter and also on the side
the gas tank and the how much temperature you still have on the car
and yeah what can I say you can customize from here you go here but tell
me I have to start the engine first down the kids right here with me I just put
the contact and I started and you can see right there in the middle you have
all kind of information guys also on the screen there on the left side up you
have this how much speed you can drive you can read the speed limit you can
customize the middle part you can see here the lane assist and all that safety
system blind spot the parking sensors and head-up display oh yes I don’t know
if you can see the head of this play guys I
almost forget about it but why head-up display wait a second the problem with
the head-up display is that you cannot see that the brightness is not so good
but it’s great it looks super super nice let me let me try to close a little bit
of brightness to see if you’re able to see it maybe you are you can see it
right now yes you can see it I think it is an option somewhere around here to
make it brighter I think you can see it there in the middle yeah you can see it
anyway it look nice it’s perfect on the windscreen it’s the same as on the BMW
for example or each other so you have a great great visibility you have the
speed limit you have the traffic the speed and all that stuff pretty awesome
anyway here you can the car can read all that stuff those are the safety settings
right here pretty awesome let me go left you have here all the information about
the the distance how much you drive and the battery how much the Commish battery
is still in the car because it’s a mailed hybrid so you have a battery that
helped the engine to consume less this car have a great consumption that’s a
really good consumption around three point to be honest around three point
five for their here against the consumption but the consumption it is it
was big because the the engine was really cold and they drive just a little
bit the car has only in ninety eight kilometer but if you drive normal the
consumption it’s awesome anyway you can customize the car in different ways just
like that you have all the information there the screen it’s it’s pretty pretty
awesome also you have all that buttons for the lane assist you can see it
appear on the screen every time we touch those buttons right now and we are in
the AV mode so actually to be honest guys right now the engine it’s start but
you hear nothing because they start the car starting every mode here is the
camera you have a back camera around the car also six parking sensors in the
front in the back great great visibility from the driver
point of view I will make a test drive with this car as well guys if you want
to see a test drive just please let me know also from this button driving mode
you can change the driving mode normal comfort echo and then you have sports
mode you have Sport Plus s and you have custom weather we will leave it in the
echo and then you have the AV mode button right here so if I if I put press
this button guys let me just like that let me try to every move alright pretty
awesome the engine right now guys to be honest right now we close it if you
press one more time just like that you can see that beautiful coral a logo come
on the screen and also here it’s a Toyota and all that stuff so it is
pretty pretty awesome anyway guys I think you make an idea about the car I
hope you really really enjoyed this review guys I hope it was helpful for
you I like the car very much if the car has this electric seat was better and
also I wish it was LED light inside the car but other than that beautiful design
a lot of space inside a lot of great quality given on the door soft material
almost everywhere the price it’s it’s great you see it before you know Toyota
make fantastic cars and engine this engine it’s it’s gorgeous
you know to have fantastic hybrid engines that they are lasting very very
long time I’m not trying to make an advertising but this is the true
you know everybody know that Prius was one of the best car out there with many
years and many thousands of kilometers you know the taxi drivers all over the
world have the Toyota Prius because the consumption because of the the the
engine was was Soria reliable and you don’t have to go all the time in service
with it but anyway guys I really hope you enjoy the review please subscribe to
my channel if you want to see more of those videos I have plenty of other
review check out on my channel also check out the other Corolla gear sport
hatchback if you want to see it I have it on my channel the next will come a
test drive with the coil Toyota Corolla this year hatchback or maybe tourer I
don’t know maybe we touch back I will make a test drive but stay stay with
eyes on my channel if you want to see it comment down below tell me what you
think about that I want to hear your feedbacks and thank you for watching
don’t forget to subscribe guys it will mean a lot for me and thank you very
much for watching again see you soon stay safe drive safe bye guys you

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  2. I would like to hear about new option which is available with GR sport trim and that is the new adaptive suspension. If it´s noticeable when comparing sport and comfort mode and if its price as an option is justified?

  3. Wow…. I wish I have the money to order one right away…. But hopefully… One day, not so long from now…. #Africa, Accra-Ghana….

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  5. Hi!!! What a amazing surprise !! Good video!. I'm following the 180 ST advance, but this GR version looks like even better. Is it avaliable with sunroof? Regards from Spain

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