Nike | Sport Changes Everything, Chicago-Style

Nike | Sport Changes Everything, Chicago-Style

Let me get one
Chicago Style! Poppyseed bun. Yellow mustard. Extra heart. Extra hustle. Make it a combo. Jordan, Pippen. Six Rings. Which inspired a bunch
of ring chasers. Make it hard-nosed. Defensive minded. Never sugar coated. Now, add some homegrown
ingredients, with a side of purpose. Chopped white onions. No such thing
as a snow day. No such thing as fair-weather
fans either. Order up! Add some extra
inspiration, for the next
generation. Extra tough. Substitute can’t, with could. Now, add a little
home town flavor. Raw. Grit. Smashmouth. With a side of hit
you in the mouth. Hold the
talking. Substitute it
with actions. Add some
hard work. Then make it
a double! Hold the disrespect! Substitute the
bad headlines for the good ones. Add a dash
of swagger. Southside. Northside. Westside. We come at ya
from all sides! Don’t forget! We’ll run you over
like a mac truck. Hold the excuses and obviously, hold
the ketchup. Chicago-Style. ♪

12 thoughts on “Nike | Sport Changes Everything, Chicago-Style

  1. This is my new favorite commercial. It displayed our diversity and everyone was represented. My favorite part was when the commentater said "Substitute the bad headlines for the good ones". That really hit close to home for me. I love our City!

    Checks over strips!✔️

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