Nueva fuente Mundo Dragon Ball para Kodi

Nueva fuente Mundo Dragon Ball para Kodi

Hello again Infonauta, welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva … this time I bring you a new source thanks to the subscriber thanks to the Infonaut Daniel Aramendi who is the creator of world dragon ball this time I bring you the new source of this creator … interesting right? We begin … good first of all clarify that this address I leave in the description of the video as I always do once you have entered inside that logically I have it open in an internet browser but you can use this source directly to add it inside your Kodi multimedia center as we have already explained many times first of all you see gives us 6 different sections the 1st section: international addons offers us several addons precisely at the international level Pretty interesting, do not you think? in the 2nd section we have national addons where you can observe practically all are in Spanish or in Latin it really does not have any waste this source … thank you Daniel again for sending me this address I think it’s a very good contribution to the community The 3rd section: repositories how do you see offers large number of repositories of which we have already talked about quite a few of them but there are many others that we have not yet tried and they are quite interesting in the wizard section as you see we are a lot of wizards … remember that I have a specific playlist for wizards of Kodi I remind you that the wizard are packages that when installed logically we must install them with a completely empty Kodi check out the videos in which I explain and then completely remodel the multimedia center … It is very important to clarify that some of them as it happened with the wizard world dragon ball by Daniel Aramendi it allowed us to do a remodeling not only of the multimedia center but also to ensure that we had practically configured all the aspects and all dependencies from our Kodi multimedia center the penultimate section: addons programs and plug-ins etc. it does not have any waste since at the beginning as you see there is a series of plug-ins that are essential and then we find a series of scripts that are also necessary for the proper functioning of many accessories of which we have already spoken on the channel and last but not least we have a section called apks … the apk as you know are the applications for Android devices so here we find 4 applications quite interesting and quite useful for those who use Android devices how you see is a very renewed source, it is a new source support and created by the creator worth the redundancy of the world dragon ball in this case many thanks to Daniel Aramendi again for sending me this address … Well that’s it thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks thanks for subscribing and for activating the notification bell … thank you very much for your comments and for your Likes … see you in a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva … See you soon Infonaut …

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  1. Ami el addon no me funciona se instala y aparece todo pero a la hora d darle donde dice entra y disfruta al meterme no salen los episocios esta. Vacio

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