O que acontece se expulsarmos o goleiro no DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2019

O que acontece se expulsarmos o goleiro no DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER 2019

Another video for the channel, and today I decided to do one more
experience in Dream League Soccer 2019, It’s been a long time since I’ve made videos like this,
so I decided to bring this time, today we will try to expel the goalkeeper from the game, let’s see what happens, will be that the goal was empty,
or will the game make a mistake, I believe too that the game will give error,
but let’s talk about this soon, If you guys like the channel, know how to make videos
so much work, so for what
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Let’s try to kick the keeper, I’ll give a cart on my
opponent with a line player, before he gets the card I will
replace him by goalkeeper, This is an easy way.
to kick the keeper, since the game lets you change players
even knowing that he will be expelled, let’s try again,
is very fast, we could do a foul from behind,
I think now will be expelled, let’s see if Cristiano Ronaldo will be sent off, was not expelled, It is very difficult to receive
card in this game, more a lack behind,
now yes it will be expelled, I already changed the player, Our player has been expelled and now
Let’s see how our goalkeeper is, does not have any players on goal,
can see that I’m controlling the camera, does not have any players here, I’ll press the
kick and see what happens, the camera went up however
nothing happened, I’ll wait to finish the second.
time to see what happens, the game was already for
have finished long ago it’s been more than half an hour since the game
is running and nothing happened, but let’s continue
with our experiences, This time we will expel the goalkeeper in
a penalty and we’ll see what happens, this was the only bid that
I managed to expel my player, the first cart did not catch the player,
but the second took it straight from behind, here was not as I was expelled, I took a look at the replay for
not exchange the wrong player, I’m going to change the player here,
I’m going to put the goalkeeper back, the judge is arguing with him,
he will be cast out, here was to have no goalkeeper,
but still had a keeper, You can see that in the goal
the player is expelled, I’ll wait to hit the penalty.
to see who is on goal, I think it’s Yashin,
can see that it is himself, after the goal we will wait a little
and see if this goalkeeper will continue, let’s play this ball back, can see that we have no goalkeeper,
the goalkeeper was sent off after the penalty, once again I am with the goalkeeper expelled, now I will replace
he and see what happens, he was sent off and there is no one in the goal,
so I’ll replace it here, let’s put another player on goal, can see that I did the replacement, He left there on the other side.
and came charging the goal kick, Let’s see if it will charge …
the game gave a mistake even though I wait the game will not end,
the goalkeeper will stay like this forever, staff can see that nothing happens,
the game always ends up giving error, or ends up happening strange things, but I found it Legal and I solved it
bring this to you, You guys like it
of this style of video, I’ll bring what happens if we evict
the goalkeeper in a penalty shootout, If you liked the video, no
forget to like I like the video, and also subscribe to the channel, may God bless each of you,
until the next video and stay with God, WENT …

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  1. Тут легко карточку получить, сзади по ногам в подкате влететь и всё.

  2. Esse goleiro aí no final do vídeo vai ser expulso do clube, tá enrolando para bater tiro de meta kkkkkkkk

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