FUTURE TRUNKS: I can’t remember how things were before.. FUTURE TRUNKS: My earliest memories are from the inside of Capsule Corp. FUTURE TRUNKS: On the outside FUTURE TRUNKS: The world was falling apart TRUNKS: Those were innocent people! ANDROID 17: There’s no such thing ANDROID 18: I guess we can only be certain once we get rid of every last one of them BULMA: People are dying on the outside from the Androids and on the inside from the heart virus. BULMA: It’s not like things can get any worse than this! TRUNKS: Just teach me how to transform like you, I have to fight! GOHAN: No. You have to train. GOHAN: You almost got yourself killed last time! TRUNKS: You know what, I’d rather die fighting than do nothing! GOHAN: So use that rage, GOHAN: Try it again, but this time think of all the people you should have saved but could not GOHAN: And how that makes you feel! GOHAN: Let it go Trunks! TRUNKS: How am I still so weak?! BULMA: Those monsters have taken everything from us Gohan. ANDROID 18: They created us to kill, then have the nerve to call us the monsters? ANDROID 17: Ha, That’s the best part.


  1. Great job man but anime and love action just doesn't mix well no ,after how well done it is it always turns out kinda cringey but nice editing and camera angles

  2. Why Toel Animation Bloked the DBZ Light of hope film. If you put the in credits all right for Tael Animation and Akira Toriyama.

  3. I'm actually disgusted one of the videos were taken down, why would you ruin a godlike masterpiece like one of the Light of Hope videos?

  4. Imagine if you guys have a budget of a hundred million to a billion dollars. What can u create for the fans?
    might as well remake the entire series into a live action. … from Goku's childhood up until the end of DBZ.

  5. After finally watching this… I really loved the more subtle expressions from Gohan whenever the question of who else would have to die before they finally beat the Androids. It's clear that he knows he's next.

  6. Wow. That whole film was EPIC! Honestly, such a great creative endeavor! I hope you guys take on developing a full feature length film with the DBZ narrative! All the best!

  7. Deberian de sacar muchos capitulos ya me volvi fans de uds por favor son buenisimos. Loa felicito excelente veo dragon ball desde chico y le pegaron duro con estas

  8. I'd love an honest answer to these questions from the creators:
    1. Why did you decide to go with an inaccurate shade of hair color for Bulma and Trunks, when both of those hair colors are easily obtainable?
    2. Why that personality for Goku instead of his actual personality? Sounds like a wise Hawaiian in this.
    These are just some of the things that a fan film, typically caring about source material, should get right, don't you think?

  9. I think the only reason people dislike this is because they want this to be real. I'm actually so surprised, with so many remakes and comebacks, why haven't they given this another shot? This is a huge money maker if done right, I mean so much potential.

  10. Puta vida me dio sida en los putos ojos me cago en sus madres menos mal que akira no les a dado permiso para hacerla me dañaron lo que significa para mi dragon ball z

  11. When ever I’m down in the dumps, I just remember how shit Trunks life is.

    He literally has the best set up for a life. He is the the son of sayin warrior prince vegeta. His mom is the richest person on earth. He has a best friend and mentor in Goten and Gohan, and he’s gifted strength wise, but Trunks always has a shit timeline.

  12. This right here proves we went to the moon….
    It just goes to show u the ingenuity of human beings to achieve unbelievable accomplishments even with extremely limited resources, especially with the tiny budget these guys had compared to that pile of horse shit evolution did.

  13. Hey , Brother You Did A Great Job ! I Am Indian Voice Actor(Fan Dubber) I Dub All Japanese And English Movie Trailer And Movie In Hindi! I Want To Dub This Movie ! Not This Movie But I Want To Dub This Trailer! My Subscribers Where Talking About Your Fan Film ! So I Am Asking You ! Please Reply Your Opinion! 😊

  14. Very nice fan trailor, and with a minimal budget that's like 100x better than that dragon ball evolution nonsense. & nice I like how they went for the future Trunks & Gohan vs the Androids story arch👍

  15. I could not possibly stress it enough on the garbage I watch each week at the cinemas compared to this so how much money do you need you know it's true your fans will send it to you

  16. If this was a Hollywood movie they would've brough Goku from the past because they're scared Trunks/Gohan can carry the movie and they would've ruined this beautiful set-up

  17. I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but whatever

    I dislike it a lot.
    Bulmas hair isn't black in the slightest.

    Ssj gohan and ssj trunks look terrible

    No 18 punch looked weak

    No 18 shirt is wrong too

    I'm definitely not gonna watch it

  18. People walking around, tombstones in their eyes; "All lies." Higher than kites, as their told to "Go fly."

    "You're alive, but look, livin' a deadman's life; self destruction rippling through the air, a "Butterfly Effect." Changing everything."
    "Max Aire, DON'T CARE! All the hate and rage, SEE JOHNNY CAGE."
    "Houston, I think we've got a problem…"
    "People livin' on the edge, one side or the other; depending on the need, the addiction ensues. Drugs, alcohol, sugar, food, love-bombin', or hated "missletroe-lin," we need someone to help us out with a "…." somethin', people can use, WITHOUT cryin' the blues."

    Thought and deliberation, "No sedation, eh?"

    "Look! SOME-ARE-HIGH."
    "Then I will create a MARTIAL LAW."
    "Will it work?"
    "By changing focus, angle the edge, BLADEWALKN' becomes the "BLADERUNNER."
    "Nope, I don't see it happening. It'll NEVER fly."
    "We'll turn their focus INTO an art, call it…"
    "SAMARIA. A Martial Arts fanommina."

    Story Origin Creation: by J.R. Uttley / J.R.U. ENTERPRISES

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