Parc Aboiteau Beach – Cap-Pele NB

Parc Aboiteau Beach – Cap-Pele NB

Hello everybody, this is BouDrone and i just
wanted to do a little intro video before this video by thanking all my subscribers on youtube.
i just hit the above 300 subscribers mark and also would like to thank all my facebook
friends that help me to grow my Bou Drone Video facebook page. i got about 130 likes
now on my page. i didn’t even think i was going to get that much likes. i just started
out for fun last summer and all of a sudden, i’m at 130+ so i’m gonna keep going with Facebook.
So all the videos i do on Youtube, once in a while i put some of those on my facebook
page. Merci a tout le monde qui ont souscrit a mon
canal de Youtube et aussi qui ont aimer ma page de Facebook Bou Drone. J’apprecie ca
beaucoup et j’espere que vous allez continuer a surveiller mes videos.
I hope you’re gonna keep watching my videos and if you have any suggestions , just put
them in the bottom of youtube in the comments. Thank you and Good bye.

10 thoughts on “Parc Aboiteau Beach – Cap-Pele NB

  1. my dear friend. how to explain when words just don't seem enough. think Breath taking would be better.  Congratulations on reaching 300 subs. Wow

  2. Съёмки с плавно летящего дрона замечательные. Прекрасное видео зимнего пейзажа пляжа и плавающих айсбергов. Музыка прекрасно подходит к видео. Tournage en douceur drone volant remarquable. Excellente paysage plage video d'hiver et les icebergs flottants. La musique est parfaite pour la vidéo. ✼ (ღ˘◕ ⌣˘◕ღ) ✼ 300 subs ԑ ̮̑ ♦ ̮̑ɜ ܓ ♥

  3. Congratulations n the subscribers. Love the shots you chose for the intro. You are doing an awesome job on your channel.

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