Rough Surf For Autistic Surfers On A Fun Day

Rough Surf For Autistic Surfers On A Fun Day

– What’s up guys? Welcome to the blog. We’re at the beach! – Yeah! – Abbie’s already covered in sand. Ready to go Abbs? Ready to surf? No, not yet? Okay. A little break. Little break. – She got up super early. We were up for about an hour at six. And then she went back to sleep. – Yeah. – Now it’s so much fun. I love when we see people. Okay. So we are all registered. So basically what they do, is they give different groups. So Abbie is going to
part of the blue group. And they’ll have like 25
surfers go out at a time. And so you get your color bands. That way you know when you go out. Then they give you lunch,
arm bands and tickets. That’s so you can get
free water all day long. You get free lunch. And it’s all donated
from local restaurants and companies… (lively rock music) (ocean surf sounds) – Bathrooms a little bit of a hike here. – It is. (street crowd sounds) – Forgot the towels Abb. We’re going to have to go back, okay? That’s all we’re doing is walking back to the car. And then back to the beach. Well, I went down to the beach, and I asked Abbie, if she
wanted to go with me or mom? She wanted to go walk to the car. So that’s what we’re doing. So they also have like bounce houses here. The police have their
airboat set up out here. It’s pretty cool. Like a whole exhibit and
county stuff, Flagler County. They always do a really good job. Put on a good show. Invite a bunch of different people out. Like the Pirates. The Pirates are always fun. Are we having a good day? We’re meeting all kinds of people. We’ve probably had like
a dozen subscribers or so come over and say, “Hello.” So that’s really cool. Even some of those Lipstick Mamas from LimeLight came over to say, “Hi”. Yeah, alright. That’s a Model X. Tesla. Father’s Day. You know, just saying. I knew that was going to happen. You just wanted some
air conditioning, huh? That’s okay. We’ll sit here for a minute, then we’ll go back down there. Okay? Abb. Thumbs up. Thumbs up. I can’t see it. Thumbs up. What’s up? Are you ready? You ready to go back? Hey. You ready to go back? No? You want to eat? Girl, you had a big lunch. You ate a lot. You had baked ziti. You had a peanut butter and jelly. Those aren’t even like… I don’t know which one’s the side item. (surfing music) (cheering) (surfing fun sounds) – So one of the really
cool parts about this like the inclusiveness of SFA. – Yeah. – So Damien in the green Rash Guard. Damien is autistic himself. And he started surfing with SFA. How many, he was one of the first surfers. – He was, the first surfer. – And now he comes out and he helps other
people with autism surf. Like he’s helping Abbie right now. – Whoa, there’s a crab. – There’s a crab? – Yeah. – Did it get you? – No, but he could have. (laughing) (ocean wave sounds) (cheering) (surfing music) – Yeah, dude. (cheering – Hey, good job Damien. Great dude. (surfing music) – She did great. – She did. – Can you say thank you to everybody? Turn around. – Say thank you. Can we get a picture? Get a picture with the surfboard. Oh yeah. – Got a smile? Big smile. – Ah, good smile Abb. – Big smile Abb. – Nice – Good job, kiddo. You rocked it. Nice surfing. – Back at the room all cleaned up. (loud clapping) – Get ready for the after party. – Yeah they do like a little dinner party, after party thing after the event. – Ahhh! – At the conclusion of each SFA event. So that’s pretty cool. We get to just hangout. Go eat dinner. Talk to the other families. See our friends, stuff like that. (gentle guitar rock music) – Are you starving? Watching? Watch out for that food to come out. (loud crowds talking) – Watching for the lady
to come bringing it out. – It’s like they need to hurry up. Oh, ice cream. – You excited? – So excited. Best thing to do after dinner. And the feast, huh? Some chocolate ice cream. – There’s a pretty sky over here. – I know. It’s gorgeous, pinks and blues. Abbs, did you have such a great day? Surfing, dinner, music, ice cream. – Uh huh. – Did you have fun today? – We did. – A good day, huh? Rarely Isaiah says, “I had a good day”. It’s always good especially
when it’s not good, It’s not like an Isaiah event. You know. – Yeah, it was fun. – Necessarily. It’s more, we’re happy but, we always have fun as a family. Family, family Abb, super cheesy. Okay guys, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. We’re going back to the room. Bye. – Bye – Abbs, say “Bye”. – Mmmmm. – So stop (surfing splashing sounds)

98 thoughts on “Rough Surf For Autistic Surfers On A Fun Day

  1. Great vlog as usual but I really wish girls wouldn't wear thong bikinis. Especially with alot of young people around.

  2. Hello. I was just watching your videos and it got me wondering, as parents of a teen girl going through puberty, how did you explain/teach her how to take care of herself? Is it still a struggle? is that to personal, idk.

  3. I have a question. First, I absolutely love what SFA does for the kids and adults. It is hard to tell who loves it more!
    So here is my question. I have a lot of experience with Autistic people and developmentally disabled people. I work in healthcare. I have firsthand experienced the uncontrolled hormones that the teenagers or less functioning adults experience. Is wearing a thong around people who might not be able to control or even understand their hormones really appropriate? I do not quite understand this decision that the girl made.

  4. how could you thumbs down this video such a fun day abby smiling and everyone looked so nice another great video

  5. Oh, gosh. I know that you wear sunscreen. But it has to be reapplied, especially after being in water. Every time I watch a SFA video, the burnt Maass skin always jumps out at me. Every time you get a little burnt adds up in the end. Priscilla, take care of your chest and shoulders, not just your (pretty) face.

  6. I randomly stumbled upon your channel but im so glad I did. Im actually a caregiver for people who have different types of disabilities but i make sure they're having the best time they can.i have been able to learn so much from your channel. You guys are doing an amazing job im happy i found your channel.

  7. Love to see her on the beach again. Airco is a great thing, I agree with Abbie.

    Where do you get your music? It sounds great. I would love to use it myself for some projects.

  8. I just discovered your vlogg an.have been watching for 6 hours now. There great. An mude editing skills too btw

  9. Hay guys! Get ready for hurricane Dorian at the weekend it will be hitting Orlando and then travelling up to Jacksonville by Sunday and early on Monday morning. It’s will hit Florida as a supposed category 2 hurricane so just stay safe and be ready for when the store hits… love you guys🥰😍😍😘😘

  10. That sky surely doesn’t look like a hurricane is coming 🙏🏻 stay safe🙏🏻 she’s got her music, she’s a happy girl ❤️

  11. so beautiful watching Abbie enjoy herself so much…and the footage you capture, Asa, is stunning….thank you…love to you all

  12. This is kind of off topic but my mum told me about this sunflower lanyard for kids with autism and other difficulties i think they sell them in local shops and things I'm not sure if they have them in the USA I dont really know what they do but if they do sell them maybe have a look?

  13. Aaawww Yaaay I'm so happy for and proud of Abby! I love seeing and hearing about this! 😊😊💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  14. Is anyone else uncomfortable with the girl in the thong bikini at an event like this? Lol maybe I just don’t go to the beach enough

  15. Not gonna lie mate, you are seriously a patient and understanding bloke, Seriously, a real man, family is always first to you. Love the videos from Australia.

  16. Huge fan of yours abby, you looked like a natural on that surfboard. Seriously, you handled it so graciously, I would have been freaking out!

  17. Asa that was funny, You showing Abbie the motorlex tesla, Abbie get your dad one to put on the shelf in his office, just kidding ..

  18. Love love love your vlogs! Mercy and I watch them together. I keep thinking I should switch her channel over to a vlogging channel similar to yours because we love your style so much. Our life isn’t nearly as interesting though 🤪

  19. I have another question for you guys! Have you ever tried to get Abbie to socialize with kids her own age? Or have y’all come to find that she’s much better off with older kids like Becca and Summer?

  20. This channel is way to weird for me. It feels like you guys are pimping out your daughter for views because she has autism and is conventionally cute. The kissing on the lips is really, really weird and it shows questionable judgement that you put that in your vlogs.

  21. 3:57 to 4:01 the girl who waves and you wave back to went to high school with me and was in the best buddies program I started at my school! She is such a sweet girl! Someday I hope to meet your sweet girl since I live in Florida not far from you!

  22. I’m a newer subscriber and I didn’t know their was so much to autism and the community I love watching the vlogs my absolute favorite thing is when Abby gets excited it makes my heart so happy I also love that she is always asking for food …. I love your family so much

  23. Hey Guys.

    Sorry I didn't watch Yesterdays Video, but it was mostly just an American Football Game, and, to be brutally Honest, I am just not interested, Sorry.

    Ahh the Beach, Abbie's Happiest Place 🙂

    Hey Abbie 🙂 You show that Sand who is Boss!

    I tend to get Up Super Early when I go to the Seaside, as I get too Excited to Sleep! I just have a Nap when we get there.

    Thanks for Explaining how SFA events Work 🙂

    Its lovely how all the Food is Donated by Local Restaurants!

    Y'arrrrr Jim Lad! I see there be a group sailin' under Ye Black Flag, go Sink 'em Spanish Me Hearties!! – there is always an excuse to Talk like a Pirate if You look!

    Great Drone Footage! 🙂

    Super-Hero Walk! (slow Motion Moody Walking) .

    Shame they do not have any Bathrooms closer to the Beach 🙁

    Hello Pooch! Pomeranian isn't it?

    I am glad the County puts on a Great Show 🙂

    its awesome You got to meet some Subscribers!

    I don't like Tesla's. They have extreme Range problems, they Handle Terribly, they are Poorly Made, and Elon Musk is a Twonk ! the only selling Point a Tesla has is its Insanely Fast Acceleration, they are a Gimmick and nothing more IMO! like all Electric Vehicles! Sorry, I just don't like Electric Vehicles.

    I am glad the Air-Con helped Abbie cool down 🙂

    I just knew Abbie was going to sign "Eat" at some Point when She was sitting in the Car!

    What on Earth is Bakezini?

    Woah, those Waves were getting a little bit Wild! are they Sure it was Safe for the Kids to Surf?

    Hello to the Girl who was Waving.

    One of the OG SFA Surfers now works with the SFA to run the Events? that is Awesome!

    Abbie sure loves the Water 🙂

    I am glad You are keeping on Top of Abbie's Manners.

    I hope You all enjoyed the Party 🙂

    Food and Music, no wonder Abbie was so Happy! that's Her Favourite Combination 🙂

    Yeah, I have real Trouble with Waiting for Food as well!

    Oh yeah! You have got to have Ice-Cream at the Seaside, its Traditional!

    Beautiful Sunset!

    Bye Abbie 🙂

    Bye Guys, take care Now.

  24. Is there a reason that Abbie is always so hungry? She also seems to eat so very fast. Is there also a reason for that? Poor baby never seems to get enough to eat.

  25. This video had me smiling from ear to ear. Looks like a wonderful group of people. I'm so happy not only Abbie had fun, but the whole family had fun. Thank you Surfers for Autism!!!!
    *Also Ms. Priscilla, I think I saw your bikini for next yr.😊 Congratulations on your success. You are melting away before our eye. I'm so happy for you.

  26. I applaud you both on how hard you work with Abby and how involved you are in both children's lives! I have friends with Autism. But I have never met a child like Abbie. I didn't know about non verbal autism. It's truly amazing how far she has come! Your a great family!!🧩

  27. "Ab, you see that? That's the Model X. You know, for father's day?" 😂😂😂
    That's literally me to my friends and family when I see the Model X.

  28. Your beautiful daughter is the first person to really make me understand autism. I love how much your family is educating me. You are so amazing sweet girl!

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