Rush Creek GO Beach Volleyball Tournament – Game 2

They Get it Ball Up! “I know where not to serve” Xp HA Aw You Kidding Me? Get it up! Get it up! Get it up! Gawt dit! Great Serve Dude Wait your name is not Jeff? What is it again? Preston Preston! Misfire! Misfire! Misfire! Out *le sigh* *le “Baby” playing* Da Pectorals!! Really? Baby? *falsetto* I know you love me Dat wuz gud Yup! No Mo! No Mor Just Do It *Gopher it! HELP! *Ive fallen down and I cant get back up* Get it Get It Get It Up Get It to Star Oh Gawd THAT WAS A DOUBLE TOUCH!! IT WASN’T SERVE OR HIT RECEIVE! Dosen’t matter either way Ayeee You Go! Hater!

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