Scuba Diving and Hiking a Live Volcano in La Reunion- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 110

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  1. Happy St. Patricks Day Delos Tribe! We're gonna be at the local pub grabbing a few green pints. Hope you do as well! Peace and love to you all and thanks so much for watching and giving us so much support 🙂

  2. Thank all of you, truly a group effort behind the lenses (Nikkor lenses me thinks) fine segue editing. Thanks for sharing the La Reunion vibe, the trek up and above the barren yet to-die for desolation, drop-dead vistas above the clouds. Sweet scenery on your never-ending journey via a vessel named Delos. I say this not lightly, my wife and I sojourned many a passage via our 64' ketch shooting many a role of film way before digital cameras and the world wide web and the NET made it possible to share on a grand scale with the world watching. Does this 70 + year old sea-dogs heart good to be in awe of things I have never seen. You young-gun swabies have taken up the mantle and moved forward sharing the wonders many have never seen, again, we / I'm in your debt.
    David, Capt.SV Eleutheos (ret)

  3. Hi guys! How's the diving with the new Steel Tanks ?? how much weight did you guys Trim off ?? Clare the "Airbear"

  4. Cinematographicly (almost a word), this was one of your best uploads. Just beautiful shots, everywhere, under water, on top of the mountain. The little piece of shit adaptor was developed from a company that was started in a meeting at my hotel. But you're right, it is a piece of shit…I've had about half of the ones I've owned break.

  5. This video!!!!!!   Wow, the underwater footage is spectacular and I've never seen anything like those clouds.   Great video.

  6. I absolutely love the videos of your trip/trips. It's annoying to have to deal with blurred photos. Please change your filtering.

  7. Hey Brady, I was in the Highlands of Scotland. All you hear is "BLEET-BLEET-BLEET" of sheep. sheep everywhere.

  8. Excellent channel. You guys should hook up with Gabe (Traveler) Morris. Brazil and the Carribean- by Foot and Sail. He's on YouTube and has great travel docs. I see potential to expand the YouTube market. Synergy

  9. Hey Delos love what you got going on here keep it coming. 2 minor complaints 1 I hate waiting for the next vid to drop. 2. I hate waiting a week for the next vid to drop. That is all 😉 much love from van. Isle.

  10. who has been the biggest motivator in your life that saw you "throw the bowlines" and just set sail into a world you know nothing about

  11. Incredible footage! This is by far my favorite YouTube channel. You all are so positive and inspiring to watch. Keep it up.

  12. So guys…. You dive in the morning and now you are hiking more than 2300m height…
    That can expose you decompression sickness…. be careful and listen to your body.

  13. The part with the diving has to be one of the most beautiful things I have seen, the editing is superb! I'm so impressed with the editing quality over these episodes, you're improving so much!!!

  14. " you can save an area from Google Maps to your phone or tablet and use it when you're offline."

  15. In Hawaii we went to the top of Haleakala in Maui The clouds were just like that only in the distance they were pouring over the edge of a basin like a giant waterfall. Amazing. Glad the Delos crew got to see something so magical.

  16. Brian please get a red filter for your go pro when you dive! It makes such a difference to those shots below 5 meters. It will bring back all the colour and stop everything looking blue/green.



  18. Sweet!!!! The filming is awesome! Underwater so clear. Thanks for the time lapse on the mountain. Very awesome! Thank you.

  19. It looks like Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Reunion Island has been busy. Best enjoyed from a distance. Thanks for getting back to being prolific and upbeat. Glad if you are having fun.

  20. It looks like the planetary gear assembly is not robust enough for a 53 foot boat and may malfunction again under stressful sailing conditions. If the cost of the part is $200.00 It would probably be a good idea to have a spare on board. Just a thought.

  21. Reunion has not funny beaches
    Mauritius has funny and awesome beaches than Reunion

    but mountains and waterfalls are hell pretty greater than Mauritius!!!

  22. Over this past two videos and now this one, i have REALLY enjoyed the b-roll footage and editing. I assume its Kiril helping with it, but it is amazing! It really makes it feel like a true series or documentary well produced!!. Keep up the great footage and editing. Cheers from KY!

  23. Very entertaining – intimate feeling better than TV docos (but not even sure why… just right mix of ingredients). Keep it up.

  24. I normally like the sailing footage the best but the Delos crew is also able to make the sightseeing stuff interesting as well. Great camera and sound work once again and with awesome editing…..thank you all.

  25. Freaking awesome diving! Very cool being able to watch it this way from deep in land-locked Wisconsin, USA – thanks!


  27. Deloooos….your shots are getting better and better….I enjoying every video, thanks a lot that you share with us….keep going!!!

  28. so you have a second drone, or the segment of returning it was edited in the wrong spot? I have been enjoying watching you the last couple years. keep it up, and safe sailing. fair weather and following winds my friends.

  29. Gracias por tanta alegría y poder compartir con ustedes de taaaan linda compañía, tan lindas e inolvidables lugares y taaaanta buena onda. Vuestra compañía me hacen mucho los viajes que compartimos. Gracias so much

  30. I'm not trying to be critical by any means and I know you guys are "frugal" an all but y'all are making 10k a month… cant you order in like a whole buttload of spare parts.
    It's cool to fix existing parts. I get that. I'd do it too. But with that kind of cheddar coming in, I'd have a spare of every mechanical/electronic component on that boat.
    Unless you're saving up for that brand spanking new Amel 64 that is. 😉

  31. That bit where you cut up a wire, to make an inverter fit a charger, that's sailor mentality. People who make do, and make things work.

  32. That whole underwater scene…the editing! Wow! Mind blown. It’s so awesome and professional looking. Well done! Love watching your journey 🙂

  33. and thank you……i'm trying to catch up with the present but stuff keeps getting in the way and you guys keep making more amazing videos !

  34. OMG. Corail Plongée in St.Gilles. I did my diving license with these guys when I was on holidays there. Very good dive instructor!
    I remember that dive site well. Canyon

  35. Hey dude i use Vaseline coat on my mustache to create a good water seal, and if diving in dice dirty fresh water i use extra virgin olive oil in my private parts and in my ears to prevent infection, dont ask why im from miami beach. Please dont judge me. By the way cool videos i wish i was stil young i used to trekked in Venezuela and Caribbean islands in the 80s. Way too dangerous now so….. sad!

  36. That volcano hike was epic, especially the time lapse of the clouds. Reminds me of the clouds on the drive up to the top of Haleakala on Maui. It's at 10k feet but if you include the base of the undersea mountain as well as the portion out of the water, it's taller than Everest, and has several different micro climates. Thanks again for managing to put both ocean and terrestrial biology into your videos.

  37. It's video's like this that kept me from watching cable TV for the last 8 years. Who needs stupid fake TV if you can watch Delos video's … anyone ? La Réunion is so much more beautifull than I expected , just gorgeous.

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