Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Use an Air Tank in Scuba Diving

This is how we would use different scuba tanks
in scuba diving. There’s actually multiple different cylinders that we can actually use
when we go diving. This one, for example, is a small one we might actually use with,
when using a dry suit. We actually fill this one with argon, and that actually keeps our
body a lot warmer when we’re doing cold water diving. This is a very standard cylinder that
we use in most recreational diving. These are eighty cubic foot cylinders, here. And
this one happens to be a fifty cubic foot cylinder, but we use eighty cubic foot cylinders
as our primary scuba cylinder when we go diving. We might use something like this, if we were
actually going to go…and do decompression diving. This one happens to be a fifty percent
nitrox mix. And what nitrox means is you’ve actually bumped up the oxygen content of the
air to be fifty percent. And we could use this as a decompression cylinder when we go
diving. This is a standard nitrox cylinder, and this one happens to have thirty two percent
nitrox mix in it, and we use this in any kind of recreational diving. So, when we go diving,
we could use multiple different cylinders depending on what our purpose is.

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