Scuba Diving, Live Volcanoes, and Boobies! Sailing SV Delos Ep. 70

100 thoughts on “Scuba Diving, Live Volcanoes, and Boobies! Sailing SV Delos Ep. 70

  1. Nice Video! also check out my Mallorca Vlog with epic 4K drone footage

  2. i just subscribed so this new idea might be old but can you guys do a "live feed" hour…answer and question. I'll sponsor it!


  4. These videos are dangerous – could make a responsible man sell everything, buy a boat and learn to scuba dive!

  5. Dang, Old man has been raving about this youtube channel and I randomly found it today. 1st vid the islander trying to steal the skiff, 2nd video this one. Was kinda iffy about doing something like this myself after the 1st vid, but this one…. where do I sign up!! 🙂

  6. Software analyst turned sailor wants you to buy him a beer..Oy…. Yup, you too can be a software consultant, buy a $400,000 yacht, hire a video and website production crew, and beg for online donations to finance the new lifestyle. No more 9-5 grind. It's easy. Anybody can do it – even Brian Trautman. I love the innocent story telling of how this all happened – " he met a guy in a bar in Mexico who insisted that he buy a camcorder". A more likely scenario? He met a newly retired 40-something Seattle couple at a cocktail party and found out they were embarking on a long sailing trip. Brian thinks – " hold on, I can do that too"… Hey, everybody, Brian needs another beer! LOL!

  7. you are so american and limited. Why so censored? Just go liberated ! Just go world way of seeing life !

  8. Hi, I really enjoy watching this series but I don't know nothing about the sailing boat itself, Please someone could you tell me about the yacht?

  9. Wow..!! This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING to see marine life in pristine waters that aren't polluted and murky..!! Beautifully fascinating..!

  10. I wonder, was cursing lifestyle fishing much better 20 to 30 years ago? Like.. bigger fish and more of them out in the middle.of nowhere?

  11. Great Stuff, small tip if you do not know. Buy a small bottle of Pert Shampoo, rub a small amount inside the googles surface, let dry and buff off, presto, no fogging up!!

  12. Hey guys, sorry to say that fish was a red bass. It's a don't eat species because they are known to carry ciguatoxin. You could have given yourselves ciguatera poisoning possibly 100's oh km's from proper medical treatment. I hope u learn this in future

  13. I haven't a clue as to cooking on board, but I wonder if you'd ever thought of , or whether you could cook/roast the WHOLE fish after cleaning but before deboning? From my experience, cooking on land, you could get more from the whole fish that way. There's lots of good parts of the head to eat after cooking that might be more obvious than prior to cooking it. But!!! Don't let me tell you what to do!! Thanks for sharing your amazing lives.

  14. Hello guys I am trying to open my own diving center, unfortunately I don’t have the money to do it, so I am trying this way to save some money to start this dream.
    If anyone can help me with any money or just sharing this project I am going to appreciate that so much, thank you guys and have a good dive!!

    Proyecto SafeDiving –

  15. Babs said Brady are are the best teacher. should it not be Brady IS the best teacher???????

  16. The Delos crew is so awesome just watching their videos fills me with happiness and I really wish I could spend some time with them on Delos…amazing, keep it up guys

  17. Shame on YouTube (owned by Google, where you can watch all the free PORN you ever wanted). Girls should be allowed to go topless anytime guys can. #FreeTheNipple This video is pure, free and natural, non-sexual in content, there is no reason to force the censorship. Mark it as Mature if you must, but this is ridiculous. In the state where I live, right here in the US, a woman can go topless if she wishes anywhere a man can, and that is simply how it should be. Example of where allowed but banned here:

  18. Originally I wrote, "I love the technical and boat stuff the most!", but your balance between stories, history, personalities, adventure, tourism, culture, etc doesn't suck at all!

  19. There is something about sailors and food. I've been reading Master and Commander books and it's crazy how they obsess about food. Now these guys too.

  20. Oh my god, the army of women on the ship will destroy the men of sea wolves, this is a huge, terrible, unbelievable problem !!!!!

  21. Such stunning scenery. I enjoy this a lot. Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!

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