Scuba diving nighttime hand signals – Sailing A B Sea bonus video

Hey people of the interwebs it is Q with
a follow-up to our dive communications hand signals video and this time we’re
going to do communicating underwater at night using torches so stay tuned When I’m choosing a dive torch there’s a
couple of questions I ask: How bright do I need it to be and what functions do I
need it to do? You really have to experience a night dive to appreciate
how dark it really does get so the first thing I ask is how many lumens does the
torch have? Here’s a torch with 50 lumens here’s a torch with 200 lumens and
here’s a torch with 800 lumens To appreciate the difference here’s the 50
lumens torch being completely obliterated by the 800 lumens torch. For
safety reasons I always choose a torch with high lumens because when you’re on
the surface you want to be seen by the boat and here you can see the signal to
the dive boat saying I’m okay. This signal directed that the boat means I
need help and this signal directed at the boat means I’m over here I’m trying
to attract your attention. The torch used in this example also has a strobe effect
which makes it easier to spot The hand signals used that night are exactly the
same as those used during the day. The only difference is you illuminate your
hand with the torch. Just be mindful of how you’re illuminating your hand
because of the shadows cast by the torch and whether or not you’re wearing gloves. A horizontal movement of your torch beam across your buddies will attract
their attention A vertical movement of your torch beam means I need help The dials on your submersible pressure gauge and your compass are photoreactive which
means if you shine your torch on them for about 10 seconds they really
do glow in the dark One final thing to remember is to never shine your torch
into the face of a fellow diver This will completely ruin their night vision
and it can take a couple of minutes for them to get their vision back If you found this video helpful please leave a thumbs up down below it really does help
me out and just before I go here’s Gordon’s latest plan to scare the kids
next Halloween. Thanks for watching and take it easy

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