Scuba Diving With Q – My First Time Scuba Diving The Mooloolah River #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving

Scuba Diving With Q – My First Time Scuba Diving The Mooloolah River #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving

Hey people of the interwebs it is Q with another scuba diving adventure. The current weather conditions are playing havoc with the Caloundra shoreline, so our usual dive spots have got no visibility at all, so today Gordon and I are heading out to Mooloolaba to check out a new dive spot. The only thing that will not let us go diving today would be the visibility, so fingers crossed on that. So the good news is we’ve got about 5 or 6 metres of visibility there and we’re just ahead of the high tide, which means we’ve got a lot of leeway either side of the tide, so we should get at least a good hours worth of diving in here. Never dived here before, but we have heard stories about it and the very famous nudibranchs that are here so we’re going to see how many of those we can spot today. As it turned out the visibility in the Mooloolah River was perfect for scoping out a new dive spot. We dropped into 2.6 meters of water which is 8.5 feet and set off to see what we could see. The underwater terrain is a mix of rocks and sand and the sandy bits can be quite desert-like, but even in the desert that was quite a lot to see, including a creature with more legs than I could count and some beautiful anemones. After we had our fill of the desert and all it had to show us we turned around and headed towards the rocks and that’s when we saw our first and only nudibranch of the dive. So that was very different. First time we’ve dived here, so it was a question of finding out which way to go or where stuff was. We certainly saw a lot of different things, especially those little crawly things. Yeah I’ve no idea what those things were. They were fantastic. And they weren’t hanging around. Yeah yeah, so it’s a great dive site and the visibility has been fantastic, I would say what 6 meters in some places? At least yeah. So we’ll definitely be coming back here again. The tide has now turned, we can feel it heading out to the ocean now, so I imagine it’s going to get pretty strong, pretty soon. So I don’t know, that was about a 45-minute dive? No, I had 56 last time I looked. Really it was that long! Wow, that went by quickly. Yes, so it’s been good, we’re definitely coming back to this dive site. Absolutely yes. Our total dive time with 59 minutes. The max depth was 5.6 meters. The water temperature was 26 degrees celsius and the visibility was on average about the 6 meter mark. If you enjoyed this scuba diving adventure with Q and you’d like to see some more, subscribe to the YouTube channel. We’ve got a new dive video coming out every Saturday at twelve-thirty and a dive conditions midweek report out every Wednesday at 5pm. Thanks for watching and take it easy.

3 thoughts on “Scuba Diving With Q – My First Time Scuba Diving The Mooloolah River #ScubaDive #ScubaDiving

  1. This is a great dive site and I'll be back here in the near future to do some more looking around.

  2. Great dive site and I believe much more to explore in that area. Would be interesting to find out what that fast moving millepede creature is.

  3. That was very good down there. I think the point out the front allows some settling to happen when it's choppy out front and so you get some great visibility.
    Bristle Worm (Chloeia flava)
    "found in the subtidal zone on a variety of substrates, but typically where fine sands and muds overlie coarser sands or gravel."

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