Scuba Diving With Sharks And Mantas Remote Cocos Keeling!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 81

96 thoughts on “Scuba Diving With Sharks And Mantas Remote Cocos Keeling!- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 81

  1. Wonderful guys, the underwater footage was magic! (And no you guys don't belong on land ;-), and we're so getting nappy rash cream added to the provisions list!)

  2. in few weeks i have watched every single of your videos and all the things you do and explore are just awesome! great videos and the best crew! I am sailor myself and i am sailing with ketch too… nice weathers and sailing for you!

  3. After seeing this I thought you could really do with one of these in a crises ,

  4. I wonder how the pain-feeling fish felt about having the human equivalent of a three inch spike rammed through its body as it writhed in pain trying to get away….. I am quite surprised that you guys filmed that considering you are all nature & animal lovers. There are more humane ways to kill an animal for food other than with a spike through its body….sorry to whinge, as I have followed your films from the very start, so love what you guys are actually presenting.

  5. Beautiful footage everyone. I feel the sea calling me back. when I served in the U.S. Navy I would sleep outside in the crow's nest rope all coiled up on the O2 level behind the gas turbine stacks. I could see entire galaxies out ther with no light pollution. I'm envious that you guys are out there seeing so much of the world. I have two children left at the house and five years from now I'm hitting the ocean again. I also loved watching the ship slice through the water and stir up the photo luminescent plankton. It gives the water a magical feel. Stay safe and enjoy every second of your adventures.

  6. Oh man! this is amazing. Enjoy every moment of it because its a priviledge to be able to do what you sailors do! My husband and I went snuba diving for our first time in cancun, first time in the ocean, it was such an amazing adventure it didnt go so well because it was very scary since we had never experienced being in the ocean before but nevertheless, we enjoyed it. And seeing all the wonderful fish and corals you all get to explore, makes me happy just to see thru this screen. It gives me courage to want to try snuba again. Great video! Thank you!!

  7. your editing is soooo good, every video a masterpiece. It is so much fun to watch and it looks like you had no work at all, which is not true of course.

  8. Such a nice crew- they even are caring to swollen balls lol funny , your a good crew hope you all stay together , would be a blessing to know and meet people like yourselves one day

  9. I love you guys, you make being stuck on land bearable. You have come so far, the editing on your vids are amazing now. Never sell out to a TV show, it would rune every thing.

  10. You guys are creating some very good SCUBA and snorkeling footage! Kudos for that "out of gas" emergency training too; a skill even more essential in remote, isolated locations.

  11. Thanks for the memories of when I lived in the tropic's in the 60's, it was only for three years around Puerto Rico and St. Thomas… but I was in my 20's then and now retired and playing lots of golf… : ) again thanks, you are doing it right.

  12. hey guys and gals  you really make it look so much fun ,  all the more to you and your crew   do you run into any water snakes while swimming in the ocean   thanks ehhh

  13. Seems drone usage from vessels might be getting complicated

  14. A delicious hamburger after a long voyage has to be the best chow. Exciting to dive with sharks.Cool that Rick has a Hobie Tandem Island which is really fun to sail in. Great the nappy rash cream cured Brady's rash. A fun video.

  15. hey delos. stumbled across you guys on you tube few days ago. I'm already a member. love your vids!! I'm not a sailor but I I relate to your sense of adventure. thank you very much. money well spent! safe waves to you!!

  16. Wow, Rick has a dream life. On a beautiful Island, and is a dive instructor ! Got a beautiful family, and Got it GOING ! Wow !

  17. "…bacon, wine, and that little piece of lettuce." I always knew the crew was inspecting each other with flashlights.

  18. I'm just trying to make a coop game myself! Long time since I've last seen a set!

  19. Hey you Delos salty sailors, thought I might share a little egg trivia, NEVER wash or bleach fresh eggs!! They have a natural protective layer over their shells, that should last them (freshness) without refrigeration for a solid few weeks. In another earlier video, I saw you guys wiping your eggs with cloth that has a bit of bleach, absolute no-no. You are effectively removing that natural protective cover, which is one reason why your eggs are turning bad faster. I raise chickens organically for their eggs and meat, which is why I know this little fact. Google "Egg bloom" to read about it.

  20. In the Netherlands they use breadcrumbs and egg binders on burgers. It sucks, beef holds fine just don't over work it.

  21. Originally I wrote, "I love the technical and boat stuff the most!", but your balance between stories, history, personalities, adventure, tourism, culture, etc doesn't suck at all!

  22. Just discovered your channel a month or so ago. I immediately went to the playlist and started at the beginning. Great and inspiring binge watch. I'm obviously 3 years behind your current story but will be catching up soon. It's cool to see how the production quality has evolved as well. Great job! Helping me plan for retirement for sure!

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