[Josh] Point your toe into
here. Get your heel down. – There you go. First one.
– Oh, my God. Oh, my God. – Wait. No.
– Good luck. Ah! I’m scared! Oh, shit. Oh, my God. Whoa! Whoa! Wait, wait. No, no, no, no, no! [Narrator]
Since the dawn of time, there have always been
sidemen, just as there have always
been plankton in the oceans, worms in the earth,
gnats in the sky. Over the years, kings, queens,
pharaohs and presidents have all challenged
sidemen to rise up, to be all they can be, to lead the shelter
and step to the front. That forward leap has never
transpired until now. We bring you seven
extraordinary sidemen of our own time, who are men of action,
destiny and courage, men who dare to step
into the light. They will be raced,
chased, blown up, battered and bedraggled
through deserts and oceans, over mountains and cities, with one aim, to move to
the front, to take center stage. This is the Sidemen Show. [Alarm sounds] Yo, team. Team. It’s time. Whoa.
Come on, J.J. Come on. – Hang on. Hello. – Oh, you’re comfy.
– Yeah? It’s ’cause I’m round. – Hey, Vik, I swear
that’s Steve Aoki. – Sidemen, in your quest to step from the shadows
and into the light, I challenge you to join me
in the mountains in a series of events
against me and my elite team
of alpine experts. – Oh, yeah. – Like Hannibal
and Hillary before you, you’ll have to face danger and extreme
high-altitude conditions. -Oh, the cold sucks. – Meet me in Austria
in seven hours. Aoki out. – Skiing, boys. Let’s crush
some fresh powder, boys. [Sidemen shout] [Offscreen] Watch out, boys. – We’re going! [Simon] You can help me out
a little bit. – Josh, hurry up and come in!
Josh, get in! Guys. Ah, whoa! – [Offscreen] Who exactly can
ski or snowboard here? – I can snowboard just about.
– Where’s your board? Yeah. One of the crew has it. – I’m black so I’m useless.
I’m just saying. – How about you, Tobi? Tobi’s the same.
He’s also black. – I…I’ve never skied.
I don’t like snow. – [Off-screen] Simon?
– I just hate snow.
– What are you doing here? -I don’t know. – You know what I respect,
a man of the 21st century that can rock a trim
like Steve Aoki’s. He’s an awesome DJ
and he can actually snowboard. You reckon you could
rock a beard trim? – Well, have a look at my trim.
– Oh. – Put it back.
– Put it back. It works. – Do you reckon he’s gonna be
Steve A-OK at snowboarding? – No, that’s my joke. No.
– Do you think he’s gonna be… It’s my joke.
I hate you. I hate you. Steve A-OK at snowboarding. – No, don’t talk to me.
– [Off-screen] Well done. – Guys.
– That was good, Ethan. – That was the only thing
I had on these slopes and you’ve taken that
away from me. – Unlucky. – How does a world-famous
EDM DJ get into his house? With a Steve Ao-key. – Key. – I guess he’s going to ski-oki
down the slope. – [Guffaws]
– What? [Off-screen] Can we put him
back on the mountain? Does this lift go back round? – [Harry] You know what I
reckon? I think I’m gonna draw
with Steve Aoki. Yeah, and we’ll be even-stevens. – [Laughter]
– I only just got it. – But isn’t that a bit weird?
We’re gonna meet Steve. None of us are wearing helmets and you’ve just got
a fat-off helmet. – Wow.
Why did you say fat there? Wow. – The hat was designed
to fit a head that big. He’s incredible at… – I’ve just got more memory
than you. Wait, so why have you
got a helmet on? – ‘Cause I’ve got more memory.
– [Off-screen] What? – To protect the memory.
Protect the memory. – It is huge.
Why’s it so…? – It’s a helmet.
It’s not my head. I’m prepared to fling myself
down a mountain. – [Vik] But you don’t have
a snowboard. I do. The crew’s got it. -Why don’t we just
throw Ethan at them? And it’ll just knock ’em all
down like bowling pins. – Go on, Vik, go.
– Go, Vik, let’s do it. – We look the…like
the shittest school trip ever. – ♪ We’re in the snow
In the snow… – Don’t remind me. ♪ We are in the snow… ♪ – [Tobi] Stop, stop, stop.
You can’t sing this every time. Stop. – Are you telling me you’re not
excited to be on the mountains? – I don’t like snow, bruv. – Why don’t you like snow?
It’s not that bad. – Yeah, what do you mean,
you don’t like snow? – It’s just too much white.
– You don’t like snow? – I can’t ski.
– Just get used to it. – Zen-like Steve. What’s up?
– Hey. All right,
welcome to Austria, boys. Thank you. – How are you guys feeling?
– Cold. – A-OK.
– Ha-ha-ha. – Hey, stop stealing my joke. – All right, we got three
alpine challenges. Me versus you guys. – But you’re good
at snowboarding. Oh, I know, but that’s why
I’m gonna challenge you. I’m gonna challenge you.
That’s the whole point. We’re here to get challenged. The best part is the loser gets
the signature cake to the face. So, who will it be? – No, Vik would
actually love that. – I mean, if we do lose,
I’ll volunteer as a privilege. – That is literally like a dream
for any EDM-head. – It’s a dream for him. – [Steve] Are you ready
for this, though? – I mean, I know you don’t miss,
so, you know. – You guys ready? Let’s go.
– Yeah. Let’s do it. – We’re ready.
– Let’s go. – Show us how it’s done, Josh.
Come on, you can ski. [Shouts] – No, no, fam.
– Man, it’s not even a joke. – That’s not even funny.
Ha-ha-ha! – Like, I’m so ready, mate. Steve, is that how you do it,
right? Steve. Steve. – [Steve] Let’s go. Oh, no, no, no, no. [Laughter] -Fam, help! Ha-ha-ha. Help. Ah! – Oh, my God. What are those? – They’re mobility scooters. – Snowbility scooters. – [Steve] All right, Sidemen. – Hannibal, Napoleon, Caesar, have led their armies
over these mountains, with horses and elephants. Of course, I didn’t find any. So, I got these bad boys
instead. The alpine snow scooter, top speed 35 kilometers
on the slopes. – Are you guys ready?
– Yeah! – All right. It’s gonna be
a little relay race. It’ll be two heats of three
players from each team and then someone going
head to head against me in the final lap. The first team to get
all the numbers across the line wins the race. – Yeah, but where’s your team? – Where’s my team?
Where is my team? Aoki team. I need you guys
at the racecourse. – [Lady on walkie-talkie] Come.
– [Steve] All right. – Here comes my girls.
– Oh, no. – [Steve] You guys are in
for some trouble now. We got the best alpine team
on the mountain. – It’s us against them? Good luck, boys, good luck. – All right.
– This is completely unfair. – You guys ready for this?
– Apparently not. – Well, let’s get to the race.
– [Sideman] All right. – [Female skier] Let’s go,
girls. – Who’s front-line infantry? – I’ll go last. – [Vik] Yeah, ’cause,
right, there’s seven so we’re gonna have to do
three-three. So, Harry’s the finale. – [Simon] I was born
for this, guys. – Yeah?
– I was born to take out women. I’m sorry for what I’m gonna do. – What are you gonna do?
– I mean… – You just go like, “Psh!” – I’m just going straight
so you can’t turn. I’m sacrificing myself
for the team. Sidemen. [Speaks in German] Team Aoki. [Speaks German] Eins, zwei, drei. Go. – Go, boys, go. Get on it. Go. – Simon! – Go, boys!
I’m doing this for the team! – Whoo! Oh, my God. – I’ve got them.
I’ve got them all, boys. – I’m winning.
I’m winning. I’m winning. Whoo! [Coughs] That was a bad idea. [Laughter] – You gotta cut ’em off.
– Aah! [Whooping] – Man, you’re so slow! – This is as fast as it goes. Whoo-hoo. – It’s going well.
– Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – We’re doing this.
Who’s ready? Come on. – Come on! No! – Boys, I’ve gone off.
– I’m turning round. – Get in.
– It’s my socks. Da-da-da-da! – Guys, come on, get in.
Get in. Go. Go, go, go, go!– [Narrator] After one lap,
it’s neck and neck.
But after a swift pit stop,J.J. is the first
out of the blocks.
Go, go, go! Go, go, go!
Yes. Come on. [Sidemen shout] -Go fast! -Get him in. Oh, God! Oh, my God. – She’s mad.[Narrator] It’s time to
schnell not dwell, Team Aoki.
– Got ya, got ya, got ya. – I got ya. – Oh, my God. Keep going, J.J. I can’t get past her. Oh, my God. – I’m coming, I’m coming. I’m
making pace, I’m making pace. Go, go, go, go. [Shouting]– [Narrator] After
a storming lap from J.J.,
Harry should
take this home easily.
– Harry, what the [Bleep]?
– Go, go, go, go! [They shout] Go, go, go, go! For the boys. For the boys. ♪ For the boys
La-la-la-la-la-la! ♪ Go! [Laughter and shouts] Aah![Narrator]
Oh, dear, Harry.
– Here we go! [Off-screen] Oh, what an idiot. – Harry was not supposed to do
that. If he’s thrown this…– [Narrator] So, it’s neck and
neck again for the final lap.
Steve versus Harry.– [Off-screen]
Oh, guys, he’s thrown it. – He’s skipping it.
– I know, he’s booking it. Oh, no. [Shouts and cheers] Oi! What the… – [Narrator] Has Steve just
taken an unauthorized short cut? [Shouts] Come on! Come on, Steve! [Off-screen] That’s cheating. Cheating. – No way! No way! No way!– [Narrator] Steve crosses
the line first.
But is he a victorious winner
or a very naughty cheat?
– We win. We win. – What am I supposed to do
in this situation? – They lose. We win. – Around one corner and gave up. Um, so… – This is bullshit. – Let’s go. Come on.
– Team Aoki beat you guys. – No. You cheated. You cheated.
– I don’t like your music. – First challenge, you guys
lose. You guys lose. – We’re going skiing. Oi, boys. [Laughing] – Take their stuff.
– Pick them up and run. Run, run. [Steve] Yeah, I know I cheated. Fair enough.
I took a bit of a shortcut. Keep running, guys.
We’ve still got two more races. I’ll see you
at the next challenge. Screw you. – So, what are we doing again?
– For our next challenge? We don’t know what it is, but we need, like, at least
one more skier out of you lot. – There was only two this time.
– We need another participant. At least one of you. I think Tobi’s
a valid volunteer. – You already got the boots on.
– Yeah, you’re ready. – Where did these come from?
– I thought these felt funny. – OK, right. Set ’em up. – Point your toe into here.
Get your heel down. Kick it, kick it down.
There you go. – Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Bruv,
I’m moving. Why am I moving? – You will move.
– OK. Hold. Push forward on these. You don’t wanna crush
your skis, though. – I’m not even trying to move.
It goes fast. It goes fast. – OK, so you wanna angle them.
You wanna make a pizza. Make a pizza
so angle them in a bit. – There you go. OK. Good luck.
– Wait, wait. – No. Good luck. – I’m skiing. I’m skiing. I’m skiing. Oh, shit. Tobi. [Whooping and laughter] – No, no, no, no, no. – Guys.
– [Cheering] – Tobi! Tobi!
– No, no, no, no, no. Tobi! Tobi! [Shouts and laughter] [Groans]
– Jesus! – Tobi. Well done. – We’ve got another skier.
– Next challenger’s ready. – That’s nuts. We need one more. One more
skier. Have we got one? – I’m sorry, I’m not doing that.
No. [Bleep] that, mate. – All right,
next challenge, guys, is a head-to-head slalom race. One of my team
versus one of your team. The team with the most
head-to-head victories wins the second challenge. – Brilliant. Just brilliant. – I think it’s gonna be
a close one, guys. – Can you go slow?
– No. – You can’t go slow?
– This is a challenge. -Yeah, but we only
have two skiers anyway. – There’s two boarders,
two skiers and then us guys. – I’ll give it a shot,
but what… – We got this, we got this.
Don’t worry. – We got? What do you mean?
What? – Calm down, guys. – [Vik] Oh, my God.
– We got this. – Oh. Oh.
– Yeah. You got sleds.
You got a dinghy. – OK, this is gonna get wild.
– We got rubber rings. How are you gonna do a slalom?
How do you do a slalom? It’s not about the turning.
It’s about the speed. – Fastest team wins, so…
– See? Fastest team. …you never underestimate
the dinghy. I’m going to get injured. – See? He knows.
– Yeah, he would say that. He’s on the other team.
Of course he wouldn’t doubt it. – He knows you’re gonna lose.
– Who’s going against Steve? – Who’s up first? ‘Cause
I’m gonna be racing first. So, I wanna race the fastest
Sideman on your team. – All right, I’ll go.
I’ll give it a shot. I’m on skis or on a board. – You look like a skier, so.
– I’ll give it my best shot. I don’t want anyone
getting caked, all right? No-one’s getting caked. Go on, Vik.
You’re our only hope. All right.
I’ll give this a shot. – We’ll see what we can do.
– Let’s go. – They don’t call him
the Basmati Bomber for nothing. – All right, man. – May the fastest man win.[Narrator]
First into the fray,
Vik versus Steve
for downhill slalom glory.
– Three, two, one. Go. [Shouting] – Yeah, he’s winning. [Off-screen] Steve.
Come on, Steve. Yeah, we’ve made it. – [Off-screen] Steve.
Come on, Steve. Steve. – Yeah! Whoa! – Yes! What’s up, Steve? Come on! Yes. Oh. Can you guys hear me? – Yes, I can hear you.
– Smashed it. Easy. Easy. [Off-screen] Guys, keep it up.
We can do this. – We’re winning.
– Get down here now. Three, two, one. Go. Go, go, go, go, go! [They shout] Go on. – He needs to pace it.
Harry’s all over the place. – [Harry] How’s she so far
ahead? – [Vik] Oh, no, guys.
We’ve been caught napping. Oh, my… – Harry, you can’t style it out
if you’ve lost by that much. -Oh, well. – Vik. Who won? – Harry…Harry had a bit of
a mare. Let’s leave it at that. OK, one all. All right, send us another.
Come on. We need to get a win in the bag.[Narrator] One all. Can Tobi
prove sledge beats skis?
– I’m gonna do my best, boys.
– Three, two, one. Go. – I’m sledging!
– Well done. Go! [Off-screen] Go, Tobi. Go Tobi! [Off-screen] Oh, my God.
Here we go. We’re still losing. [Off-screen] To be fair,
he’s doing the slalom in a sled. He’s actually doing…
Oh, he stacked. – Yeah!
– Oh, Tobi’s doing… Oh, no. [Laughs] Whoo! – Oh, no.
We nearly had a side hit. – Styley.
– Styled it. – A valiant effort there. – I hate snow.
– [Steve] Hey, good job. – Keep it up, guys.
We can bring this back, maybe. It’s 2-1 to them. – If you lose this, we’ve lost.
– I’ve not skied in 8 years. – No, look at her ankles. – They’re weak.
– Three, two, one. – She got weak ankles.
– Go. – Go on, Josh.
– Oh, go on, Josh. [Shouting] – Go, Josh. Oh, that’s close. [Off-screen] Come on, Josh. [Cheering] – I’m turning. – [Thud]
– Oh! Oh! Oh! – Something just happened?
What happened? – [Simon] Member
of camera crew down. – What? Member
of camera crew down. We’ve had a sound man
taken out. – I have to have won.
– We’ve got a DQ. – What? – Who…who crashed? – [Vik] The sidekick.[Narrator] Team Aoki’s
lack of control
gives the Sidemen
a much-needed boost.
– All right, Ethan, it’s two
all. Don’t mess this up. – Disqualification surely. Yes. – Yeah.
– Yes. – I’m ready. – Three, two, one.
– Go on, Ethan. Go on, Ethan. – We got a buzzinga on the way. [Indistinct speech] – Oh, he’s ahead.
– Good tight race. – Go, guys, go. – Oh, no.
– Oh, no. [They shout] – Good job. Oh, Jesus. – Do a jump. Do a jump. – A trick. Do a trick.
– Yeah. – Ha-ha-ha.
– What a trick. I tried. I’m sure it will look fine
in slow motion. – Ethan pulled off an epic
trick. We’re ready for the next one.
We’re 3-2 down. – All right, this is
big boy J.J. going now. – Three, two, one. Go. They’re going, boys.
They’re going. J.J.’s not moving yet.
I’m pushing him. J.J.’s being pushed.
He’s already lost. – Oh!
– He’s gone into the flag. [Laughter] [Off-screen] Oh, my God.
He’s wicked. [Steve]
J.J. took out a whole gate. – Can we give him another try?
– What do you mean? – He’s on his front. [Laughter] – I’m sick of this.
Stop mocking me. – Go on, J.J.
– Oh, my God. – [Off-screen] Keep going.
– Belly slide. – Keep coming.
– Belly slide. [Steve] Straight down.
He’s walking it down. J.J., you [Bleep] it! Oh, come on. – [Laughter]
– Run, J.J. Chase it. J.J.! J.J.! – It is bullshit.
– He’s coming. [Off-screen] The runaway sled.
The runaway sled. [Laughter] Run! – Come on, J.J., you can do it. – That was our hope. That was
our only hope of winning. [Off-screen] Finish line.
Do it. Do a cool celebration. [Laughter] -Don’t worry, boys.
We’re gonna bring this home. Three, two, one. Go. [Narrator] Last up, it’s Simon. Can he regain
some sidemen pride? – Simon!
– Simon! – Simon. Yes.
– Oh, my God. – Oh.
– Simon! Oh, my God! He’s coming. [Off-screen] Oh, my God.
He’s going so fast. Oh, no. [Laughter and cheers] My God. That was an epic finish. I think
it’s very conclusive, Steve. We won. We were a real team. – What is it now?
– 4-2. 4-2. The dinghy. The style was so good that
we have to give ’em the points. – Yeah.
– [Cheering] The boys. But still I won. But we won.
It’s 4-3 to team Aoki. [Laughter] We won. [Steve] All right,
it’s close. One each. It’s a tight game right now. There’s one last challenge.
Follow me, guys. Oh, the decider. Oh! Oh, my God.
We lost one in the lake. Harry, there’s a hole here. [Laughter] Oh, my God. [Simon] I’ve had an idea. [Shouts and laughter] – Was he actually asleep?
– Yeah. What happens
if this gondola just dropped? We’d die. I guess if the cable car does
fall, we could “Just hold on”. To what? I was just being smart,
you know. Steve Aoki song. Imagine the gondola
just stopped, like it had a technical fault. What would you do?
What would you do? [Vik] If there was fresh pow,
I’d jump. What do you mean, jump?
Look at… You’d jump onto what? – What world do you live in?
– No, not this bit. OK. We gotta eat one of us.
Who are we eating? Oh, well, I volunteer myself.
I reckon you could eat me. OK, you’re volunteering
yourself? Yeah, I will provide you
with life forever. Knowing that I did that for
my friends, I’m totally up. – That’s very nice of you.
– That’s very noble. No, there’s some dodgy…
we’re not eating. No you’re not eating my [Bleep]
unless you want to. Right, guys, which bit are you
eating? You go first. I’m here. First choice. Not fair. – What bit?
– I want the left arm. – He wants, what, upper arm?
– The whole thing. What bit do you want? I want the most meaty area,
right? So, I’m taking your…
your buttocks. [Ethan] I thought he was
about to say bollocks. – So, you want my bum?
– Yeah, I’ll take your… You don’t have to point out
what everything is. We know what your bum is.
I’m taking the thigh. – Oh, thigh’s very…
– That’s a good choice. – Yeah, you’ve lost out.
– I’ve changed my mind. [Ethan] Which thigh you having?
Right or left? – I’m having your right thigh.
– I’ll take left. All right, you’ll take the weak
one. J.J., what you taking? Your face. I mean,
you won’t have much there. – I just wanna eat your face.
– It’s a delicacy. What are you taking, Josh? Have you got breasts left?
You got breast? You got breast meat. All right, Vik,
what are you having? I’ll have the other arm. What, the right one?
It’s my wank hand. – [Laughter]
– That’s why I chose the left. You’re eating my wank hand. Ethan, you’re saying this
so willingly and like offering
your whole body… Well, we’re stuck here. But I guarantee in the actual
scenario, you would be swinging. [Laughter and chatter] All of a sudden, like, so… – That’s a boom.
– That’s a boom. – Realistically,
Vik’s taking the [Bleep]. – That’s why I’m jumping.
– To be fair… – That’s like tapas.
– He’ll have more flavoring. – I thought that.
– Why would we have more… I didn’t wanna say it,
but I thought it. – More flavoring?
– It’s cultured. Bit of spice. – Pork with vindaloo. [They giggle][Narrator] After two events,
with one going to the sidemen
and the other
going to Team Aoki,
this is the decider.– Final challenge, guys.
It’s the night-time race. The winning team has to get all
their players across the line before the other team. This is a 4 kilometer course. It’s got a steep grade, sheer
drops either side and it’s dark. The losing team gets
the forfeit cake in the face. – You guys ready?
– We’ll be fine. We’ll be fine. -Just out of interest, if we
somehow did win, who gets caked? – Someone gets caked.
– You get caked. – I will eat my cake. – I don’t like Austrian women. ♪ I need a dump
Need a dump, I need a dump… ♪ I’m gonna have
some skiddies in my pants. I really need a poo. – Three, two, one.[Narrator] The flag is down.
Team Aoki take the lead.
– The slowest start ever. Go, go, go. Go on! [They shout] Try a snowboard. – Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go!
– [Shouts] Oh, my God! – Why the [Bleep] am I so slow? Whoa![Narrator] Steve switches out
his ride and his race is back
– Go. How are they leading? Faster. Yay. [Whoops and shouts] – We’re all behind.
Vik, we’re all behind. – Yay. I’m being helped. Yeah. You can go now. Stop pitying me. – Why are we doing it in the
dark? This is fast. Too fast. – Take me with you, Steve. – I’m coming.
– Oh, you’ll like this. [Laughter] [Off-screen] Yo,
J.J.’s so far behind. [Off-screen] I’m getting Steve.
Oh, Jesus. – Aah! I’m gonna catch him. Whoa! Come on! – Come here, Steve.[Narrator] As the sidemen
struggle to come to grips
with the icy downhill,Steve makes his way
through the field.
– I don’t like this at all. – This is so much scarier
than I thought it would be. – Catch up, guys.
– I’m trying. [They shout][Narrator] One kilometre down.– Hey, Josh, I’m coming. Oh, shit. Oh, [Bleep].– [Narrator] While J.J. brings
up the rear.
– The turning isn’t working.– [Narrator] Harry, Simon and
Vik have found
their toboggan piste niche.– [Bleep] give up. – [Narrator] And are
giving team Aoki a cool run for their money. – Faster. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh,
no. Bad, bad, bad idea. Bad idea. Bad idea. Bad. Whoa. – I’m literally shitting bricks. – Man, I’m off piste.
I’m off piste. Oh. Whoa. – What way do I lean?[Narrator] Can the sidemen
steal victory
from the icy grasp of defeat?– Go. Go on, boys. – I’m going very quick.[Narrator] Three kilometres
into the race
and the sidemen
are giving it their all.
Well, most of them are.– Don’t like this one bit. Aah![Narrator] 100 metres to go
and it’s still anyone’s race.
– Stop, stop, stop, stop! – Yo. – The wall. The wall. The wall. [Whooping] [Cheers] – Yaah! – I don’t think we’ve won. Go on! Ah. [Laughter and shouting] – Yes! Yes! – I tried. I tried, Vik. I tried. [They cheer and chant] – Wait, one, two, three,
four, five. Yeah, we lost. – Well done, man. Well done. Holy Moly. Ah. – That was a cool dismount. – It’s not our fault.
– It’s J.J.’s fault. We don’t even know
where he is. J.J.? – J.J. Where is he? – J.J.
– J.J. – J.J.!
– J.J.! J.J.! – How about we all throw…
– Oh, no. – …snowballs at him?
– I’m throwing snowballs at him. – Oh, wow.
– Yeah. – Oh! Come on. – Wait, it’s snowballs
or ice balls? – I’ve got ice balls, yeah. – Yeah, ice balls. – I will give anyone 100 euros
if they hit him in the head. [They shout] – [Laughter]
– You made it. – J.J. – Why? – Why? Why?
– Think about what you did. – Why?
– Think about what you did. – I’m sorry! I’m sorry! – He’s just running away.
He’s gone. – All right, guys.
You know you guys lost, right? – Yeah, we did lose.
– A little bit, yeah. – So, you know what happens
next? – Can we not agree that
we lost because of J.J.? – Yeah, but still you guys
are the losers. You guys gotta get the cake. – You knew
what you were getting into – and you volunteered at
the start as well, to be fair. You was looking forward to it. – It’s been a long day.
It’s dark. It’s cold. – Finish it off with cake. – All right, cake, please. Oh, no. – You go forward, man.
You go forward. You stay there. Oh, no. – Are you sure you want this?
You ready? – What if I got hit?
I’m not going behind him. – Here we go.
– Oh, my God. – That’s straight up, dude!
– That was not a cake. – It’s ice. The cake was ice. [Laughter] – What is this cake? – Was that just a brick of ice? – It was an ice cake. – What is this cake?
Ha-ha-ha-ha! – Get in there. Get in there. – It tastes so good! Ice cake’s my favorite. – All right, all right, all
right. Good day, good day.
See you guys later. – Bye.
– Bye. – Want some? – The cake didn’t work,
by the way. – Oi, sidemen!
– Get him! Get him! – How we getting home then? [Laughter][Narrator] Well, sidemen,
you certainly took the cake,
but it’s back to
the shadows again.
[Jack] I’m challenging you
to a race across London – in these.
– Oh, no. Let’s go! – Give it some welly, mate.
– This is all it goes. – [They shout]
– Oh, my God. – Waterloo Bridge constructed
by the same architects that invented the red
London telephone box. – Let’s go, go, go, go!

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