SKLZ Quickster Soccer Combo System

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Combo System

I think when you talk about the Quickster
goal, individual training, solo training is so important. You get lots of repetition,
lots of practice in a short space of time. It is easy to assemble. The quality there
has is one with the rebound access and then obviously the goal. Everybody enjoys scoring
goals. You can take the cover off and you can be practicing your target shooting, but
also you are practicing your rebound as well and your control, a very simple, effective,
it bounces back, it gives you durability. It also gives you the technique that you are
not wasting time chasing balls when you are talking about the Quickster eight by five
portable goal. As I said for kids, they love shooting, they love kicking the ball hard.
The durability is very important. The safety aspects as well. The design that it has is
very fitting for the kid and that is one thing I like about the SKLZ product.
I think when you talk about the versatility that it has is one – it is going to make the
individual that one step better.

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