Snorkelling tips for beginners for Maldives Resorts

Snorkelling tips for beginners for Maldives Resorts

Hi this my name is Mady and I am working at Kurumba
Maldives as a snorkelling instructor. So Maldives is really popular for sandy beaches, palm
trees and of course the blue waters. And all year around the water is above 26 degrees
and very warm. Today I am going to give you few cool tips how to do snorkelling in the
Maldives. Ok, right now we are here at the pool, so
before we head out to the lagoon we will give a practice on how to use the snorkelling equipment. Ok let�s talk about the snorkelling equipment
first. Here we have a mask and a snorkel. It should be perfectly fitting to your face.
And always make sure that you are taking your hair off from the mask area before you wear
it. And then we have fins. If you are not a great swimmer or if you are not really comfortable
in water its always advisable and recommended to use a life jacket, especially on the reef.
Alright, let�s begin. While you are snorkelling there is a possibility
that you can get some water into your snorkel. In order to clear it out all you have to do
is just to blow some air into your snorkel. And also when you are snorkelling that is
a possibility that you can get some water into your mask. All you have to do is just
press your mask against your face sand then blow out thought your nose. Whole snorkelling
breathing is the easiest part. Just breathe in and out slowly, gently and then take your
time. While you are snorkelling duck diving is important just to clear some waves all
you have to do is put your head down and kick out and when you reach the service again just
blow out through your snorkel and it will clear all the water inside your snorkel. While
underwater you might feel some pleasure in your ears. All you have to do is pinch your
nose slightly and blow out/ it will equalize the pressure and it will make your more comfortable
in the water. Ok we are done with our practices, so we will
be heading to the beach with some of our guests for an actual snorkelling experience. Before we head our there are some safety general
rules that you have to follow on. Always you have to snorkel in pairs. And if you are not
a strong swimmer or if you are not comfortable then wear a life jacket. Be really careful
with the currents and the directions of the current. And keep away from the boats if there
is any, and of course you have to wear some really good sunscreen before you head out. And let�s look at key points to make your
snorkelling more enjoyable. Plan your snorkel entry and exit points, current
directions. Water sports centres in your resorts will provide you with this information. Check
the conditions. It is not advisable to go our snorkelling in stormy conditions or late
in the evening. Make sure you move slowly and gently, do not overstrain yourself. Really
simple, guys, breath in an out, keep horizontal, float, stay close together. Kicking nice and
gently go with the current. Finally, when you in the water please do not touch corals
or marine life. Corals are very sensitive and very slowly growing, and one kick or touch
can destroy many years of growth. Use the marked snorkelling channels to keep well clear
of growing corals. Never feed marine life, they can become depended and aggressive around
humans. Thank you for joining us. If you are coming
to Kurumba or any Maldives island for that matter, we strongly recommend you take a snorkelling
lesson, follow the good safe snorkelling practices and of course remember to protect our environment. Please like the video and and subscribe to
our channel for more handy hints of making the most of your holidays in the Maldives.

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  1. Thank you so much I'm only ten and only do it in a swimming pool but when I'm older I'll definitely be trying it in the sea this helped so much thank you

  2. Wow
    Such a great experience!
    I am not very much familiar with swimming , can I still snorkelling with help of instructors ?

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  4. Around the 00:33 mark he say the water is around 26ยฐ and is very warm, thatโ€™s below freezing

  5. So beautiful there and great information. I'f you are going to dive a little deeper or longer don't keep the snorkel in your mouth, water can come into your mouth and lungs, you can drown.

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  7. Newly Married Filipino couple just died there while snorkeling .. how come they got drown in the water? R.i.p to them๐Ÿ˜ข

  8. I am reviewing this just a week my co pilipino is drown snorkeling in that place why there is no life vest for the first timer

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  10. So the current of water in this place is really better if u dont know how to swim,don't go for snorkeling just for ur curiosity..just stay at the shallow part of the ocean

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  14. You didn't mention to use a sun screen that's reef friendly! Kurumba was one of the first hotels in the Maldives and now one of the shitiest!

  15. Kurumba is my last choice in Maldives,the professional management operating this resort till 2009,now the current management & staff are unprofessional & horrible,our entire group stopped going there& we convince other Europeans not to end up in kurumba,the general manager Mr Naseem & his team were professional & osm.

  16. If we stay at the resort do we get to use snorkeling gears for free or do we have to pay for it? And is it good to Buy gears from India or we can get it good quality at better rate in Maldives?

  17. A must have for an outdoor adventure, camping.>>> Makes everything easier and extremely durable. Highly recommend.

  18. Thank you! This was very informative. I'm going to snorkel next year and I've never done it, this video has very helpful first tips!

  19. hi nice video i am ready to support your channl if your willing to support my channel then i ll support your channel please reply to me

  20. He forgot to mention how it is important to bite on it and not just put it in your mouth.Also,you
    shouldn't open your mouth even a little.

  21. Are guys seriously talking about the fake acting?
    Well you should know its not a movie or a drama.
    Its a video of information and tips regarding how to snorkel and the information provided are super good.
    If you guys want to see pro acting you should try a movie.
    Good job and very informative.

  22. I have done snorkelling in Tunku Abdul Rahman park, Sabah. I got sunburn and it took me 1 month to recover. I fell sick that night for soaking myself in salt water too long.

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