Soccer Tips : How to Buy Youth Soccer Shin Guards

Soccer Tips : How to Buy Youth Soccer Shin Guards

Hi my name is Guillermo Gomez I coach kids
soccer. And one of the questions I often get asked by parents is what type of shin guards
to get. So how do you buy shin guards for players. Well there are two types of shin
guards out there, a price ranges based on brand or also the quality of the shin guard.
We have a shin guard with a ankle sleeve. Or you have just basically a clipped in shin
guard. For most youth players, it is recommended that you use an ankle slip shin guard, because
it protects the ankle as well as the shin as well. When you go to the store, you want
to put them on, make sure that they fit snugly on the shin, make sure that they are, that
they fit below the knee. Cause you don’t want them to obstruct while you are practicing
or playing a game. Then we move into the basic slipped in shin guard which basically you
just want to snuggly properly again on your shin guard and then pull your socks and that’s
how they get positioned on your shin, the soccer sock holds them on. For just soccer
players for better protection, you probably want to use the ankle sleeve. But huge disadvantage
of this type of shin guard is they tend to obstruct when you are playing the game of
soccer. They tend to be warmer as well. And they do limit mobility. However, this type
of shin guard protects the younger player much better. If you are an advanced player,
my recommendation is that you use a slipped in shin guard. It gives a lot of flexibility,
you can move in and it will not affect you when you have control of the ball. And also
they are very light, and all you need to do is just roll your sock up and the shin guard
will be maintained there. There is no straps or anything that, would make it uncomfortable
when you are playing soccer.

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  1. If you don't know where the hell to get Shinpads from [sport shops] then seriously, you are RETARDED.

  2. @D0peTurtl3 yea but he has some shitty brand , it depends what brands , for example if you get nike there wayy better

  3. i get hit in the knees all the time and i got hockey socks because its freezing cold can i use hockey shin guards under the hockey socks

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