Spinning Beach Ball of Death

Spinning Beach Ball of Death

ApplauseToday I’m going to talk about unexpected discoveries now, I work in solar technology industry and my small startup is looking to force ourselves into the environment by paying attention toSmall awkward laughpaying attention to.. crowdsourcing ..it’s just a quick video of what we do.. huh.. hang on a moment.. it might take a moment to loadFunk error soundoh..Error sound Crowd laughsWe’ll justError soundwe can just skipError soundI’ll just skip through the video insteadSosumi error soundError soundsError soundsError soundsno…Error sounds & Crowd laughterWild Eep error soundA mix of error sounds and music playsMusicWha?..MusicMusic Fades OutThis is not…Error soundsOop.. okCrowd LaughterSolar technology is… oh.. thats all my time.. ok… Thank you very muchApplauseTED.comImprov Everywhere – Subtitles by Matthew McGeehan

99 thoughts on “Spinning Beach Ball of Death

  1. Holy shit. I just realize it was this video ERB was making reference too in the Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs rap battle. Holy shit. Mind Blown

  2. At first I was honestly convinced he was going to show a slide show then I forgot it was mac and the spinning ball of death sucks xD but nice party at TED

  3. I love the phoney hyperbole of Ted Talks. They've just become a festival of self-promoting back slappers and this clip hits the nail on the head.

  4. There was a bug in Steve's reality matrix distortion kernel. Please stand by while he fixes the reality glitches. You have not seen anything out of the ordinary.

  5. "and we will all stand next to each other with rainbow colored wigs and fire streamers into the audience, and wear multi-colored spandex body-suits and dance to electronic music"….. Yeah, that's not super fruity at all.

  6. i really hope the person giving the ted talk was in on the prank. I mean he probably was but if not I feel sorry for him

  7. This makes me laugh so hard, because I've been a Mac user all my life, up until recently when I bought a new PC laptop for school. I feel this on a deeper level than one can describe! XDDDD

  8. I have a 2008 Macbook Pro and began to have the same issue…I could not even boot it up due to programs on in the startup, but I could not remove them from startup b/c they weren't in my user profile…I started to chuck it and shell out 2 grand for a new one….then, I tried something…I logged into the guest account and entered my Apple ID…guest what? I got all my resouces, icloud and everything. Also, my computer is working a lot faster b/c those startup apps are not showing up. I am able to do everything I was able do as administrator…I am happy and will keep my 2008 a bit longer.

  9. For everyone wondering: the song used here is titled "Beach Ball". See the link they put in the description, and click "tylerwalker" to see his musics on Soundcloud.
    The guy has made tons of cool musics =D

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