Stardew Valley & Greater Challenge  |  Video Games Eh? Episode 20

Stardew Valley & Greater Challenge | Video Games Eh? Episode 20

Stardew Valley Review Video Games Eh Yes Guy Gaming hello everyone welcome back to yes guy
gaming on this episode of video games a I’m going to take a look back at stardew
valley one of my favorite games in the past couple of years now I already did a
full review of stardew valley and I gave it a 9 out of 10 it’s and it’s an
awesome game if you haven’t checked it out I would definitely take a look at it
if it’s the kind of game for you definitely purchase it play through and
it’s definitely worth your time but what I wanted to talk about today was this
concept that stardew valley takes with a greater challenge in kind of a sandbox
the RPG style game like this and games like Harvest Moon in stardew valley
there’s a lot to do and kind of your main goals are told to you know like
develop the farm achieve you know get married do all these things but there’s
one overarching goal that is to complete the community center either by
purchasing it and kind of going for the bad Jojo Mart ending or by finding all
the required items and filling out all the little bundles so that you can fill
out the community center and kind of restore the town now the mechanics of
stardew valley and games like this are are fun to play through for those of the
types of gamers that do enjoy that you do the farming you know there’s the
mining which is a ton of fun way more fun than other games like this there’s
the animals harvesting like foraging all sorts of stuff to do in this game which
are all fun in their own ways but what takes a game from being fun for a few
hours and then you get bored to a game that you can play for 30 40 50 60 hours
is a greater challenge that you’re looking to achieve in stardew valley if
there were no community center achievement where there was no reason to
do all this stuff the longevity of the game might kind of fall off like you
finished a year you’ve seen all the seasons you’ve seen all the festivals
you’ve kind of played through the gameplay harvested a bunch of crops and
done all these things and yet have asking yourself why the stuff in the
community center is a little bit more challenging to get and if you miss
things in one season you’ll have to wait it around to get those again you can
complete it in one season there’s checkout there’s some speedruns or
whatever the game you finish it within the first year but for those who aren’t
attacking it that aggressively it’s this kind of thing that plays in the
background that you’re always conscious of it’s something that you’ll need to do
if you’re looking to the game now started Valley is highly
influenced and inspired by the Harvest Moon games the series of games that I’m
definitely a huge fan of I’ve already reviewed the harvest moon 64 edition I
hope to review some more of them because they’re really fun games and kind of
where I found my love for this type of game Harvest Moon played around with
this idea of a greater challenge a few times in their game in the magical
melody the tree of tranquility and animal parade games where he had this
kind of goal where needed to collect all these things to kind of save the town
and win the game it’s for this reason that these are maybe some of my more
favorite games but I didn’t end up playing those games as much as some of
the others because the gameplay wasn’t quite as good I don’t really feel like
there was a Harvest Moon game that really combined the two ideas of breadth
of gameplay and the stuff that you can do that makes it really fun and then an
overarching goal that you can kind of achieve for example Harvest Moon Friends
of mineral town tons of things you can do great mechanics a lot of fun but
there’s no real overarching greater goal starting Valley definitely attacks this
idea by giving you a ton of things to do and a ton of things that you need to do
to complete the community center you need to touch every aspect of the game
if you’re gonna get that done it’s a great design concept making a way for
you to beat the game to touch every single mechanic in the game but it’s to
a point so you need to earn a certain amount of money to finish the game to
buy things and crops and equipment and also to other stuff but you can do it in
whatever way you want you do need to touch each mechanic a little bit the
fishing mining farming forging all those things to complete the game but you can
make your choice once you’ve touched all them which you
really like the most and where you’re really gonna put your focus in into
playing the game in addition to just the community center challenges there’s also
a few items and things that you can buy for an exorbitant amount of money to
give players who’ve played a ton of the game and are really having a lot of fun
something to actually work towards in the late game this really extends the
playtime of this game and makes us that players will play your game for a lot
longer for example the totems that you could buy from the Wizards place it in
the game for like a million gold or something like
that like that’s a lot of money and there’s a couple of them divide that
give you added benefits that help you play the game and kind of service this
really sense of I’ve made it I’ve actually dominated this game I’ve
purchased everything complete that I’ve beaten the game by achieving all these
goals and it takes a very long time to do that but they’ve crafted it in such a
way that the players who don’t really have those aspirations can still enjoy
the game and feel like they’ve beaten the game once they get married or maybe
completely just the town center or maybe just accumulate a bunch of money you can
do whatever you want the challenges are left there for you to accomplish at your
own pace which is beautiful personally I love games that really attack this kind
of late game mentality if your gameplay is strong enough then players are gonna
want to plan it for a long time and at the end once they’ve either beaten the
game or done the majority of the gameplay a nice little thing at the end
to kind of keep them going once they’ve really enjoying the game or for example
once they’ve collected all these power-ups or really powered up their
character or really accomplish some goal that’s changed the world a little bit of
gameplay after that we’re starting Valley gives a ton but a little bit
after that serves as kind of like a cherry on top of what is a phenomenal
game then stardew valley does that really well well this episode is a
little bit shorter than normal that’s all I’ve got to say about the greater
challenge in stardew valley definitely it’s a game you want to check out if you
haven’t already especially if you’re a fan of the Harvest Moon games you have
to play this game this is like Harvest Moon 7 it’s the definite sequel to these
it’s its spiritual successor whatever you want to call it definitely go out
and check it out it’s well worth your time but thank you guys again so much
for watching I definitely appreciate it if you enjoy these videos leave a like
or maybe leave some comments on some topics that you’d love to hear covered
and you want to learn about and we can kind of study and learn and grow about
game design together that sounds really corny but thanks again for watching and
I hope to see you next time on video games eh? Stardew Valley Review Video Games Eh Yes Guy Gaming

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