STAYING ROCK HARD!!!  || Pokemon Stadium Minigames Gameplay

STAYING ROCK HARD!!! || Pokemon Stadium Minigames Gameplay

Pokemon Stadium Minigames what do you press I didn’t read it shit
hey hey what hey you got a hole in each ah hello and welcome back to yes guy
gaming I’m here with my friend Julia hey guys and we’re playing Pokemon Stadium it’s
been a while since I played this game Julia’s never played it before can’t
believe it what the hell Julia I need anyways we’re gonna do who’s the best to
see who’s the best and Wow we’ll play a few games you know I think
I think I know who’s gonna be no offense no offense at all but let’s get to it
oh by the way we’re planning on a bit of a messed up version here so I don’t know
yeah that okay so Rick random okay this one Ekans hoop pearl so you gotta aim
and toss that’s it so it’s this one right use now let me sure I need this
one right sure sure start it haha we’re doing it like shortly wow that’s not where I wanted to
go oh come on this is tough get in yes no oh my clear one it’s so hard on
this bootleg version get in there damn it I gotta meet the computers no come on
we need some of the end business any version come on you go yes I’m in three
I need Lord of here at the back Oh double dude how are you going so soft
come on hey you got a double but I got I got the win
well the time so what do they do on that you guess the stars yeah got a star
sorry dude couple points oh you get to choose it well actually no you don’t get
to choose because they get okay Rock Harding ya know if you know what I mean
no okay okay so you got a hard and as the
boulders come that’s this game if you know what I mean you gotta try to get as
close as possible to save that HP these computers are doing pretty good I held
it you long that time you’re doing pretty bad yeah oh no it’s
gonna be tight oh I’ve made this tents in years yeah that’s huge
okay three wins to become the champ that’s all we need so I’m inching closer
so maybe you have to choose this one you can pick your favorite
no no they’ll forget that sorry now this one sushi go round what do you press I didn’t reshape hey
hey what hey I’m saying I don’t even know what they are
I want this calm is it my hole in each ah that’s right I’ll show me a job goddammit computer
deciding knows all I need one more win and it’s trying to get me come on go you
okay your kick oh shit neat job one night oh
god these guys are all around me how do you get the times for like how is he on
the bonus right now I don’t get if all these plates like I don’t get this
minigame at all I just like the guy yelling Oh a nutria no get one at least
get another get another thank you well just keeping me alive
oh it’s even it’s even no it’s not you’re right alright which one do you
like the fishery cool that one was probably the game I did
best snore more hit it just one button okay it’s a timing thing I’m missing it
what oh I get it now all I’m on it now focus required is a lot you better not win this one dude I’ll be
pissed it’s all that rock band has helped me for this moment
Oh No just did it that mean I win and that’s
that’s the congrats I get right there isn’t that beautiful okay well that’s
gonna do for this episode Julia I gotta thank you so much for being here with me
yeah it’s great anyways I gotta thank you guys as well
for watching if you enjoy the episode hit that like button or if you haven’t
already hit subscribe but thanks again so much for watching we’ll see you next
time on yes guy gaming Pokemon Stadium Minigames

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