STICK OUT MY CUTE BUTT!?!? | Sweet Volley High Playthrough Episode 2

STICK OUT MY CUTE BUTT!?!? | Sweet Volley High Playthrough Episode 2

Sweet Volley High Playthrough Yes Guy Gaming Visual Novel Dating Sim High School Indoor Volleyball Video Game next your stance is wrong – your feet
need to be shoulder-width apart okay so I was standing with my feet like
close together so I fell over maybe alright okay hello and welcome back to
yes guy gaming we’re back playing sweet volleyball hi and if you haven’t seen
the last episode check it link in the description this is a game a visual
novel about a girl who plays on a volleyball team so in my quest to unlock
and play all the volleyball games made all of them one of tho the fun ones I’ve
stumbled across this last episode we learned that well check it out if you
haven’t spoiler alert we learned that our one of our star players got in a car
crash and was in a coma and that means that we are character oh yeah now has to
play on the starting lineup of our school volleyball team so you know it’s
bittersweet but mostly sweet because we’re gonna get started anyways thank
you guys for the support you’ve shown to this channel to this to this series
thank you for everybody watched episode number one if you haven’t checked out
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guys have been a huge help in helping me to get spread you know get this channel
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to do what they love and make it the best thing they can I love volleyball
and I love video games so I mean it’s taking me to this point I’m in sweet
volleyball I my love of volleyball and video games has taken me here that’s not
inspiring I don’t know what is that’s probably not that inspiring actually
anyways that’s the goal thank you guys for helping out so much this subscribes
the the nice message is the likes everything means a lot to me so thank
you guys so much anyways enough chatter say focused
get to it all right so I’ve arrived home after being told that I’ve got a start
on the volleyball team his mom home mom hey mom yeah that’s my mom in case you
didn’t see the other episode yeah she looks like she could be like I’m not
even gonna go there turns out I will be playing boy after
all yes I am so disappointed about that but yes guys fired up does that mean I
can buzz gonna come to a game aiyah your mother’s gonna come watch you play
no mom oh yeah listen know what no yeah mom needs to cover the game it’s a
necessity look at all you guys out there you know what it’s like having your mom
or dad come to a game probably if you don’t apologize I apologize and totally
embarrass you in front of everybody there wow yeah okay so my mom is
suggesting that I go hang out with my grandfather out in the country I’m not
really sure why the story is taking this direction but aya seems interested in
going to hang with Grandpa maybe he’s a volleyball guru it’s good to teach me
some tips and tricks for that perfect platform that butter set and gonna put a
pound some balls hopefully yeah okay so it’s just gives us a head to like the
end of school the next day so every hot Sun walks into class it’s the star
player on the volleyball team she’s always dressed pretty plainly she means
business she’s a pro volleyball players on the national team under 18 though
under 18 wait so these girls are under 18 all right we’re in the locker room
for practice a few bags of balls on the floor
all right Yuka I’m ready to practice and train to kick some ass Yuka’s flirting
with me weird I don’t Nuka you were the one making fun of me
for being on the bench all the time now you’re being nice to me with that ACK hi
Yuka ready for tonight oh yeah I’m ready to
show you what I’m made of don’t expect too much no I guess I’m che
Yuka says oh come on hit the bowl with your hands get over that it’s not that
hard you know Yuka you’re on a volleyball team you know there’s more to
the game than that come on it’s Nana me come on you two all ready to start I’m
ready to go captain oh now that means the captain yes captain
aye-aye captain we get to the gym ourselves every time we practice so
there’s no one else in the gym perfect starting at brighter journeys so not to
turn the lights perfect I’m glad these things are my eyes did attract the bugs
the bugs okay the squeaking of shoes on the
varnished floors we had follow and behind us on to the center of the court
we’re getting ready to practice wait that was that was the voice-acting line
there’s a whole line and the voice actress goes okay there’s no full line
listen if you need a voice actor for this game to play some of the male
characters give me a call I will do it okay everyone let’s serve with some
passing drills kiss – kiss senpai is going to be serving for us all right
thanks guys okay mizuki-san told you’ll join me on this side because ookay you
can serve back from this side and we’ll swap out so we’re doing some serve and
pass so they’re gonna serve to me perfect make sure to pass the ball once
and then pass back over to Kazuki got it got it easy right super easy I’ll give
it a shot all right let’s start voice acting oh god okay here we go you can looks good she knows what she’s
doing Mizuki this is the past so yeah you kiss a good passer I guess now
headed back to Yuka okay I’m gonna set it back to Yuka I screwed it up oops I’m
nervous I’m just totally nervous I’ve never played this sport ever and now I
got to be good at it are you kidding me you know what is a portable holly ball
size matters right it’s just practice okay three two one start you don’t need
to do a three two one start it’s practiced Saito yep
Mizuki I can do this huh wait did I what are you laughing at
you okay what happened did I screw it up again
I’m terrible okay I have to get it this time I’m just setting the ball so she
get it over that’s all I’m doing super simple
I got this huh I missed the ball completely
you’re kidding me wait I’ve never actually played before I’ve been on the
team for years and I’ve never played before oh my god this story no I’ve
never played before ayuh confirms it how many players are on
the team is there only six players on the team and you need me to play well I
guess we played three on three the other night at practice in the last episode
our first practice we played three on three
I assumed that that would work that meant people were rotating in but in
hindsight now that must mean there really is only six players on the team
damn if you’re not going to take this seriously you shouldn’t even be here
no I’m taking this seriously I’m just seriously shit you’re just wasting my
time and everyone else’s time no I’m doing my best Nana me I’m really trying
I want to be a star I’m gonna make that junior national team this obviously
isn’t working look let’s call it a day and try again
tomorrow what we’ve only been practicing for five minutes I tried to set it like
three times what we’re done you’re pissed with me not at me come on whoa you made her pretty mad never seen her
like that before listen Yuka I don’t need any of your
sass it’s been a rough day does she mean literally or okay weird yeah stupid
question perfect now somebody’s making actual sense Yuka okay good to know
I was probably holding on like this trying to volley it oh I’m just trying
to pump so I was probably like oh yeah we’ve all seen that guy or girl in the
gym he’s John yeah that was me but now okay hands together perfect
platform do you see that look at how level that is that is perfect look at
that comment down below do you go hand over hand and thumbs in or do you go
fist in hand are you some weird stuff like this let
me know in the comments below ok so I was standing with my feet like close
together so I fell over maybe alright okay great
okay now I’m gonna pass the ball to you gently don’t try and hit it hard
just try and direct it back toward you got it I’m sticking my cute little butt
out all right yes my first bump ever what game do you get to relive your
first bump ever you can thank you so much that’s sarcasm this is bullshit you got it you Kaido need your sass how
about we hit the showers huh um I don’t know about you but like yeah we need the
showers after practice but I never had one of my teammates go hey let’s hit the
showers huh that’s pretty inappropriate teammate
you’ve got what we’re going out now I mean I’m down but like that’s kind of
random we’re hitting the town oh hey look over there all right so I’m out on
the town with Yuka after practice and yeah she I don’t know where are we yeah
so we’re downtown Tokyo pretty cool I mean that’s awesome but I don’t know
what we’re doing wait dude let you into bars okay great
let’s get a hammered cigarette oh right you could school I forgot you cuz the
cool girl she smokes she gets in trouble all the time what was the other thing
probably something else to do with her being in trouble super Cola I do not
smoke yeah no smokes we’re playing volleyball
so Yuka is telling me that she goes into these bars and she gets guys to buy our
drinks look at the name of this bar it’s right there look at that
it’s called bang-on really what are some of the other English words going on here
fresh so Yuka she but she says something
pretty interesting she says not that I ever have any interest in them but hey
free is free so you’re not interested in men or just these men I’m confused
so she’s saying I should show a little cleavage to the barman and they’ll let
me in the bar well I mean I don’t know should I do that
so I’m Bailey yeah I am is bailing she’s like no forget that I’m not doing
that that’s a joke we got to focus on volleyball that’s a bummer
but you have to come out another night okay I kind of get off on corrupting
cute innocent girls like you ha ha ha Yuka what are you saying right now what
all right so I made it back home to the beautiful so beautiful
guitar music sunset is beginning mums welcoming me home it’s perfect
so my mom bought me a ticket to go see granddad out in the country
it’s kind of weird timing because like the volleyball thing is very real
happening right now but now why am I gonna take some time to go see granddad
but I got to be training I really don’t understand all right so I’m in the
classroom and it’s frantic with activity day I wrote don’t really know what that
means but it’s exam day ah last-minute cramming but hey I am no stranger to
last-minute cramming uh yeah I mean you can but study hard huh you know it cut
Yuka is is showing some interest in me we nobody showed interested me before
but now that I’m a starter on the volleyball team Yuka seems to be having
interest in me what I don’t like that why were you in to me before Yuka Nana
me canceled practice for the rest of the season wait what yeah
what still pissed about what happened she canceled the last match too
Nana me are you stupid Nana me what are you talking about I mean okay I guess it
is understandable one of the top players is in a coma I mean that’s a pretty big
deal but so what it’s a no big deal so you could
saying I’ll leave the volleyball club I haven’t thought about it no I’m staying
in the volleyball club I’m not sure know it’s called Sweet Valley High I’m
staying in that volleyball club break the news to an enemy what Oh you cos
after my spot there’s our principal thanks miss settle
down please yeah thank you why does the principal teach every class English
Charlie doesn’t have as much hair as he used to
he’s got a receding hairline at the front and it’s bald on top thinning come
on I was close I’d be failing this exam so I’m gonna spend the entire summer in
the countryside with Grandpa kind of weird I mean I think grab nah nothing
against grandpa’s but like uh why I don’t get it
something exciting gonna happen there an ice cream store is there one there I
don’t know pencils down thanks principal great
summer break so I’m done exams I’m done schools it’s great what great is this
who knows I’m asking you cuff she’s got any plans all right
she’s the beat all right I’m done forget this garbage Oh Yuka’s invited for you
now don’t forget this garbage you kids inviting me to the beach I’m not
necessarily against that I mean I know we’re here for the volleyball but I mean
beach volleyball it’s a thing you guys oh but I’m saying that sounds nice but I
have to go on spend time with my grandpa old people boring yeah I bought the
ticket okay see ya you got what okay so I’ll hop on the train and now
I’m entering the country to meet up with my grandpa I don’t know why I’m really
hoping that grandpa is like some sort of volleyball guru he’s gonna teach me how
to be the best player ever let’s check no grandpa
there you are I am Chyna it’s you yes me grandpa is he giving me the Vulcan like
live long and prosper like hi grandpa good to see you too IA goes
grandpa why are you here and he goes I live here well ok I mean why are you at
home grandpa well are you coming finally that’s perfect this guy I like this guy
already Oh grandpa you’re being real nice calling me beautiful you both get
it for me of course oh that’s how I picture him saying that
right is I a bit creeped out by Grandpa hey yeah I was quite a looker back in
the day I bet you were grandpa you look like shit now though how do you think I
managed to land a cute lady like your grandma oh and that creepy laugh grandpa
you better be good at volleyball I’ll be this will be weird
okay grandpa’s asking how I’m doing you have five thanks grandpa
yeah a pretty good night nap you stretch your legs down to the farm to the road
to get some eggs all right well suit suit yourself Oh grandpa’s a creep but if it’s a good
volleyball the guy I may put up with it I don’t know we’ll see so there’s some
old books in the house one of them is called falling in love with your boss
grandma had some pretty interesting reading choices she’s passed away though
sometimes okay yeah absolute trash ayahs not into that garbage I’m with you aya
romance novels who would read or play through a romance novel or a visual
novel game only losers would play through that shit right I found a book
from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics judo who did judo hot grandma you found my medal
huh you are creepiest baha grandpa really grandpa is this yours
so I found a medal he’s told me about it a million times apparently grandpa who I
don’t even know you it’s been a long time grandpa yeah like
come on okay so what happened grandpa you won
for judo the dang it that doesn’t help me with volleyball middleweight great
Papa sport who cares tournaments medal judo in Japan great
peak Olympic yep great what about the volleyball wait aya saying she’d love to
try don’t don’t judo with this creepy grandpa ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha maybe you could be my personal coach if it was volleyball aya
you’re on the volleyball team really do you know doesn’t want to used to be not
popular anymore you get injured all the time that’s right
coach me and volleyball grandpa at the pro level is not really any way to make
a living outside of coaching well if you’re serious about sports I choose
something else like volleyball I’ve chosen volleyball wait a minute don’t
you play volleyball school yes I do grandpa that might be pushing it I’m
part of the club I don’t know good you’re right I’m pretty shit I only
learned to bump yesterday but look at my platform it’s sick
well you know the 18 1964 Olympic judo wasn’t the only sport introduced so the
first year volleyball was in the Olympics 1964 in Tokyo the first time
volleyball was in the Olympics naturally the women’s team won gold so Japan the
women’s team won gold that year there’s a fun fact the more you know okay great
this is a creepy statement by grandpa he goes oh I used to know some of the
players a fun bunch they were grandpa really so why don’t you try
getting it at volleyball grandpa is encouraging my volleyball
skill I wouldn’t know where to start I’m no good at all I’m not particularly fit
I don’t have a good technique I don’t even know the basics well technique come
to town practice that’s the easy part what grandpa you can help me I can’t
teach you that but stand up a moment grandpa this is getting weird
why am i standing up what are you what do you mean what are you humming yes
sitting at me grandpa you’re tall that’s good okay check cuz you know what size
matters you got good posture that’s good you’re
damn right but hey why did you poke me where did he poke me you’re soft aya
chin really grandpa really Yoona poke me call me soft Wow
you need more Musti you’ve got to be strong yet fast yeah thanks I think that
would solve your problem no my problem is as I’ve never played the game in the
f sport I just learned this perfect platform yesterday are you kidding me
gym ba you don’t need gym why not little gram show you how to do it
grandpa’s gonna train the shit out of me I’m gonna come back and be super fit
strong great kick some ass okay guys well that’s where I’m gonna end this
episode we’ve yeah we’ve we journeyed out to the countryside to be with
Grandpa grandma’s gonna train me physically to be better at volleyball
without actually touching a volleyball listen you and I both know that to be
good at volleyball you need to actually play volleyball like you can’t like I
mean if you’re physical it helps yes but you need the skills like are you kidding
me grandpa well I don’t know we’ll see what
happens anyways thank you guys for watching hopefully you enjoy this
episode if you did hit that like button maybe leave a comment with some of your
thoughts I’m sorry your thoughts on what the heck’s going on with aya and Grandpa
is grandpa creepy I think he is Izzie though I don’t know maybe let me know in
the comments below and if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button would
really really appreciate that trying to make this channel the best it possibly
can be and grow the community of like-minded people like me who love
volleyball who enjoy video game and just love having fun and being and
having the most fun we can’t bother the time that we have so thank you guys so
much for watching and we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Sweet Volley High Playthrough Yes Guy Gaming Visual Novel Dating Sim High School Indoor Volleyball Video Game

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  1. This game have a lot of things: sexual harassment, nasty characters, poor plot, simple graphics, poor routes (options in a graphic novel).


    And its name is "Sweet VOLLEY High".

    But the weirdest thing is: when you score, will be game over.


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