13 thoughts on “Stop Getting BEAT By The LOB – Tennis Lesson

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  2. This is an excellent discussion but I do not shift my weight to give away my top spin lob. It's all arm for me and it's very hard to read. Also, sometimes I move up to hit a topspin lob if the ball is lower and not in my strike zone. So I would not follow your predictions but it's good to get players to think in matches.

  3. I've watched a few of your videos over the last few days, and in every one you use your rating method, then decipher that to NTRP ratings, so you use both.
    Why not just use NTRP ranking system instead of both? Or whatever yours is.

  4. Great videos guys! Subscribed and liked. Literally binge watching your videos 😀 , they are just so helpful and informative. Keep up the good work!

  5. I'm enjoying your lessons. I like your uncomplicated look at each of your lessons.
    I introduce the game to beginners and improvers. I love the idea of helping them to learn with tennis lessons on the internet. Your lessons are helpful.
    I can't know everything so I always encourage the student to search out sites like these, to reinforce what I say and demonstrate and learn new ideas. My dream is to set up a club that internet-based that swaps information about tennis learning. The members would support each other throughout the learning process.
    I wonder too if you ever considered not using words to describe the player's ability but allowing us, coach and student to video the learners game/stroke and send this to an online coach for analysis and then directing them to the lessons most suitable for their game. It seems to me your lessons structures go a long way to allowing that to happen. The coach and player can practise the lessons recommended.
    I am not the best player so the demonstration can be an issue, using the above ideas may solve the problem . I think it would improve customer satisfaction.

  6. Very helpful. Too easy to get caught up in MY half of the game — hitting a good approach shot, admiring it, then watching the lob go up. Anticipation is the key word, especially as you face better players.

  7. great stuff! You guys are so far offering the best video for the specific targeted audience based on the tennis ratings. Would also like to have a video on how to lob deep during the game. thx!

  8. I am at the point where I realize when my opponent does the lob, but I still lose the point because I mess up my smash 🙁

  9. I just love your videos. Now I am wondering if one of you guys will post a video on overheads. Also, when do one of you guys wanna play me ?? Scott is going down !! Haha.

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