Swimming Without a Mask | You can do it with ease! | Scuba diving mask skill

Swimming Without a Mask | You can do it with ease! | Scuba diving mask skill

Today we’re gonna teach you how to swim
underwater without a mask on your face. So you’ re gonna go from this. To this. The mask skill is usually one of the hardest parts of your open water training
and when people get stuck they do get stuck on this skill. Therefore we’ve made
a simple step by step program which helps you to complete this skill. We teach
this program for over a decade now. So it has proven itself in real life.
For the first step you don’t need your mask at all. You just gonna need a
snorkel and we’re gonna stay in the shallow end of the pool. Take a wide
stand and you can hold your nose if you want to. Put your head in the water and
focus on breathing through your mouth and the snorkel. Once you get that under
control you can release your nose and try to
really focus on breathing through your mouth, that’s the most important part. For step two we’re gonna stay in this
shallow part of the pool but we’re gonna need our scuba set and this step you
can’t do without a dive professional if you don’t have certification just yet.
Okay, release all the air from your BC and we’re gonna sit on our knees. You can
hold your nose while going down, if it makes you feel more comfortable. Try
to focus on breathing through your mouth and don’t forget to tilt your head. This
diverts the bubbles along side your head and they don’t go into your nose
and give you the illusion you can breathe. Take your time! If you don’t feel
comfortable, just stand up and try again. Just take your time until you’re fully
comfortable doing this skill. Step three is kind of like step two but we’re gonna
add the mask. We’re not gonna put it on our face right away but we’re gonna take
it with us underwater and breathe without a mask first and then put the
mask on and clear it, so we’re good to go. Again release all the air from your BC
and sit on your knees on the shallow end of the pool. Remember you can hold your
nose but at this stage it is better if you don’t. If you learned not doing it.
Don’t forget to tilt your head and now we’re gonna put the mask on but not
before you’re fully comfortable breathing without the mask. Otherwise
you’re gonna rush it. Make sure the nose is on the down side
of the mask. Make sure the strap is all okay and put it on your face. Don’t clear
it just yet make! Sure the strap is perfect and no hair is between the mask
in your face. This prevents it from leaking when you have cleared it. Take two
fingers, place them between your eyes and breathe in through your mouth and
breathe out through your nose while you look up and make sure it’s all empty. Step four is basically the entire mask
skill. So what we’re going to do is put our masks on. Sit on our knees, take it
off, breathe for a time and then put it back on and clear all the water out. Okay
this is it! The final skill! Release all the air from your BC and go sit on your
knees. Take some time to get used to being underwater and for your breathing
rhythm and very important always put some water in your mask before you yank
it off. So gently fill the mask up otherwise it’s going to trigger a
reaction and you’re gonna inhale some water. Now take the mask off and make sure you hold onto the mask and tilt your
head. So the bubbles go past your face. Take your time! Don’t put the mask on
immediately, just control your breathing and then make sure you put the mask on
the right way. Nose down, strap in front of the mask and put it on your face. All
this is done nice and calm. don’t rush at all because when you rush
your breathing pattern goes up as well and you’ll have a tendency to
accidentally inhale through your nose. When the mask is on, clear it and you’re
good to go! This is the entire mask skill! You have done it! Make sure you do it a few
times in the shallow end of the pool to get more comfortable. Congratulations!! You finally did the mask
skill. So we got everything down but now it’s all about building confidence. So
we’re going to the deep end of the pool.
Repeat the mask skill entirely and even swim without a mask for a certain
distance. Okay first of all make sure you are bit negative. This ensures when
you take the mask off, you don’t inhale sharply and go up. Of course you need
to be able to do it neutrally but for this time, for the first time try it a
bit of negative buoyancy but make sure you let water in before you take off the
mask and when you’re sitting down make sure you tilt your head. Once you’re
swimming you don’t have to tilt your head because you’re swimming you have a
forward motion and all the bubbles go past your face anyhow. So you don’t have
to do anything. Make a small lap, don’t swim too fast.
Don’t rush yourself. Then again your breathing parent is also rushed and you
accidentally may inhale through your nose. Take your time, don’t panic. Make
sure that you put on the mask the right way, like we’ve done before. Nose down,
strap in front of the mask. Put the strap on first, ensure the hair is gone
between the mask in your face and clear it and that’s it! It’s very important that you follow the
program step by step and don’t jump from step one to step three for instance. Also
when you don’t get it for the first time, don’t worry! It’s a hard skill you get it
the next time. If you do the skills with a scuba set. It’s important that the
instructor or a dive professional assist you and you don’t do it on your own when
you don’t have a certification. If you do have a certification maybe a buddy can
help out but always remember this is one of the hardest skills to master in your
open water course and a lot of instructors who are now instructor also
struggled with it during their open water course. So you’ll get there!

11 thoughts on “Swimming Without a Mask | You can do it with ease! | Scuba diving mask skill

  1. Thanks for a great guide! Since I did my OWD I prayed every dive I will not face the situation where I would need to use this skill. Once I saw your video I decided to deal with my fears. And for now it’s in past. https://youtu.be/1sBe9eovca8

  2. Another one of your wonderful videos. Love watching and hearing about other divers methods. Haven't practiced this for a while so this summer I'll put it on the list. Can you please do a video on how to breathe to conserve air underwater? Would love to hear your perspective on the subject! Thanks!

  3. Great pool, where is that? Awsome tutorial… think all dive schools should focus on that more.. it would have helped me when i took my training.

  4. Omg I wished I had you as my instructor! So thorough and patient. When I was doing the practice to take off the entire mask and put it back at 5m, I forgot to tilt my head, and breathed in water >< From then, I prayed I wouldn’t be in a situation where I need the skill 😭

  5. Perfect tips, thanks a lot! I'm gonna practice. I had big troubles with this during my OWD and I'm doing advanced and rescue next year so I want to deal with this so I can focus on that instead of my mask removal problems.
    During my OWD course, one of the other divers kicked to my face accidentally and flooded my mask. It was completely fine, didn't expect it but I cleared it without any problem. But removing it completely was hell so I think it's just in the head.

  6. I panicked and I inhaled with my nose😖 not a nice experience hahaha now I will use your suggestions during my open water course

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