Tennis Drills – Learning to Develop a Relaxed and Efficient Swing

One player is using two racquets, the other player is using a weighted racquet. The idea is to swing relaxed and fast and feel how the racquet swishes through the air. The players should work one forehands, backhands, serve, always swinging nice and relaxed and trying to get the racket to move fast through the air with minimum effort. Both players hold the racquet with three fingers and are going to swing normally. The idea of the drill is to teach the players that they don’t really need to press on the grip.
That if they hold the racket nice and relaxed the racket head will move the way it should move. players should try forehands, backhands, serve holding the racquet with three fingers and letting the racquet head swing relaxed. Players will usually surprise themselves at how little effort it is required to move the racquet through the air. Usually when the players try to hit the ball harder they tend to muscle the ball. This exercise teaches the players to swing relaxed and to think about swinging fast instead of hard. The idea is to try to swing the three swings with the same amount of effort

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