TENS Unit for Low Back and Sciatic Pain (Electrode Placement)

29 thoughts on “TENS Unit for Low Back and Sciatic Pain (Electrode Placement)

  1. This is really helpful for my father thank you. What about having a bruised ankle and it didn’t get fractured or sprained

  2. What do y’all think about the NeuroMD? An interesting ad re: it played before your video! Claims its technology is based on five clinical studies. Say it’s better than TENS. Looks similar to the product you are recommending with the wireless pods.

  3. I hope nobody misunderstands this video. The pads have to go on the SKIN, not the clothing. I don't use TENS anymore. For some reason the pains went away after a couple of weeks intensive use of my TENS instrument. I am nearly 90 so I do not believe the underlying disorder has been fixed. I think all that has happened is the over-excited nerves have become quieter.

  4. If any of you buy the iReliev unit, please come back and comment on whether or not it helps relieve your pain!

    I’m considering one for my husband who has sciatica.

  5. Thank you so much for considering my comment means allot that you made a video on what i said <3 love you guys.

  6. Would you post a video about different braces and wraps for knees, ankles, shoulder, etc. and how to use them. I will have to buy 5 or 6 of them , try to use them and return what doesn't work. There is no one to help with this, no physical therapists, orthopedists, GPs. No one. HELP PLEASE !

  7. I have been playing around with mine. A few odd things happened. I have spinal stenosis and a recent back injury. I have pain down my legs and into my toes. I also have numbness and tingling in the leg and foot below the knee. What I did was put the electrodes on both sides of my ankle that was hurting the worst. It makes no sense to me since it is from back pain but it just hurt so bad I decided to try it. So it has a little buzz on both sides of my ankle. I was reading when I realized that the buzz had transferred to the other ankle. For real. When I moved it would shift back and forth.
    Another incident was also odd. Everything says keep the electrodes at least 2 inches apart but fairly close. After the ankle incident I decided to put one on one ankle and one on the other. I got the strongest buzz ever with that. Could only turn it about 3/4 of the way up. (usually I had to turn it all the way up)
    The one thing that puzzles me is why it often buzzes on one electrode but not on the other. Why is that?

  8. Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to answer my query about the exercises for people who have had spinal surgery and sciatica pain. I bought a tens device and this vid is perfect!!! 😊🌈

  9. Pain is never coming from where you feel it, never, so why put the pads there. It is more effective releasing tension from a muscle that is throwing your posture out of place or pulling on the irritated area. Putting it on the pain only further irritates the area and makes it worse.

  10. My Tens unit works temporarily but I can't use it much bc it leaves painful burn scars on my back even on low settings. I wish there was a wraparound wide belt type that doesn't have to be stuck to my skin bc maybe I'm allergic to the glue on the pads.

  11. Do all TENS units basically do the same thing? I've never shopped for these before and notice the prices vary wildly between brands. I just ordered a $26 one on Amazon as I can't afford the really expensive ones and I hope it helps as well as the expensive ones for my sciatic pain.

  12. I was going to buy one of these Tens machine. After watching this video, I guess I'll keep doing the exercises. This looks like it just masks the pain instead of removing it. Thanks for the video.

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