100 thoughts on “The Hideous Face of Defeat [MARIO TENNIS ACES] [TOURNAMENT STYLE]

  1. My first tourney game in the 2nd round, I got paired up against the 18th ranked person in the World. (according to tourney W and W-L record). Needless to say, I never got a point against him.

  2. That toad commentary has to be one of the worst gameplay features ever. Who has the time to read that let alone care about it if it's the same comments over and over again. "Check out that Spin Jump" – "Ye, we get it Toad, that's a Spin Jump"

  3. Just lost to a stupidly tedious and hard boss fight, time to chill out and watch my main man ryu at 01:30 in the morning when I should be sleeping. Perfect

  4. In order to not get pushed back so far, try returning a fully-charged/star shot with its counter. Blue counters red, red counters blue, purple counters purple, red counters drop shots, purple counters lob, and purple counters zone/special shots. You'll still be pushed back a little but not nearly as much as in this video. Even though normal shots don't push you back, you can still use their counters to make the game a bit easier

  5. Hey ryukahr! Please try my Mario Maker level called, "The Fate of Ryu" The code is C918-0000-03AA-3E78! Thanks! P.S. I like your beard! Lol

  6. RYU, READ THIS AND PAY ATTENTION. Now that fortnite has released for the switch, are you going to start playing? You could do challenges just like in SMM such as 'No-med challenges'(not allowed to use meds, are allowed sheild-shrooms and apples ), 'abandoner challenge' (play squads with no revives allowed), and 'Scardy-cat challenges' (run away from every person except the very last). I know I personally would love some youtube vids like that, and you're the most entertaining youtuber to do it.

  7. I like the fact that you're a good gamer overall. Even if you're new to a game you learn quickly and that makes it fun to watch.

  8. There is a counter for every shot that is why mario is spinning after blocking a special you need to do the correct shot to block it

  9. unfortunately this game has gone to shit because of people finding out about trick shots requiring little to no skill. This Meta needs to be fixed by nintendo asap

  10. I have this game and I suck so the tips in the video were super helpful. Feel free to drop more of those tips in future videos 🙂

  11. Hey Ryu; I had a dream about you last night where I met you at a campground and you were getting beaten up my Mark Wahlberg. I chased him off, you were really thankful, and we just hung out and talked about your channel and Mario stuff. It was a lot of fun. If I saw Mark Wahlberg beating you up in real life, I'd definitely do my best to take him out. Love your videos!

  12. What do you think about google aggressive and harassing marketing techniques trying to get me to join YouTube Red and YouTube TV paid services? Every time I open a google branded app I am constantly being shown this add. If they where a old girlfriend of mine it would be considered harassment.

  13. ive always played boo. back on the gamecube boo had the coolest ability. these new tennis games suck. they dont have any specialized abilities

  14. Boo is my favorite character in the Mario franchise. I use him for everything, so it’s cool to see he’s a badass in this game too

  15. 👌👀👉 https://youtu.be/0xLeiwxMWOU Ey, Ryu, watch this level of Mario Maker. What do you think…? Can you do it?

  16. against defensive characters try to be overwhemingly offensive, otherwise they will control the game. And waste you up. Push the advantage of your offensive and win the game.

  17. When i play boo i just assume a blue shot is comimg everytime. Most of the time I'm right. Regardless, it frustrated me at first

  18. News report : MAN ACUSES WALUIGI Man acuses and tried to kill waluigi in a tennis match with using waluigi's energy to make ealuigi have a heat attack. Vice planning to team with him.

  19. FruitYoshi don't joke around. o_O But knowing you, as long as you keep playing, it's a matter of time before you dominate. You already block zone shots like it's no biggie. I believe in you, Ryu!

  20. Pffff they call those trickshots? Back in my day trickshots were 360 no scope 520 gun switch fire bullets tag one quick scope in a weird place nade the hill land with 1 heath. Now that’s a trickshot

  21. when you go up against a Boo, try doing more dropshots. cuz curve balls are harder to make when you're standing close to the net…
    I think xD


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