The Women’s Bathroom – Switching Bodies {The Kloons} S2 E2

Oh piss all over the seat or piss more piss how do they have worse aim than we do that’s clean-ish alright let’s give it a whirl here folks I just just back it up but oh skirts so convenient nice here we go Oh what the hell you gotta be kidding me oh great mystery piss on my legs a perfect way to start the day what do i do what do i do what do i do just stand it up here the old fan oh god why is it spraying everywhere mystery solved now we don’t how pissed gets all over the toilet seat yeah so would you do after that I told him as soon as he finished his I’d finish mine yes love that so where do you want to go after this oh no singing like sinking metal or something you’re so weird what are you too good now for dive bars now that you’re the director of marketing someone’s feeling sassy tonight I want to have fun you know you stop so much fun in college we were so crazy and free yeah we really were you miss it you miss you I miss you too say it say what say what you used to say I don’t really feel like talking right now hello everything all right in there oh yeah um automatic flush really gets you by surprise you know we ladies should really work on keeping the bathroom more clean right you know what they say cleanliness is next to godliness well other than the fact that I’m covered in my own piss that was amazing why are you covered in piss it’s a long story but let’s just say I have a much better idea about what goes on in the women’s restroom not for no apparent reason all women hover over the seats creating the very mess they were trying to avoid in the first place no come on you know what I’m talking about I have no idea you’re in there with your friend you’re enjoying each other’s company very funny no I’m serious they’re two very professional looking women in there right now about to make out you’re joking no go see for yourself that is very uncommon thanks for watching season 2 episode 2 of switching bodies be sure to subscribe to the clean so you can catch every new episode on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Eastern Time and turn on your notifications so you know when they’re live and if you want to be a part of this weird creative process go to the community tab and submit some of your thoughts and ideas catch some other Clunes videos somewhere on the screen have a nice ride

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