#TheMaldivas2017: Scuba Diving Live Aboard with Scuba Studio Philippines

#TheMaldivas2017: Scuba Diving Live Aboard with Scuba Studio Philippines

GAIL: My gosh, ang laki ng subo ko! CAT: Our bar!!!! CREW: I’ll give you a gift! CAT: Awww, thank you! Wow it’s cold! Thank you so much! CREW: You’re so very nice. CAT: Ah, thank you so much. CAT: Hi! CAT: He makes great food!!! CAT: Sarap, Tofer? TOFER: The best. CAT: We’re going to the front of the boat. CAT: In the afternoon, we have our sunset
sessions and our sangrias here… … while listening to really good music. We usually sit there. *cue Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like* CAT: Say hello! MARION: Pasok kayo, magulo lang. CAT: I want to stay here forever. CAT: They’re doing slide today! CAT: How was the slide? GIO: Was fun! OLI: No, he hit the camera!!! IT’S DEAD! CAT: It’s our last day in Maldives and
we’re here at Seasons Paradise. And we are going to the room. Oh, oops. This is take two. This is the correct door. Finally the right door! EKA: Welcome! CAT: I’ll tell the story real quick. I knocked on the wrong door and I asked someone
to open someone else’s door! When I went in, they weren’t my stuff. So, this is our room. CAT: Ayan. EKA: I died. CAT: She died, she is now dead. It’s not as comfy as it looks. EKA: Ang tigas ng kama! Hindi nag-bounce. CAT: Uy gusto ko dito ah! Tingan mo, PAK! CAT: I’m gonna be like Moana. ♫ I’ve been standing on the edge of the
water long as I can remember… ♫ Actually hindi kami nag-sswimming sa beach. Mga 1 hr. na kami dito. Buti pa si Mabs! ♫ Every step I take, every move I make,
every single day, every time pray… ♫ ♫ I’ll be missing you… ♫ ♫ What a life to take, what a bond to break, I’ll be missing you… ♫Memories give me the strength I need to proceed…♫ ♫ Strength I need to believe… ♫ ♫ My thoughts big I just can’t define… ♫ ♫ You don’t know what you mean to me… ♫ ♫ No matter what I do, all I think about is you ♫ My phone is stuck on this APPLE LOGO! It’s been an amazing eight days — *Has it already been eight days?!* — In Maldives and I can’t wait to go back! Even if things go wrong, even if there’s no
electricity, even if there’s no water… MARION: Wala pa nga akong ligo eh! Even when there’s no internet. God, I hate my phone. CAT:This is our first out of town. EKA: First liveaboard! CAT: AY, out of town pala ang Anilao. See the amazing manta rays, the beautiful
nursing sharks! Learn through Scuba Studio! Yay!

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  1. WOW!!! Beautiful put together vid Cat:) the food rays fish air shots the singing:) beautiful model shots and you and friends; )

  2. Hi Miss Trivino. I'm simply looking for more friends to travel with, as many of my own friends don't travel often. Would it be all right with you to connect and possibly plan any future travels with you and your friends and my other travel friends?

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