20 thoughts on “Throwing a Ball in a Boat – Demonstrating Center of Mass

  1. Physics really works!
    Thanks for showing this.
    This video is awesome.
    Keep making such videos.
    Love from India! 😊

  2. Well done once again Mr.P.
    My inner nerd is pondering the miniscule external friction from the water during the slide. Should the final velocity be (albeit negligible and perhaps not even asked in AP) a tiny, tiny bit left due to this brief external force? Cheers!

  3. After taking a physics class, I have so much more appreciation for real life physics! The way the world, and matter works is crazy. Awesome video!

  4. I am from india….and a regula viewer on your chanel….this video is realy realy amazing…..please make more videos on centre of mass…..

  5. Man, I hope your channel keeps growing and hopefully you get an even greater platform than youtube. I have been binge watching your videos for days now and you truly deserve more than you give.
    There are only so few good you tube educators and I know that the best of the best will get recognized all around the world soon enough and trust me you will be there. Cheers mate 🙂

  6. What if the ball after landing in the canoe collides elastically and rebounds for the thrower which makes its contact with the ball and ball exerts force on the thrower and hence on the canoe which speeds it up and since from the first throw the canoe have been moving to the left the cycle repeats and the boat never stops !? Plz help ? (Sorry for bad English)

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