Towering 7ft 1in Teen Dreams Of Sporting Stardom

Towering 7ft 1in Teen Dreams Of Sporting Stardom

ANGELA WILLIAMS: They ask him the same question over and over again and that is, “How tall are you?” BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: Well, their first reaction is little shocked that there are seeing somebody
this big and then they start asking questions like, “How tall are you? Are you really this tall?” ANGELA WILLIAMS: He is sensitive and people stare, they look, they point. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: And then other people, they are like real rude about it like, “Holy
hell, how tall are you? You are one big dude.” COMM: This is Brave Hunter Williams, he is 17 years old and currently stands at an incredible 7’1”. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: When I was 5 years old, I was like 5’3”. They thought that
I was actually a second grader, so they put me in the second grade class for like an hour. By the time I was 10, I was like just hitting 6’6”. ANGELA WILLIAMS: Every day he grew more and more, so that was when I kind of got worried,
the doctors were alarmed. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: When I was younger, the doctors thought I had giantism and got
tested for it because I was growing up at an alarming rate. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: This is my bed, the base is all custom-made, my feet still hang
out a little bit. ANGELA WILLIAMS: Worrying about him having something like giantism or anything was really
tough. Finally they get the word that, ‘yeah, you just got a tall kid’, was really relieving
to say the least. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: I had to get this specially made. My mom had to do all the measurements.
Then over here, I got size 21 shoes, just one smaller than Shaq. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: My great-great uncle, he was 7’5” and he made a pine tree look
like a sapling. So I think that’s where I got most of my height from. COMM: Although it’s no longer causing worry among his doctors, Brave’s height now strikes
fear into his opponents. SHAWN JOHN: The hardest thing about playing against Brave is his height. You don’t play
against seven footers too often, unless you are in the NBA. Around here, he is one in
a million. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: Sports I like to play are football and basketball. I think I am
going to try up lacrosse as goalie. SHAWN JOHN: He is a big boy, all he is got to do is to turn around and look at the basket and he just places it in, doesn’t even have to jump. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: My height affects my sports and football, it is easier to swat
down passes on the line and swim-move over anybody. And in basketball it is easier to
get rebounds and everything and for lacrosse, with the width of my shoulders and all that
and the height of the goal, it is easier, like, blocking a shot with just my body. SHAWN JOHN: He definitely has the figure to be a pro baller but he has got to put in the
work. He’s got the work ethic to get in there if he wants to. COMM: Growing up this tall had has its drawbacks. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: Growing up abnormally tall was a little bit rough. I would try to
hang out with my friends and they would have like a swing set or something, and I would
be like the size of a teenager trying to ride a 5-year-old ride. I didn’t know my strength
back then, my mom would always be like, “Calm down just don’t hit him too hard.” ANGELA WILLIAMS: I remember one year I told him, “You are going to be living outside
if you break one more thing.” That’s when he took the whole door off of the pantry.
That’s what holds all the snacks. How hungry are you? ANGELA WILLIAMS: The doctors say that my son is gonna grow until he is 21. He is 7’1”
now and 7’5” is the forecast. ANGELA WILLIAMS: And yeah, he is big, he is tall, but he is also very very intelligent.
He is always on the honour roll or the merit roll at the very least, and to tell you the
truth he really doesn’t try that hard. BRAVE HUNTER WILLIAMS: Yes, I would like to become a professional athlete, but first I
would like to go to college, and like get all my studies in order first. ANGELA WILLIAMS: I thought about my son being tall for a long time, you know, like I, and
I think there is a reason, because people should listen to him and him being that tall
gets him noticed. I know he is going to do good things. I know he is going to big big

100 thoughts on “Towering 7ft 1in Teen Dreams Of Sporting Stardom

  1. I think he's hanging with the wrong crowd if he want's to be in the NBA
    He's to slow and can't score even with his height!!.

  2. He's not athletic enough for sports he needs to be disciplined in diet and training,. He should look into professional wrestling entertainment or even acting.

  3. I remember reading a weird stat, that 17% of men over 7 ft tall will play in the NBA. At 7 ft 1 ..odss maybe a bit better.

  4. Good kid. Not hate but focus on academics, no athleticism at all for sports. 7-1 is nice but you have to be able to move. Not there.

  5. He seems like a really nice boy. There's nothing wrong with going to school, getting a job and just going through life as a good, big guy.

    That size is a real blessing though.

    If I was in his shoes (they'd be too big) id consider acting and weight training

  6. I have a big cousin like him. 6”11 300+. Was the clumsiest man in the west. I see the resemblance in this chap.

  7. Whats cool is that he looks pretty proportioned like in terms of his face and body. He doesnt look deformed or have distorted features which happens alot of times

  8. Diet and strength/agility practice could get you a Basketball career (Not NBA) but I dont see the drive just a dreamer, great Kid though!!!

  9. 7ft1 and cant even dunk😂

    Maybe if he dropped a ton of weight and played overseas he might make some money playing basketball

    Be a defensive center

  10. He would have been better off playing football because he's not athletic enough to run up and down the court in basketball. I can see him on the offensive line or Defensive line

  11. You can tell he doesn’t have gigantism, considering he can actually move around at a normal pace, gigantism limits movement a lot

  12. I see that humongous chungus coming towards me, I roll the red carpet out to the goal because fukdat

  13. He was in my elementary school. N he was one of my good friends. Grew up with this kid. He was so kind. Miss hanging out with him. But u gotta grow up sometime.

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