Training for Rio with India’s first female Olympic gymnast Dipa Karmakar

Training for Rio with India’s first female Olympic gymnast Dipa Karmakar

The Olympics are such a big podium. It’s the highest podium for any sports person. I’m just hoping that I can go out there and give it my all so that the whole of India can say ‘the girl gave it her best shot.’ I’ve competed in India and recently went to a test event in Rio too. I had so much support there, the whole gym were shouting ‘Dipa! Dipa! Dipa!’ It didn’t even feel I was in a foreign country. In fact, even the weather out there is the same as Delhi. I enjoyed it very much. It just seemed like my own country. My training starts in the morning from 8:30am to 12:00pm. Then from 4:30pm until 8:30pm. We start with a warm up then move onto conditioning and practice for the individual apparatus. Dipa has a passion inside her and this is reflected in her training. Dipa is always on at me saying ‘Sir, I want to try something tougher. I want to become even better, I want to train harder.’ Her body gets tired bur her mind doesn’t. Actually, I’ve had a really bad temper since I was a kid. When I can’t perfect a manoeuvre I get really frustrated. There are a few elements at which I get so angry that it starts affecting the things I’m actually good at. But I’m definitely trying to control it. Having said that, every gymnast needs to have a bit of anger in them… every sports person does. There are a few sports that have developed in our country like cricket. Now thanks to Saina Nehwal for winning in Badminton and Mary Kom’s victory, these are also sports that have become popular. Now I think people have started knowing what Gymnastics is. Before they used to think it was something that belonged in a circus. Now they have learnt it’s an actual sport that athletes compete in.

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  1. It is so amazing to have new things and ways for the Rio 2016 Olympics, with the Refugee team and all the different things it shoes all that everyone can follow their dreams.


  3. Finally !! Happy to see a gymnast represent India! I always wondered (since I am an Indian gymnast) whether someone from my country ever go to the Olympics!

  4. If U wish to Shine Like The Sun u hv to burn like the Sun.#Dipa di U r the true light which will b scattered on the podium of Rio#Fight Hard & Win the best. Jai Hind. The National Anthem of India hv to b played In Rio beholding the Gold in your brave heart.

  5. She may not suceed given the fact that india could care less about the olympics(its all about cricket) but greta for her trying!!

  6. This so awesome.An Indian gymnast first time on the Olympics.This girl will surely give it for the west countries.Her Produnova
    was incredible.She will shine on the spotlight of the Olympics RIO 2016.Although I'm a Sri Lankan I'm so happy and proud of her.

  7. This girl it's amazing.. Hoping the best for her. She nailed at the vaulting Olympics Test Event and she will also nail at Rio this year!

  8. its crazy to think there are still countries out there who don't recognize gymnastics as an actual sport. this going lady is truly a pioneer for her country!!! I have read she has had quite a bit of criticism because of the leotards etc and I'm glad to see her push thru adversity. that is what makes a champion. I wish her well in Rio!! as much as I love my team USA it would be great to see her nail that prudonova and get on that podium!!!

  9. Best of luck dipa.. even if you don't win a medal… we will not cry.. we r happy that u have shown the path, inspiration and motivation for future generation

  10. i agree that we stand no where in Gymnastics compared to the world ,,,,,,but its a beginning that will take us into a long and bright future…….good luck Deepa…you may loose or win ,,,,,,you are our inspiration……….

  11. Us Indians couldn't make sports a priority for a long long time. But things are changing and it's exciting to watch 🙂
    You did us proud girl! and disproved all parents who say sports isn't a career path! 😉

  12. I love gymnastics I can do cartwheels handspring and head stand but where I live there is no gymnastics school 🙁

  13. Dipa didi I m ur very very………big fan. I m also working hard for gymnastics, because I also want to get the gold medal in Olympic. And day after tomorrow is my first gymnastic competition!

  14. Girl you are gonna rock… Work more hard… You will surely beat Simon biles one day. India bless you. You ate gonna make it

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