Hi Guys, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays, Today, we’re at The Rink at Jcube to Ice Skate! Now, most of ya’ll know that, The Rink is just an ice skating place, but there’s actually so much more you can do here. They actually organize parties for you here. You can actually have a party package, where you get a party room with a party host and what’s more, they actually have a very cute mascot called JR! Okay, so today we are going to compete in a series of challenges, and we are split into two teams. The first team is, My Team! So these are my teammates, This is Leah and this is Adria. And our team name is… This Knee On Ice! Lame lah! That’s so lame. Julian, what’s our team ah? That Knee On Ice. How many of ya’ll have skated before? I got skate before! Okay lah, I have a confession to make now ah. To be honest, this is my first time wearing ice skates, so my confident level is zero lah. That’s means you’re gonna lose what. We’re gonna win for sure. Okay but, on a scale of 1 to 10, How good are you guys? 1,2,3 Wah! 5 eh! Seven! You’re seven? Then you make sure we win okay! We’re not gonna lose. So we have 3 challenges today, and the first one is speed skating! Have you guys tried it before? Are ya’ll fast? No!? No, you said you were 7 right? Ya. Are you fast? I’m gonna – I have my ways. Alright guys, now we are ready to race. Obviously, we have put our best foot forward, our most confident players in front. How do you stop moving ah? We placed Julian at the back, because is going to be the fastest. I’m gonna use my weight. As TORQUE. as a what? We’re going to use Leah. Leah’s gonna TWERK. Ready, and Go! That was a very disappointing start. Q push harder! Q, Q, Q, Go, Go Go! Push hard Q, oh my God we are losing. Go Jereld! Go Adria! Jereld! Jereld, faster! Jereld, Jereld! What is this?! What a liar! Oh my God, Oh my God, I cannot stop laughing because, I hear them shouting and I was so annoyed. Julian! Faster Julian! What the heck! Go Leah! Wow, our Leah is so great at this! Yeah! You made me waste my effort to catch up! Your 7 for what?! I wanna say that Jereld is damn good, but then Julian ruined it. I’m sorry that I didn’t pull my part lah but then like… We trusted you! I waited too long! I lost my momentum. Alright guys, so now we’re on to our second game, Okay, our second game is called curling. I’ve seen it before. How to play? The one they push the big stone then you take the broom and sweep. That is curling. Everyone look here. This is the circle, so we gotta build a wall outside the circle, so that all the stones that they throw would be blocked. I mean, they will hit our stones, and put it inside the middle. It will push our stones inside. I think we got it. Julian, you go first. First up, we have Julian Rafael Salonga Reyes. Look at that form! Look at him go! Oh my God, Oh that’s your strategy? Wait, that’s the strategy? To lose?! We have to build the wall first. Oh ya, the wall. It doesn’t look like a wall though. All I can say is that, that was a fantastic shot by Julian as you can see. Julian: I blocked your way. A for effort definitely! Eh, your turn, faster lah! Julian: What is all this discussion. Julian: You were given time to discuss your strategy, Julian: now just fire and play! Let’s go Adria! Jereld, our MVP Jereld, you are the super the best. You are my idol, Oppa, oppa, oppa. John: Jereld, harder. Oh my God, you guys are so lousy. It’s very hard okay, we are too powerful. We are building a wall! Shut up! I mean… I should have… Through the hole! Our strategy worked! Still got chance, still got chance. This is the last rock or stone, it’s all up to me. MVP, MVP, MQP Most Qualialable Player! Most Qualified Player! MQP, MQP. And fire away! I cannot, I foresee that this is gonna be really bad. Our strategy is sound. Leah, you will lose. You’re name starts with letter L Coincidentally, that’s losing also. Champion! Q: Oh my God, we are losing every single game. Jereld: Oh no! So now, we are on to our final game which is Broomball! And this is how you play the game, Each game will start of with a face off at the center of the rink. Each team will then have to get the ball in the opposing team’s goal. The one with the most points within the time limit, WINS! John: Go Leah! Julian: Holy sh*t Leah: I’m damn out of breath already. So, obviously that was a very hard fought game. I played really, really hard and I tried my best. I would say that would make the big difference between us and them. That’s how we won the point. Very, Very tired but we scored the goal! Great start, great start. Go Team! I ran like 2 minutes and I’m done. Damn tough. I’m gonna be a goalie and lie here. I’m ready Julian! Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls… I’m ready Julian! So, we are tied 1 – 1, and now we’re going to go to a penalty round. MVP, MVP. Adria: Oh my God, damn scary! We are the champions, my friends! We keep on fighting till the end. MV! We are the champions Oh, no more liao. Actually, the winners are them lah. We win 2-1 so technically we still win lah. We are the champions, my friends! We keep on fighting till the end. We still lost lah, all because of Julian. And the winner is… This Knee On Ice! So alright guys, what was your favourite game for today? Broomball, cause I scored 1 point, Wow, good job Julian. and I redeemed myself. My favourite game was definitely curling, because like strategy even though I was a burden. Yes, very burden. Jereld, what was your favourite? Mine is speed skating cause it was my shining moment, but Julian had to ruin the effort that I put in. Actually, I ruined it. But I caught up for you. You see this is why, we don’t argue amongst each other and that’s why we win. Okay, so we would just like to thank, The Rink at Jcube for having us here today. And to find out more details about what we did today, and other packages The Rink has, remember to read in the description box below. and remember to like, share & subscribe, and watch our other videos over there. Bye!

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  2. Dear Smartlocals, I know this will be a long comment but bear with me. I would like to invite you to learn to speed skate with me and some other of my skater friends on Saturday morning 6am or WENESDAY night 8.45pm to -0.45pm. I hope you can come. I love you guys a lot and have been trying to invite you guys to come for a while already. Any Saturday or WENESDAY.

  3. 9:26 Really appreciate the efforts placed in this video!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Showing so much enthusiasm for a video at 2am!

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